Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Special company for the weekend

Eli, Poppy, and Josh
Dear friends,

Has it really been five days! I don't know where time goes! 

My last post was about the big water water and steam spraying for two months under the house without us knowing! As of yesterday, we have two dehumidifiers running.  After two weeks, we'll figure out where to go from there.  Treat for mold, new insulation?? Anyhow, it's been busy around here.

We also had company for the weekend.  You may remember when Poppy's brother Joe passed away a little over a year ago.  Well, Joe had two sons, Joey and Josh. We were so happy that Josh brought his two sweet teenage daughters, Kaylie and Brooke and spent the weekend with us.

Josh, Brooke, Poppy, and Kaylie
Kaylie is 15 and Brooke is 12. Not only did these sweet girls lose their Grandpa Joe who adored them, but just a few months ago their mother passed away. 

These girls love the outdoors. Both of them hunt and fish.

These girls can bait their own hooks and then don't mind taking the fish off!!

Brooke and Josh

I hope they enjoyed being here as much as we enjoyed having them. The pond is still muddy from all the rain but it didn't keep the fish from biting. Josh carried 42 Brim and a couple of Bass home in the cooler.

Josh, Eli, Brooke, and Kaylie
Let me tell you, Eli had a blast!!! Two young girls to run and play with after months of a dull boring life with two old folks, Poppy and me. He was  simply worn out.

Brooke and Eli
Brooke looks pretty tired too

Eli and Kaylie
and so does Kaylie. A long day of fishing in the hot sun made all of us tired.

Gosh, will I ever catch up again. I need a day to just read all my favorite blogs. Thank you for visiting. Looks like we might get a thunderstorm this afternoon. Hope to be back real soon.



  1. In that first picture Eli looks ENORMOUS!
    And such sweet photos of him with the girls. You can tell everyone had a wonderful time.

  2. The girls sure had a double hit on them with two special people missing from their lives. Bet they appreciated some motherly love from you.

  3. I bet those beautiful girls loved a weekend sad that their Mom died so young:(

  4. Awww how sweet! I am so glad Poppy got to spend time with his nephew and his girls. I am glad Eli got a good workout with the girls. Hope everyone is doing well. Love you!

  5. Ooh I hope you are able to get your crawl space sorted out it seems there is always something to repair isn't there ?
    What a lovely family you have Henny, everyone enjoying their fishing, and Eli hanging with them all !

  6. Looks like everyone had a great time,Eli included. Hope your water problems are over soon!

  7. Thanks Henny! Loved seeing the pictures of your visitors.....such cute girls and their dad ....and of course your beautiful big whitey! Loved the pictures of everybody sound asleep too. Such a special blog. Thank you!

  8. How nice you and Poppy were there to give those girls and their Dad a little bit of loving from family. Sounds like they have had a hard year and probably are in need of that.

    It looks like the girls made a conquest in Eli. He might just head out, hitch a ride and go live with them.

  9. Your house problem sounds serious. I hope it can be remedied without too much trouble. Yes, the kids had a blast.

  10. What fun to have those two sweet girls and their dad for the weekend. Now you need a few days to recuperate.

  11. In the first comment, marty took the words right out of my mouth/off my fingers: Eli does look enormous in that first photo.
    How lovely to have your nephew come and bring his lovely daughters. A treat for all of you.

  12. Such a wonderful few days, spending it with loved ones making beautiful memories to treasure. Eli really is in charge, he is adorable. Hopefully now the problem is solved with the water it won't take a lot more to put it right.

  13. They sounds like great girls, how hard to lose your Mother and a Grandfather. Nothing like a spot of fishing to cure what ails you.
    Glad you found my blog, I'm sure enjoying yours.


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