Saturday, November 11, 2023

I will get over...

  The fact that it's Fall!  

Seems like every direction I look there are beautiful colors that need to be captured in a picture! Keeps me busy running in for my camera...I mean my iPhone! 

But first, there is also a special picture from Poppy, so look for it...

So I have pictures, such as they are. Now I've seen the gorgeous colors you folks up in the beautiful mountain areas have, and also you the northern states too, and mine aren't that beautiful, but...

 here's a few from around the house and yard and woods...about as far away as I travel these days. Easy to see why I get excited. :)

Several years ago, it was in the Fall, I remember my sister Shelby saying, I wonder if I'm going to die soon because the colors have never looked this beautiful to me before. Kind of how I'm feeling now.

Miss Ellie wanted to get in this one. Eli and Ellie like being in the goat's long as Rosie, the spoiled goat, is locked inside her teeny tiny barn. Can you believe Rosie intimidates these two big livestock gardian dogs? 

Oh my gosh! The amount of leaves on the ground have tripled since taking this picture a day or two ago plus I've raked this front yard once already.

and have I shown you our weather vane?? I don't think so...

been meaning to, and we've had it two or three years. While wandering around with the camera, looking up into the trees, the rooster caught my eye.

Oh, and when the sun shines through the oak trees in the back yard, well...

makes me want to go sit on the back steps and feel the warmth of the sun.

Can you spot the fat kitty cat...

Thursday when we carried Ellie in for bloodwork, Smokie came along too for his 3 year Rabies shot. The doctor said he weighs 14 lbs. but I'm thinking maybe the scale was wrong. 

Yep, here we are waiting for the doctor...

Smokey said what bothered him most was the cute bobtail cat that sat and stared down at him. So embarrasing!

I apologize for all these pictures and so much talk. Now as promised here's Poppy's picture. Can you spot the deer??

So very glad Poppy had rather take her picture than shoot her.
Once again, thank you friends for stopping by...for putting up with me. 

Love, Henny (and Eli)


  1. Henny your colorful leaf pictures are amazing. I love them all and the picture of your house and yard. the one with the sun coming thru the trees is an award winner!!! What a huge job for you every year, removing all those leaves. whew. That last picture is so sweet and I love the one with Smokey too, sitting like a fatty in the leaves. Love your posts...thanks so much for coming back again so soon! Enjoy your beautiful fall colors. Love you.

  2. I enjoy seeing all of the leaves stacking up on top of each other. Of course, I'm not the one that has to rake them. All of your pictures are beautiful. We had the privilege of traveling North a few weeks ago and the colors are so very pretty.

  3. A great post from your oh-so-lovely Henny Penny Lane. Like you, I just can’t get enough of our wild and wonderful fall colors. You captured yours well. And, yes, I spotted Poppy’s doe. Modern gun season opened here today, but I only heard one shot. Millie and I are always glad when the season is over. We don’t care much for wearing blaze orange. Hilltop Post

  4. You are surrounded by color, even with all that have fallen already. I, too, have been in love with the colors of Fall this year. Wind and rain will make them go away all too soon.

  5. You have some beautiful color! Eli is so cute peeking around the basket! Yes I saw Poppys deer!

  6. Henny, I just love all those leaves... wish they could stay forever. And the sun shining through the window... and the weather vane! And of course I love seeing Eli and Smokey (only 14 lbs? really? )

  7. Such absolutely gorgeous photos Henny. I love it. Ours have been gone for quite awhile. We only had a few days of beauty and then the wind storm came and blew all of the leaves away. Your weather vane looks perfect in it's place of honor. All of your babies are so cute. I'd like to give them all big hugs and kisses.
    Blessings and hugs,

  8. Now! Let's not start talking about dying Henny,,,
    Not! before Christmas anyway, have'nt had any
    nuts yet...! HeHe! Bless! :).

    And Smokey...14lbs or not...he looks great, that
    lovely grey colour...
    He's being a good boy to...guarding ALL the leaves,
    so no one steals any..Bless him..!x

    My leaves from my Virginia Creeper are all off now,
    just a few to sweep up, and that will be that, but, l will
    start pruning it back shortly...if the rain keeps off..!
    Everything is so wet and windy...! :).

    To~day over here is Remembrance Sunday..(Poppy Day)
    All the towns/villages across the country will remember
    the dead from all the wars and lay poppy wreaths outside
    church's and places of worship....all rather solumn...! :(

    Must get on...due another lemon tea, with honey and lemon...!
    Hopefully a quiet day, it's a bit overcast and l'll stay
    confined to barracks to~day...Bless! :O).
    ❤️๐Ÿ™❤️๐Ÿ™❤️๐Ÿ™❤️๐Ÿ™ ❤️๐Ÿ™❤️๐Ÿ™❤️๐Ÿ™❤️๐Ÿ™❤️ ๐Ÿ™❤️๐Ÿ™

  9. Glorious photos, Henny. Yesterday I was driving home from having lunch at my daughter's and marveled at how the colors looked. But I haven't taken a lot of autumn photos this year and felt a bit guilty about it. I can appreciate yours instead!

