Friday, February 23, 2024

Blogging again!

Dearest friends,

Yay!  Picked up the computer today and guess what? Pictures will load, and open, and will actually load onto my blog post. 

Shoot, here it is bedtime. I just had to start a know, see how it feels. :) 

Gosh, I've missed so much...where do I begin? We've had some pretty days lately...still a little chilly and always windy, but the outside (and this row of tools) calls to me.,,

Have you ever seen such a clean neat shelter??  I did that last week. :) The tarp covers an old chest type freezer where I store hay. It works! After finishing up here I moved to Randall Rabbit's lot...

The fact that I was raking and moving things around didn't seem to bother him. You see, I'm fixing and cleaning up for a new bunny rabbit. Randall will be so excited! She is a beautiful black Flemish Giant/Rex mix. Randall really needs a friend. Rabbits need other rabbits. Hope we can bring her home early next week.

In other news, Shelby and I were vendors at a craft show on February 10th. Oh, it was supposed to be a grand event. Set up in a building on main street, all pretty and decorated for Valentine's day. "Free hot chocolate", "sip and shop", the flyer read

Quite a load of bonnets, aprons, and boho bags I carried, even made two Valentine aprons and two Valentine bonnets. Here's one set...

Shelby and I met in town and began the task of unloading and hauling in heavy tables, clothes racks, and box after box of jams and jellies. All set up and ready for the customers.

New bonnets made before the event...

and new boho bags...

Oh, and I had made a bunch of little pot holders, made for cast iron pans. I carried a heavy cast iron pan with me and piled the pot holders inside and then stuck one on the handle. It was cute!

Well, it was one of those days...customers strolled past me like I was invisible. I sold three little pot holders and made a whopping $9.00. Shelby did much better, but still no where near what she usually sells. Oh well, disappointing, but never a wasted day when Shelby and I can spend it together.

Okay, hope I haven't bored you too much. Will take me a while. Thank you for stopping by. 

Love, Henny


  1. Where was this event? I am a hop, skip, and a jump from you, so I am guessing it was at the Farmer's Market?

    1. Sandi, I didn't know you were a hop, skip, and a jump from me. The craft show was in Henderson. I'm sure the lady having it put a lot of work into it. There were lots of folks shopping. Just wasn't my day. :) Thank you.

  2. Oh Henny Penny....I'm so glad you're back!! Sorry about the lack of customers at the market but maybe next time.
    Great news that Randall Rabbit will have a friend. Soon you'll have a whole bunch of bunnies and it will be like days gone by *wink*

  3. Hi Henny! I'm so happy to see a post from you.
    Randall Rabbit is looking fine. I can't wait to see his new friend when she arrives.
    Sorry about the show. We used to do craft shows too and you never know how it's going to go. Makes no sense but it's not nice to sit there and sell nothing...

  4. So happy to see a Randall Rabbit picture! And love the news that he will be getting a friend soon. Be sure to post pics!

  5. Glad to see you back.. missed your posts!!

  6. So glad to see you back! And that must be disappointing to put so much effort into a great display of wonderful handmade items and be passed by like that. I love seeing your sewing, therefore, it is great that you can post photos again. Give Randall a pet from us. Lynn and Precious

  7. I was so happy to see your post today. You have been missed.. Certainly know that Randall Rabbit will be thrilled to meet his new friend. Bummers on your show. I've been in this same situation, and it really hits hard when you put in so much work and little benefit. You have some beautiful items there and I know there will be a better outcome at your next show.

  8. I'm so happy to see you're back!! Your work is gorgeous--- love those aprons and the pretty old fashioned bonnets! Don't understand why you didn't sell every single one--- but some days are just plum weird and folks weren't in a buying mood. Your bunny is so cute and can't wait to see the new one! I love black bunnies. Debbi at debbisfrontporch, not anonymous! LOL

  9. Good to see you back Henny. Hope your sales improve! Be safe and God bless.

  10. Glad that you are back in blogland :) That embroidered apron on the pink dress is gorgeous and you know that I love your sunbonnets.

  11. All that work and such a poor return. Well you won't have to make a lot for the next event. So nice to see you blogging again, you've been missed. Look forward to seeing the new bunny.

  12. That was a dissapointing day of selling, or not selling, your beautiful wares.
    It's good to have youb ack.

  13. I love that sweet little rabbit and am excited about you getting a new one. Hope to see pictures of her soon.

  14. You're back! Woo Hoo! That's awesome. So glad you finally got your computer working right. I love your pictures....was sad to hear about the disappointing Valentine Sale, after all your hard work of making and hauling, etc. I love your new bonnets and valentine aprons, etc. Can't wait to see Randall's new buddy! Randall sure is big and beautiful. Are you wanting baby bunnies? :) Take good care....looks like Spring has sprung at your place. Love ya!

