Monday, October 19, 2015

My Sister's Kitchen!!

Tell me I will catch up again, please! And, I'm not talking about just housework here, I'm talking about blogging and visiting blogs and leaving comments and writing a post and getting everything done in the house and in the yard and garden, and driving to Henderson to pick up prescriptions, and tending to the animals waiting out there for my attention. 

Here's the problem. Shelby and I spent Friday at the North Carolina State Fair! I'm a Virgo! Things got out of order! I'm overwhelmed!

Early Friday morning before leaving for the State Fair!

Shelby said, "Oh good grief, I haven't had time to clean up, don't take pictures of all this mess"! But it's beautiful! This is a warm, working, cozy farm kitchen, always with the smell of cakes baking in the oven. 

I mean, seriously!

Shelby had to do most of her baking for Saturday's market on Thursday so we could spend Friday at the fair. 

We look forward to the State Fair all year...being there when the gates open is a must! That's our goal, however, it was mighty tempting to skip the fair and hang around with Jimmy in the kitchen all day!

Is this a working kitchen or what? Shelby never slows down!

Every corner is filled with some kind of food or cooking utensils.

It makes you want to get a cup of coffee and pull a chair up to the table. Inviting, warm and cozy, that's just how it feels. Oh, and the smell outside the house...

They heat with wood and the smell simply warms my soul. I just might have to build a fire in our fireplace today. It is, after all, 32 degrees this morning. Freezing! Our first freeze this fall!

This post was supposed to be about the State Fair, but Shelby's kitchen was on my mind. Our day at the fair was wonderful and went by way too fast. 

Dear blogging friends I will be around to catch up...hopefully I can catch up with everything today! Good grief!!



  1. Now that is a kitchen to yearn for, what a great place to be. Such a beautiful, welcoming environment, my kind of place!

  2. I love the smell of home made cooking and baking and wood smoke wafting from and through the house . Cozy kitchen indeed ! Who wouldn't want to be there with all the coziness and YUMMIES ! Hope you had a good time at the fair and sold all those goodies ! Lovely photos .Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Delightful! I love Shelby's kitchen, too! I want to pop in for coffee (and cake, lots of cake!)
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Yes, a great looking kitchen.

  5. That a kitchen certainly belongs to a "doer". The cakes and pies look good enough to eat. Hope she sold them all.

  6. What a wonderful kitchen, one could grab a cup of coffee, sit down and spend the day.

  7. Looks like a fairly busy kitchen! Would love to taste everything too! We used to have that same woodstove and it kept us cozy warm for many years. However there comes a time when you get too old to cut and stack wood and that time came for us so now we have an LP furnace:)

  8. I love, love, love that kitchen!! And look at those beautiful canned goods and goodies!! Yes, a cup of coffee there would be mighty inviting! Thanks for sharing so we could enjoy it too! Nancy

  9. Hey, there's lots of anxiety caused by all the odd jobs you have to do. It's good Shelby had all kinds of good things to take your mind off all the odd jobs.

  10. I would want to spend the day in her kitchen too. Fabulous that she is so productive. Her home certainly has a air of homeyness and I'd be happy with someone who bakes like that.

  11. I'd love to just sit at that table and feast my eyes on all the loveliness in your sister's kitchen. Then I'd feast my self on some of those yummy looking baked goods. I hope not ALL was for the market.
    I really think that when winter sets in you'll have more time to get all the things done that you want/must do. I do wonder how you are able to respond to each comment as you often do. Now THAT would take me a while to do, that's for sure. I've wondered if I should try but I know I wouldn't keep it up. I spend time reading and often rereading my comments but rarely reply unless I have a specific thing to say. Anyway, girl, just keep chugging along and it will all turn out good in the end. ( That's me trying to sound like a wise old woman.)

  12. That's a LOT of baking that Shelby did. It looks wonderful. I hope you two had a wonderful day at the fair. Our state fair is too far away to go to it. We'd have to spend the night. We've been to fairs in other states, but not our own. You worry too much!!! Don't let things that you do for fun make you feel anxious and guilty. It takes the fun out. No one will judge you if you don't get everything done that you have on your mental list. Stop and smell the cake (and pie)!

  13. That kitchen is a true family blessing. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Catch up? Haha. Don't worry about it. Life is more fun. Blog when you can. :-)

  14. Wow that a great kitchen that is!!!

  15. Oh, her kitchen is wonderful . . . I can almost smell the baked goods
    and all of those beautiful jars of canned food on the shelves
    Total Perfection!

  16. Oh, my goodness, what a kitchen! It looks so homey and warm and productive. that would be hard to leave, and I would want to look at every single thing.
    Now you have some questions to answer. Is Shelby a relative or a friend? What does she do with all of those baked goods?
    And what about the fair? Do we get photos?

    1. Hey Linda! Shelby is my sister. She cooks and sell at the local farmer's market, and I just posted my sorry pictures of the fair! Thanks! :)

  17. I agree a lovely lovely kitchen! Very much a home... love the canned goods.. :O)...

  18. That is a real kitchen, very similar to the one of my childhood. I wish that I could just step into the picture.

  19. I appreciate all the nice comments so much. Thank you!

  20. I appreciate all the nice comments so much. Thank you!

  21. I love Shelby's kitchen. My goodness, all those baked goods and canned goods. I can just imagine how heavenly it smells!

  22. That is a 'real' kitchen, wow, love it! Is Shelby the one that you said is retiring from making jams and jellies to sell? If so, it looks like she is still making plenty of stuff to sell, it looks very good. How nice to visit with your sister, I bet you had so much fun!


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