Monday, August 2, 2021

A few teeny tiny thoughts from Henny Penny Lane


We mowed and mowed and mowed today! Poppy on the riding mower and me, walking my legs off with the push mower. Wouldn't have it any other way...I like walking behind the mower.

But HOT! My goodness, and HUMID! I do a lot of thinking while pushing the lawn mower and today I thought of Mama and the funny things she used to say. Tell you what I was thinking in a minute, but first...

The chickens, enjoying a big clump of grass. Funny how this ball of grass grew. It was in the half barrel where last year the Bee Balm grew. The Bee Balm was looking awful so I pulled all the plants then dumped the whole thing and found a big nest of black ants living in the bottom.

hated to break up the ant's home but left the ball of dirt and ants in the edge of the woods up at the garden where it sprouted nice green grass. Had to get Poppy to help me lift the big heavy thing. The chickens sure enjoyed it.

Oh, look who hung around with me at the garden...

Anyhow, guess it was because of being so hot and sweaty today that I was remembering a time back in the 1950s...Do you remember the glass water jugs folks used to keep in their refrigerators?

Ours looked something like this, but I was thinking ours had the metal cap in the center...that was a long time ago!

Anyhow, it would make Mama so mad to come in hot and thirsty and go to the refrigerator for a cold drink of water and the jug be empty. I remember Mama saying one time, "if the durn house would catch on fire, that water jug would be the first thing to burn"! 

Dear sweet Mama. I miss her every day.

Was thinking too about the early 1960s, two men, named Henry and Bishop...they both were bulldozer operators. In fact, they built the ponds on our farm....but they used to stop by the house after a hard day's work to see Daddy and have a drink with him. You can probably imagine how dirty they would be after running a bulldozer all day. Anyhow, one day after they had stopped by, Mama said to me, "Lord Melba, they were both so dusty and dirty, you couldn't see anything but the whites of their eyes".

Good grief! I started this post on Saturday and here it is Monday afternoon. Why didn't I go ahead and publish it?

Anyhow, here's Eli and Ellie, rushing Poppy to get his shoes on and out the door for our early morning walk...

Sometimes it's hard to see your feet. I will leave you with a very short little video of Eli walking. Wish it had been longer...He has always had the cutest little twist...

Ellie girl and I were walking behind. Sure sppreciate your visiting. 




  1. Henny, I enjoyed your post this morning. Since my "reading list" no longer works, I have to go hunt the blogs down that I like to read. Glad I found yours. Love seeing the chickens... and of course the dogs! (and the bunny) When we were growing up, it was the ice trays that were always put back empty!

  2. Hey girl! that little butt twist is adorable. I love hearing stories about your mama. She seems like she was a wise woman in a country way.

  3. I'd forgotten all about those glass water jars-thanks for the memory!

  4. Poppy and Eli are a riot. Thanks for view. Glass jars, oh yes, they kept all water and ice tea much colder.
    Hated it when my last one, a grapefruit juice jar, broke. Just can't be replaced. Chickens looking good and

  5. Hi, Henny. It's always fun to check in at the teeny tiny farm. Those big old white fluffy dogs are anything but teeny tiny!

  6. Was that Wilder hanging around while you worked in the garden?
    I love when you post your memories of your Mom. I would have liked to know her.
    Hope the hot and humid weather turns less hot and humid. But it's August and it's what we get I suppose.
    Have a great week.

  7. I sure do remember those glass water jugs! They started out being milk jugs left by our milkman. Now don't that stir a memory or two! Loved your post! I get so 'homesick' for the old days and you always make me feel better!

    Grace & Peace,

  8. Hot and humid here, too! Be safe and God bless.

  9. Yes, I remember those water jugs. I don't have a jug like that but we do still keep a container in the fridge with cold water in it. :)

  10. All the mowing really has Henny Penny Lane all spruced up. You really got a great shot of it in your first picture. I know I should know if that's Eli or Ellie in the picture, but it's hard to tell at that distance. Oh how I'd like a farm yard flock like yours.

  11. We never kept a water bottle in the frig when I was growing up, but Bob and I each keep a water bottle of our own in the frig now. No one to blame but ourselves if it's empty!

  12. The hot summer months sure bring back memories to me too. My mother sent us out with a glass ketchup bottle filled with water. It wasn't cold but it hit the spot! lol Love your beautiful home and yard! Happy August!

  13. Love that video of Eli walking....he's such a cutie. Must be hot for Eli and Ellie with all the heat and humidity down your way! It's hot for you and poppy and you two aren't even wearing fur coats!!! So Wilder the bunny is still hanging around. Do you feed him anything when you see him? Love your "Mama stories." Sounds like your grass is really growing! Gosh, I had to look for awhile to find Poppy in that picture! Thanks for the always great blog Henny! Love you guys!