  10. Oh the leaves are beautiful, the pops of color & the fresh cool air. Fall rolled around quickly here, and in a minute we are o to the next. Lovely pictures, the rooster really caught my eye.

  11. Awww....I love All the photos and you do NOT talk too much!! Love your chatty post!!

  12. It's so beautiful! We had such a pretty fall too, you are right about the sun shining on the leaves. Just gorgeous!
    Our leaves are nearly down, but even as I sit here, I see the sun shining on the ones still hanging and they are so pretty.
    Smokie is cute out there in the leaves. And - you don't talk too much!

  13. Your Autumn photos are so colorful. Our leaves have been down at least 2 weeks and the huge 3 foot deep pile we have across the back of our property is 100 feet wide and 40 feet deep. But it leaves me with green grass finally. Sweet Smokey looks just as wide as Precious when resting position, lol. But what's to be done? Starve them, no way. And here Smokey gets outdoor exercise compared to my sleepy head. I see the does eye on the bottom left of the tree. If we could hunt in our back yard, I'd have a full freezer and less herd.

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  15. Your pictures are beautiful, Henny. I never get tired of looking at them. This has been an exceptionally beautiful fall here in the St. Louis area, too. I guess the weather must have been good for fall colors in a lot of places this year. But, we've had a lot of wind lately and the leaves have mostly fallen. Now, if we could just get some rain to help the plants get through the winter. By the way, your baskets on the table by Eli are beautiful. The bottom one looks like it's cloth strips and the one of top of the table looks like a clay bowl with an area of woven basket on top - unique!

  16. Sweet photos, HP :) And that sun shining through the brilliant oak leaves! Magical!!

  17. Hi Henny, I enjoyed all your pictures but I have to admit I don't see that deer at least I don't think what I think MIGHT be Probably making no sense here. GM

  18. What a gorgeous fall you are enjoying, Henny! I'm so glad you shared these photos with us. I loved meeting your cat and dogs, too. Have a blessed week!

  19. The fall colors are beautiful.
    Spotted the deer in about the middle of the picture. Hard to see her.
    Love the last shot of Eli peeking around the corner! :)

  20. I have looked and looked for the deer. Maybe at the top kind of in the center? My favorite photo was the second one of the gorgeous trees. But now it is the last one. How cute is that!! Hiding and looking very suspicious. Is this the cabin you live in? How awesome!! Well, I think scales at vet offices are notorious for being wrong! Same with doctor's offices.

  21. Your pictures are lovely, Henny. I found the deer hiding there. Poppy is a good guy to just "shoot" with the camera. I enjoy all of the colors of the Maples and the Birches, etc. but my very favorite fall leaves are the Oaks. They go to that deep red and then brown and I love how leathery they feel. I always come away from your blog cheered up, my friend.

  22. All of your pics are so nice...I especially love the view from the window and beautiful Eli behind the table..peek peek. :0) ..My Cocker gets shakey each time she gets in car thinking its a Vet visitr or a haircut.. :0( .. So know how your beautiful kitty felts... :0( It sure feels like Winter these cold mornings rather than Fall now in NC. I love the change of Seasons but cold feels so painful as a Seenager, right. :0( . Have a blessed Thanksgiving and always love how yall appreciate life..! :0)

  23. Hi Henny, it was good to catch up with you. I can spy the deer. :-)
    Hugs to all!

  24. Eli is adorable!! Oh I think Smokey is just big-boned. ☺☺

  25. Thank you for your informative and well-crafted post. It made a difference!

  26. Beautiful pictures! My Max the cat is a cubby one too!

  27. Smokey is a beautiful cat! I hope all is well at your lovely cabin in the woods.

  28. I love your fall trees- ours are changing too. Your cat is precious,,,I would so be embarrassed if I had another cat staring at me, too! Have a wonderful week ahead!

  29. Your post is both instructive and well-written, and I am grateful for it. There was a noticeable change!
    You are welcome to read my most recent post.

  30. I love all of your photos and talking on your blog! It looks like a beautiful fall in your area! I had to chuckle about Smokey and the clinic cat.

  31. Is so beautiful to walk inside these lovelys and big woods. The trees in autum have a very nice Brown colour. I can imagรญnate the Peace walking free in this wonderful รกrea.

  32. Hello Henny! What lovely fall photos! It must be a pure joy to go out the door and see that every chance you can!
    Hope your fall is going well and still waiting for dancing photos! Love you Terry


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