Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hungry Kitties and packing up

When you're hungry jump up on the freezer,

or on the washer,

and wait patiently for somebody to notice you.

Now if you happen to be outside there are all kinds of free meals. There just might be some fish bait left over from the weekend.

Guess not.

Is there any dirtier job than going through boxes of junk in the shop and cleaning out closets; sorting and folding and packing to have a yard sale. Probably not. I'm getting together with both daughters on Saturday. We are all meeting at a flea market and each of us with a car load of stuff.  Andee is driving down from Virginia, for goodness sake.  It is supposed to be 95 here on Saturday, so I'm thinking we will probably roast! The only bare spot in the little Toyota Corolla is under the steering wheel. I must be careful and not wreck. They would probably never find me.

Better get back to work. Just wanted to stop for a minute and sit down at the computer. It has been nice catching up on reading your blogs. :)



  1. Looks like you have been super busy with company and just day to day life. A wonderful kind of busy! Made me sad to read about your nieces loosing their Grandpa and then their Mother. They look like sweet girls. Glad your feeling better. Eli too! So love reading about your amazing life on your little farm. Take care.
    Hugs from,
    Darlene from sunny Calif.

  2. Good luck with your sale! I am thinking about going to one this set up...might be okay I will see what the weather is going to do:)

  3. I hope y'all have a good sale- and that the weather is not quite THAT hot!! My cat sits at my feet and stares at me or her auto feeder until she gets some food one way or the other.

  4. Yes, I'm already piling stuff for the epic tag sale at my nephew's next fall.
    Saturday will be hot work for you - have you got an umbrella in all that stuff you're packing?

    The furry washer/freezer setters are hilarious.

  5. Cleaning and sorting -- ah, it's hard work! I'm always happy after I'm done, but I'm such a pack rat that it's painful work.

  6. You can never not notice a hungry cat. I'm sure Smokey feels that he's the most fortunate one and self-sufficient. Cute photos. Good luck with your sale. Hugs, Deb

  7. The yawning kitty is so cute. Getting ready for a yard sale is exhausting! Hope you have great success and don't have anything to bring back home.

  8. With animals, someone is always hungry right? Good luck with the sale.

  9. Hope your sale goes well! I so wanted to do a garage sale with my cousin and Aunt but just no time to get stuff pulled together. They have having one this coming weekend. I did one with them a couple years ago and it was a nice success. They are in a good spot for one. But I have more roman shades to make and canning to get done and garden work. So I had to pass.... To bad as I could have fill up several boxes I am sure!

  10. I know we all wait for summer weather but too hot is just that.... too darn hot! Good luck on your yard sale.

  11. Hope the sale goes well. I have just sorted a lot of stuff out for one but they have forecast rain for the weekend.

  12. I hope you show us some photos of the sale. Good luck.


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