Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Busy Day

Funny, I had titled this post "Monday Morning", and here it is Tuesday night.   

What a day this has been!  I went in to town, bought hay and goat feed, carried aprons and bonnets to the feed and seed store to sell, delivered 4 dozen eggs to a friend in Wake Forest, left Wake Forest and drove 30 miles to Henderson to pick up prescriptions and buy a gift...then headed toward home.

I was in a hurry because I worry so about the baby guineas...feeling the need to check on them every hour or so.  As soon as I got home I did indeed check and there was a baby, cold and wedged between the fence and a piece of 4 x 4 post, cold and near death.  How in the world they manage to stray that far from the warmth and safety of their mother is beyond me! 

It was meant for me to get home when I did!  I used the warm cloths and sugar water again.  This baby survived too.  It breaks my heart to think how long it lay there, cold and needing help.  Anyway, all is well now.

I am enjoying reading other blogs so much that I hardly have  the time to write a decent post of my own!  :)  I love the donkey stories and pictures, the dogs, the beautiful fall pictures, the walks in the woods, the delicious foods and recipes...persimmon pudding, old photographs, sewing, crafting, the cats and the funny stories, and the altered couture...that you all post about!

Terry, since you requested it, and because you are so nice......Here I am, "swinging" out over the goat lot! :)  No wonder I fell out backwards...look how much hangs over!  Pardon the lovely shoes, my crocs that sit at the front door.

The craft fair was held last Saturday.  The car was packed and I was on my way at 5:15 a.m.  Shelby and Jimmy leave for the market at 6:30 on Saturdays so I needed to be there on time.

Don't Shelby and Jimmy look like people you would love?  Well, they are.  I heard it several times at the market from the vendors and the customers.  It was a fun day!

They sell dozens and dozens of large dark brown eggs.  They also sell baked goods, jams and jellies, and sometimes produce.  There are many flavors of jam on display here, and for sampling.  Sorry there's no picture of my booth.  You can see a bit of a Christmas apron hanging.  I sold a few bonnets and aprons and one doll.   Made a bit of spending money and enjoyed the day.

Looks like Poppy and I will be getting even more sun and light into our place.  The folks who own the property across from us have been thinning out...clearing rows, making room for the smaller pines to grow.  Poppy says this will give him more places to hunt next deer season.

Thanks for visiting.  

Henny Penny



  1. Looks like the swing was a success and it looks fun to. I have got to get started making some crafts. I still have not gotten settled in staying home yet. That might be a good blog post. Looks like a good time at the craft fair. I miss all of yall! Love Vicki

    1. I am almost afraid to swing in it now! I had forgotten that you are staying home now. It does take time to adjust, and that would make a good post. What kind of crafts do you make? Do you ever see The Young and the Restless on TV? You and Chelsea remind me so much of each other! Check it out sometime. I love and miss you too. Henny

  2. I have crocs by my door too. Love your swing, it is perfect! Looks like a fun craft fair...and it looks warm there too! :)

    1. Bet my crocs need washing more than yours! :) The weather is good here right now, 68 degrees.

  3. Hey Henny! I am checking in.. I am tickled with the swing post, you will have to swing in it more often. I also love the picture of you, you aren't but a bit of fluff, in that swing. You are so in love with the guineas, I hope that they all survive. You have the patience of Job, keeping up with them and I don't see how they wander off just a few feet and can't get back, but I am sure glad that they have you as their surrogate Mama.

    The pictures of the craft fair are wonderful, made my mouth water. I would stand there and eat... maybe that's where your standing and staring club started.

    You went 30 miles to Henderson, so you must leave down the country a bit from Durham. For a few years around 1969-1970, we lived in Murfreesboro, a-ways past Henderson, I think their county seat is Ahoskie. It was hot! Flat! But, I loved the long leafed pines and all the flowers and plants that would grow there. One of the happier times of my childhood. We used to ride everywhere from there, to Gates County and sometimes to Suffolk and VA Beach.

    Well, just letting you know I love this blog and I know it takes time to keep it up, but I am sure everyone loves it, even if you only post once a week. Keep us to up date on the babies - Much XOXO Terry

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  5. A bit of fluff! As my grandson (one of Lynn's boys) would say, yeah right! :) Just kidding. Thank you Terry. Talking about standing, staring, and eating...Shelby sells big fat slices of crusty cream cheese pound cake with cream cheese icing and it is delicious!! It was fun. You are right about the directions too. We get on 561N going to our house and there is a sign that says Ahoskie...going this way. Love, Henny

  6. One needs never to wonder where my energy comes from! I tell you one thing, I was raised by a busy mama! And a bit of fluff! The perfect sentiment, I think, considering you are Henny Penny!!

    XO and Love from your gur,

  7. You are the sweetest gur! A bit of fluff! That's the sweetest thing anybody has ever called me! Love you miss Lynn. mama

  8. oh dear, can't help laughing here ............ ' a bit of fluff' here in UK means, well, shall we say, er, a not very 'respectable' lady !!
    I'm sure you are very respectable though HP !!

  9. Wean, that is so funny! Another one of those words like "yard"...a yard full of flowers!


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