Thursday, November 14, 2013

The dogs and a shaggy me

Hope I still have a few readers.  Sorry, I got a little carried away with my memories of Robbins and talked way too long. 

Shelby and me dancing the shag at the wedding...

Shelby was a beautiful "mother of the bride".  I looked a bit shaggy!  Just right for dancing the "shag"!

Poppy went hunting this morning instead of working at the deer processing plant.  He left walking, bundled up in his thermals, hunting clothes, heavy coat, etc., carrying a camo chair and his gun.  It is a cold 23 degrees.   I was outside also, on my way to the pen down near the pond to check on the baby Guineas.  I was carrying a bucket of feed and a jug of warm water.  I got almost to the pen and and saw two dogs, part Pit Bull, that had escaped from their pen, running toward me. I love dogs, but I  am afraid of these two.

These dogs live in a pen across the woods, they get no attention, and have gotten loose before. Last time they killed a neighbor's duck. I dropped everything and got inside the pen with the Guineas...screaming "DAN, DAN, DAN"!!!  as loud as I could scream.  My screams frightened the dogs away.  I waited until the dogs were out of sight and then started to the house and met Dan (Poppy) half running, half limping, shouting "are you alright"!!  Yes, I said, two dog were running after me...Poppy looked mad...he said "well I fell and just about killed myself and almost tore my gun up trying to get here...I heard you screaming"! 

Everything is good now.  Poppy went back into the woods.  The baby guineas made it through the freezing cold night with their mother.  Again, all is well that ends well!!! 

Thank you!

Henny Penny


  1. Those kind of stray dogs cause so much trouble, I'm glad everyone is OK.

    BTW - I left a response to your question about straw on my own blog. I am never sure if people see those replies.

  2. I'm glad it all turned out well Henny - you must have been scared !
    Now here is another UK/USA word confusion !

    Well the name of that dance you mentioned - the one that rhyms with 'rag'
    well deary deary me, I'm much too ladylike to explain what that means here in UK !!

    Shall we just say it is the act that one takes part in when one wants to reproduce oneself - do you understand my meaning ??

    and I don't think it can be done whilst dancing !!

    1. Oh Wean, what I must sound like to the people over there! A bit of fluff and I like to shag!! :) This is the best one yet. Now I feel like I need to write a post explaining everything! This is funny!

  3. Oh My Goodness. I would have been scared to, and I can see Frank doing the same thing to me. Men!!! LOL This is a great blog and I hope that you never stop. I love reading it and I look everyday sometime several times to see if you have posted a new blog.
    Love you so much!!

    1. Thank you Vicki. I needed to hear that! Sometimes I think...What have I done!!! Love you too.

      Aunt Melba

  4. Our dear Henny,
    Thank goodness you are okay....and Poppy too. ;) Aren't you glad for a man that would endeavor so fervently to get to you, that he would prevail through a fall to do so?
    I never tire of your tales of Robbins and just love to hear about whatever is on your heart. You are a 'kindred' spirit, and am sure most, if not all your readers would readily agree that they are too.

    You and Shelby looked like you were having a fabulous time! I am so happy you had a weekend with your family. Nothing like family time to soothe the nerves and restore one's outlook.

    Enjoy your weekend.


    1. Oh, thank you Jen.

      I do feel really thankful that Poppy would risk breaking his neck to protect me. I feel terrible that he fell.

      You are right about time spent with family. It was a great weekend.


  5. Hey Henny! Your life on the little farm is way too exciting! I hope the little guineas reach adulthood, and I hope those old dogs don't get out again. Don't feel bad, I don't get out much either - just to work and back, mainly. A thrift store once in a great while. I am hoping for you to have a donkey soon! I saw where someone near here had a mini horse for sale, but I believe a donkey or small burro would be better for you! Love Terry

    1. Hey Terry, It is always something around here! Poppy said those dogs were out again this morning while I was gone. They chased our little dog, "Weetie". Guess I need to start carrying a gun around here.:) Love, Henny


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