    1. Thank you Diane. Poppy and I were sittting on the porch in the heat yesterday and both dogs were inside with the air conditioner. Kind of funny. :)

  14. I love what your Mama said about the water jug. Isn't it peculiar how words and voices come to the front of our mind for a bit of a visit now and then? Bet you could just hear your Mama saying the words too. I like to say God gave us memories so those we love who have departed can still be with us.

  15. I had forgotten all about those glass water bottles. Thanks for bringing back my memories! That cold water sure tasted good after playing hard outside in the summer. Your chickens look good and your rooster is certainly a fine looking one. I always love seeing pictures of Eli and Ellie and that video of Eli is adorable! You and Poppy take care Henny!

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  17. HaHa! Eli's wiggle would put most catwalk
    models to shame..and l expect Ellie's is
    even nicer..! :).

    Trying to catch up with myself, daughter
    and hubby down for a long weekend, went
    back yesterday, after taking Zeeva a 14yr
    old Staffie to the beach, and a nice long
    swim..she loves the water..! Bless!

    And! My goodness the 50's and 60's especially
    the 60's always voted the best decade of ALL
    time, we used to say..if you remember the 60's
    you were'nt there..HeHe! Great of
    ALL time..! Never be another like it..!
    And..I'm very much a sayings person, and a lot
    l remember come from the 60's..especaially from
    mia Mama..
    "If you fall, and brake your leg..don't come
    running to me"..
    “My mother always used to say: The older you get,
    the better you get, unless you’re a banana”..
    “I haven’t spoken to my wife in years. I didn’t
    want to interrupt her”..

    Best get on..Must get out and cut the Privet...
    Men working in the house next door, so, l'll
    be having new neighbours very soon..! :).
    Lets hope they have a cat or a dog..or both..
    or even a rabbit..I promise not to 'eat' it...
    HeHe! Bless!x Time will tell...
    ✨ 💛 ✨ 💛 ✨ 💛 ✨ 💛 ✨ 💛 ✨ 💛 ✨ 💛

    1. Thank you Willie. So glad your daughter was there for a visit. That saying about the 60s is so funny. My mama used to say that about breaking your leg, or your neck, too. So funny. Can't wait to hear about your new neighbors.

  18. Hi Henny- Good to see your Wild Rabbit there and your Chooks - your Rooster is a beauty. Stay well there-Best Wishes.KEV.

  19. Good day Henny! Always love your posts! I have that same water jug, I used to collect them. We used to have a spigot out back of the house where I grew up with a big metal dipper and we would wash outside and have a drink before going in. Winter or summer! I miss those days so much I can taste them. Ellie and Eli what a joy they bring! Wilder is so terribly sweet, I just love the sweet peaceful look Wilder has. Enjoy this day, and thanks for sharing the beauty with us. XO

    1. Thank you Terry. Oh I miss those days too. Times have changed a little too much. I would love to find an old dipper to put with a bucket on the porch. I remember them too. The good old days!

  20. Henny,
    I LOVE when you share quotes from your mama. I just love it, it makes me smile.
    Thank you!!! Carla

  21. Hi Henny...I love visiting your little farm. Every time I see your chickens I want some. lol I keep thinking...maybe next year I'll get four. And those two dogs are so adorable. It must be so hot for them right now. We had a few fallish days but the heat and humidity is back once again. Your mama stories are always fun to hear. My mom and aunts would get together around a table filled with tea cups and tea pots and talk for hours. It was always funny stories of the past. I so wish I had recorded even one of those afternoons. They say the first thing you forget about someone who has passed is their voice but I still remember my mom's and she's gone twenty four years. I'm grateful for that. So no kitties in your post but please give Smokey and Dumperoo a hug for me. Enjoy these late summer days.

  22. Eli's walk is stately yet cute at the same time! I remember those water jugs for the fridge! Ours had the vertical ridges, too. Only I always felt the ridges went the wrong way, because it was slippery and those vertical lines made it want to slip down! I love your mother's expressions! That generation was a treasure trove of pithy, funny, and wise sayings. I sure do miss it.

  23. Nice looking chickens with their special treat!! :)

  24. I still have my Mama, and I don't see her often enough :)
    It's rainy today, not as hot, but the humidity has been through the roof! I'm staying inside, HP, and letting the weeds do their own thing!

  25. Yes! I remember the glass water jugs. I had one!! Now I wonder what happened to it. I expect it got dropped and broke.


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