Thursday, November 21, 2013

An old Canner

The old cupboard, yet again!  I love this old cupboard.  I never grow tired of waxing and dusting and admiring it!  I will always be grateful to cousin Pat and her husband Mike for giving it to me!

Pat and Mike were in New Bern the weekend of the wedding.   Guess what treasure the two of them were hauling around this time?  For me, no less!!!

Pat says the old canner is well over a hundred years old.  Fits right in here with me!  I love it! 

Hay must taste better eaten off the top of the head.  By the time I got the camera, most of the hay was gone, but what a funny sight...she had a ball of hay on her head...

The twin hens, Ruby and Rachael...

Not much to post about today.  I've been busy cleaning house.  I simply woke up in the mood to clean mama used to say,   "there's not enough room to lay a pin down around here"!  :) I surely do miss mama and her funny sayings.

Hope to be back soon.

Henny Penny


  1. Nice treasures and I like your cabinet too! :)

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your stopping by.

  2. The cabinet is a beauty!
    Ball of hay on her head? Just trying out a new look for winter, I guess!
    Jane x

  3. Probably! She is funny! Thank you for visiting!

  4. She's beautiful - just having a bad hair day !
    I miss my goats.

  5. Hey Wean, thank you. Glad you stopped by!

  6. Hey Henn~ Love your goat, what kind is she? Also love the canner, they knew where to bring it! XO Terry

  7. Hey Terry, we were told she is Pigmy but I think she is mixed and the black goat also. Love you.


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