    1. Thank you Diane. I'm glad to be back. I would love to have one litter of baby bunnies but what would I do with them? What if she has twelve! I've got to divide the pen until I can get her spayed. Am I crazy?? Love Melba

  15. Danielle.
    Très heureuse de vous retrouver; contente de savoir que Randall aura bientôt un compagnon, hâte de voir les photos du duo !!!pour vos expositions ne perdez pas courage , la prochaine vente sera surement meilleure, c'est démoralisant toutes ces heures de travail pour si peu, je vous comprend car j'ai fait toute ma carrière dans un atelier de prêt a porter féminin, j 'aime beaucoup le tablier Valentine c'est une excellente proposition.
    Au plaisir de vous lire Henny.

  16. It's amazing how much we can accomplish when the computer isn't available, lol. So glad you're up and running again. Disappointing about the craft show, especially when you had so much cute stuff! Sometimes it's like that.

  17. Oh! Look! A new Blog...! A new post...a new...???
    HeHe! Goodness Henny...You have been missed,
    and all the furry ones of course...yours and Julie's
    are the two Blogs l look forward to...
    Just got back from town, gossiping and being rude
    to people, HeHe! l do look forward to my visit to town,
    on a Saturday...! :).

    At least your been busy, round about, revealing your
    bonnets, aprons, and boho bags...Lovely...I do love
    those Boho bages...would love one in pink, have to
    speak to my daughter, though l do have a sewing
    machine, at long attempt one myself..!
    And..your bonnets always look so wonderful...the
    designs, shapes and colours are great...! :).

    Well..must get on..nearly lunch time...and the sun's out,
    after all that rain...the old sewing box must come out
    later, few bits and pieces to see to....another lemon
    tea first though...Hope Randall gets a friend very soon...! :O).
    🎁 🎉 🎁 🎈 🎁 🎉 🎁 🎈 🎁 🎉 🎁 🎈 🎁 🎉 🎁 🎈

    1. Hey Willie. Thank you! Isn't it nice to see the sun after rainy days? We had rain and wind all day yesterday.

    2. Goodness! Don't mention rain...Over here in the UK it's
      been the worse February for rain ever...not to bad down
      here in the South, but in the North...Floods! Floods! and
      more Floods! :(.
      I hate's so wet isn't it..? HeHe! :).

  18. Hi! Good to see you back! I'm excited for Randall to have a friend come and live with him! Too bad about your sale, I would have bought one of the cast iron potholders for sure!

  19. HP, I'm sorry about the disappointing market sales! I've had market days like that too :( It will pick back up another day. Your items are so adorable. We've had plenty of wind here too lately. I'm ready for a little bit of spring ... but no heat!

  20. It was so nice to see a post from you!
    Those market "goers" do not know beauty and quality products when they see them.
    I hope dogs and cats are okay.

  21. Welcome back! The aprons and bonnets are adorable, and so pretty! How exciting about the new rabbit! I hope you show plenty of pics when you get him.

  22. Happy to see you posting just happens, doesn't it.
    Sorry the show wasn't very lucrative. But I'm sure shows close to holidays will be more so. I used to go with my friend and help out with her booth. Fun.

  23. I'm glad to see your computer working again, but sad to hear about your sales. We didn't sell hardly anything at our one and only craft show last holiday season. I have since then, "retired" from craft shows. Too much work, and no one is buying anything right now. Covid really put me out of business. After that happened, no one was buying handmade anything from me. A sad event for sure.

  24. So good to see you return! And I was afraid as I read that you were leading up to an unsuccessful craft show. . . .
    Looking forward to seeing Randall's new friend. Those bunny Giants always look like someone Photo Shopped them!

  25. Oh did my heart good to check in this morning and find a post up from you! I'm SO glad that your computer is working properly now after being in the hospital. :)

    I'm really sorry that you went to all that effort and then had customers just walk on by. We've had experiences like that before, too. But, as you say, a day isn't wasted when you and Shelby spend it together.

  26. How lovely to see you pop up again dear Henny Penny - I have missed your posts. Yes I have done stalls like that where they walk by & don't even look - it is very disheartening. Your bags & bonnets are just beautiful - I would have shopped up a storm if I had strolled by!!! Enjoy your week dear Henny x0x

  27. You've found a wife for Randall? How does he feel about these arranged marriages. Wouldn't he prefer to find his own one and only? You will be besieged by bunnies, maybe like the tribbles on Star Trek many years ago. They were cute and furry but things do sometimes get out of hand.

  28. Hello Henny! So very glad you are up and running and my heart is soaring for the thought of Randall with a new rabbit friend! I am more excited than he probably! So sorry you had a slow day of sales, but that is the way it goes sometimes. I love all the beautiful prints you used and you know, hot weather is coming and sales will be a-coming. I am always envious of how neat your sheds are, but they are much needed! Glad you are back! Terry

  29. Miss Henny you need to just sell your adorable things on line!
    You'd sell a lot without toting things all over. No loading and unloading.

  30. Nice you have you are in blogging business again. :0) Randall sure is beautiful, wow!. I know he is excited to be getting a new family member very soon. Can't wait to see the new Bunny. Spring come on, right..I know you are ready to use your garden tools. :0)

  31. I do wish you had a shop online. I would be thrilled to purchase your beautiful works of art.

  32. Oh, I'd like to see a picture of your cast iron pan pot holders! So glad to see your new post!

  33. So glad you are blogging again. Great photos! Happy Easter and Happy Spring!


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