Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hey, I can't think of a title for this!

Don't you dread even going outside on wet humid mornings like this. 71 degrees sounds comfortable, but it's not. Not when it has been this hot and humid. Our entire property looks like the rain forest. Limbs, wet and heavy, hanging low to the ground. Dirty wet grass that swipes the tops of your feet and your ankles as you walk. The air heavy and wet...not a pleasant feeling.   

We have had rain and thunderstorms for the last three evenings, leaving the pier slightly under water. Eli was fascinated with the reflection...

It was Eli who pointed this out to me. He cautiously walked out on the pier, looking down like he was afraid of falling.

My first teeny tiny gathering from the teeny tiny garden.

Nothing to brag on here, but this is enough squash to stew for Poppy and me. That first little cucumber was perfect in my salad last night. Poppy hates cucumbers.

These extremely hot and humid days have brought me back into the sewing room. In fact, doing a few upcoming craft shows sounds pretty good to me. 

Yesterday I got started on a few dolls and managed to cut out an apron. At the moment I have plenty of bonnets made but very few aprons or dolls.

This apron had been on the sewing table half finished for months. I find it hard to finish something I don't really like. Anyway, I finished it. Somebody out there might take a fancy to it.

You folks have seen every inch of my sewing room except behind the closet door next to the sewing machine. Stored back there are those old VCR movies I was so anxious to watch on my newly purchased TV VCR combo. Not even one have I watched yet...not even my all time favorite, Jane Eyre. Maybe soon.

Gosh time flies. When I sat down here it was a little after 7:00 a.m., thinking til 7:30...I'll sit here til 7:30. It is now 8:29! 

Thank you for putting up with me! :) I am getting to work, right now!



  1. I love your poke bonnets, that's what my Grandma use to call them. You're welcome to send some of your rain our way, haven't had any in forever. It was 82ΒΊ when we got up this morning.

  2. We aren't used to humidity like you are having, and we really can use some rain! Your pond pier reflection is beautiful, but I bet it had Eli very puzzled. I never thought about dogs recognizing reflections, but I guess they must see them? I just might wear one of the bonnets you sent for my granddaughter a couple of years ago. I keep one here at my house. I have been doing lots of painting "plein air", or outside, and I have to wear a hat to keep the sun off my face. Seeing all of your pretty bonnets made me think of this, I could start a trend with my fellow artists! Love your sewing room, and all that you accomplish!

  3. It is very humid in the valley today, the mountain at the front of my house has been hazed over all day.

  4. I expect we are in for a few days of nice weather this week...I'm hoping anyway. Enough is enough on the deluge and flooding. So devastating - I don't know how so many are going to recover from these historical floods.

  5. Just love seeing your bonnets and aprons they are very pretty. Keeper saved me from a snake day before yesterday. I didn't even see it. He bout knocked me down keeping me back. He was barking, barking and I thought he was barking at his reflection in the windows on the back porch. Thinking he thought there was a dog inside looking out at him rofl rofl.. I should have known had that been a dog he wouldn't have been using his serious bark voice, because he loves other dogs. He would have used his hey lets place bark voice. I started up to the porch and he pushed me so hard I nearly fell over... he then went further to he porch and I saw it then! I told him good boy and yes I saw it. He was all good then. The humidity is horrible here as well, but that is normal for us really. Rain or no its humid.

  6. You sew such pretty things. Hope you get cooler temperatures soon.

  7. Your sewing room is lovely and I love seeing all of the pretty things you make.

    I'm also hoping that you get a break from all that rain. Blessings... :)

  8. I thought those veggies looked like enough for a meal. :-)
    Glad your pier is the only thing under water.
    Stay safe and have a blessed Sunday. ♥

  9. I used to live in a hot and humid place. i couldn't accomplish anything except to lie quietly indoors (no air con, no shade of trees to shelter my windows). Actually I did live in a few different places but they were all hot, even with air con on. I think maybe you have some beautiful greenery and shelter but I'm sure the humidity factor makes it so difficult. The reflection photos are lovely though all that water is not as welcome as a bit of rain. Enjoy your sewing. You have a lovely craft room.

  10. Great reflection in the water over the pier.

  11. I love the picture of the reflection! It is so humid I can not stand it either. I hate to sweat! I love you bunches!

  12. You have lots of water! Your dolls are really cute! I hate humid wasn't too bad because we had a breeze:)

  13. Those little dolls are a dream, and I love the bonnets. Lovely craft room.

  14. You have had a lot of rain! The clouds reflecting in the water on the dock are so pretty. I bet someone will buy that apron. I like the colors myself. You are always so busy and accomplish so much and I feel like I'm walking in water, trying to adjust to the heat and humidity in my new (SC) home.


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