Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Polka Dotted Bird Feather...and other things

Guess what! It's raining! It really is! and we really need it! Funny how we've just come through the wettest winter on record and now going through the driest spring on record...heard this on the news recently.

Have you seen the playhouse lately?

Been moving stuff around again. Stole the green rocking chair off the back porch. One day I just might sit here and watch a car go up the dirt path. A sweet little bird has claimed the long-legged tower and every night, roosts way up high over the old straight back chair.  I'm afraid the pink flamingo cushions will now have to go in the trash. 

and the teeny tiny garden lies just behind us...Here...

The bean vines (half-runners) are beginning to climb the wattle fence...

A wattle fence! Who knew something as simple as a wattle fence could make me so happy? :) 

These pictures were taken this morning before we got a shower of rain. The soil is so dry.

have a neat litle row of kale growing...but look at the dry soil!

Well, enough of the teeny tiny garden. Got a few really strange looking pictures to show you. 

Yep, it was that evening sun going down again, making strange shadows on the little red chicken house...

Pretty but kind of eerie too, don't you think?

I raced in for the camera, knowing how fast this look would change.

Guess I should have saved these for my Halloween post in October. There's just something in these darker pictures that frighten me. 

Okay, now a sweet little picture...

This teeny tiny polka dotted feather...only three inches long was lying in the grass in our front yard. I've never seen anything like it. Poppy went searching in our bird books and found that it is a feather from a woodpecker. It's just so pretty!

and speaking of pretty and sweet and all that...

I'll leave you with a picture of our Ellie girl. She got the last of her puppy shots today. The vet said she weighs 62 pounds now. That's pretty hefty for a five month old. 

I do appreciate your stopping by. Hope to be back soon.





  1. Love your polka-dotty feather and doesn't your garden look great! Glad you got some rain! Love your playhouse area too....that rocking chair looks so cozy there! Come back soon!

    1. Thank you Diane. I've got to do better replying to my faithful followers like you. I appreciate your sweet comments.

  2. Who knew that woodpeckers could have polka dotted feathers!!
    Your playhouse is looking good! It's been so hot these past days I have hardly stepped into my potting shed. When it cools down I have some cleaning and organizing to do in there.
    I'm glad you got the much-needed rain. Your garden will appreciate it I'm sure.

    1. I know! I had never seen a polka dotted feather before.

  3. Love that wattle fence! It makes me happy to see it too and your garden looks great. I'm glad that you're getting some much needed rain. Lots of people are experiencing drought now. It's ridiculously hot in Spokane right now. Dennis says it was 95 today! Not normal for the beginning of June at all.
    I have always wondered about the beautiful things people put in places like your playhouse. Do the items just stay out in the rain and weather?
    Ellie girl is beautiful. My sister just told me last night that someone is giving Great Pyrenes (spelling?) puppies away. It's SO, SO tempting but we will be traveling in the next few months. Not the time to get a puppy.

    1. Hey Betsy. Thank you. Most of the things in my playhouse are old or hammered together by me, so I don't worry about them getting wet. The green rocking chair is old and has some chewed spots on the rockers from puppies, over the years. I may put another coat of good green paint to help it hold up longer. We still have four rockers on the back porch. Thank you for visiting and your nice comment. Oh, I wish you could get one of the puppies. Pyrenees make the kindest sweetest pets...Of course, Miss Chloe can never be replaced. She was really special, wasn't she.

  4. That little feather looks magically sweet. I wonder if the dotted feathers show up like polka dots on the bird or maybe when they are layered together it looks like a bar pattern.

    Your sweet Ellie is going to be a big, healthy girl. She has such a sweet face

    1. I wonder too. We have lots of woodpeckers that visit the suet feeders. Thank you for visiting.

  5. I've always loved your little playhouse and it looks just as sweet as ever! The rocking chair is a perfect addition to it. You should sit out there and enjoy your beautiful farm. Little Ellie is growing up and more beautiful every day. That little polka dot feather is something! Your farm is full of beautiful and magical surprises!

    1. Thank you Bonnie. Your comments are always so sweet. I just might sit in that rocking I swing in my swing. :)

  6. So glad your not so teeny tiny garden got a soaking rain. You sure want to keep all those tasty veggies growing.
    And your private space of a playhouse is simply inviting for a sit and a hot cup of tea and cookie. I enjoy seeing it
    all with warm weather to enhance to setting. You took some great evening photos there, too. But that teeny garden
    does look like work, starting with building that fun wattle fence. Lynn and Precious

    1. Thank you Lynn and Precious. It has rained and rained today...trying to make up for such dry weather. We sure need it.

  7. The Playhouse looks really nice now..
    And the pink watering can sets it off
    just a treat! :).
    And..Everything looks lovely, so prim
    and proper..all in straight lines, and
    so upright and straight..!

    The eerie photos look lovely to..they'd
    make nice pics for a calendar..!
    Best time of the day really, sunset..! :).

    And..Ellie turning into a bit of a poser..!
    HeHe! I should know, being one myself...
    She looks lovely..! Bless!x
    I was trying to think how much l weighed
    at five months old..don't think it was
    62lbs..! Oh! I don't know though! :o).
    🌱 🌽 🌿 🍅 🍆 🍇 🍈 🍉 🌱 🌽 🌿 🍅

    1. Thant you Willie. I do like the pink watering can and the pink wheelbarrow. Ellie has a new pink collar and leash. :)

    2. Yes! I meant to say..l noticed a
      pink collar the first time we saw
      her on your post..she is lovely,
      and has a very lovely face..!
      I think she's gonna love the camera! :).

  8. what a neat feather you found! Your garden looks great.

  9. I loved looking at those pictures! We got rain overnight last night and I'm happy for it! I love your "playroom" and feel like I could just sit with you there, with a cup of coffee, chatting about your animals and your garden. Are you going to add to the wattle fence at all? I've been tempted to try making one, too, because they look so neat! -Jenn

  10. Henny Penny Lane is looking mighty fine. I wonder if you ever take time to sit for awhile in that darling green chair. Ellie Girl would enjoy Momma sitting there and patting her on her sweet head. Your garden is looking so good...and clean. Love that wattle fence!

  11. Love your playhouse and your tiny garden makes mine look really tiny. I have heard woodpeckers, but never saw them up close, all I can say about the feather is WOW!

  12. What a pretty feather. I like to collect pretty ones when I see them. Angels abound they say, when you find one. I like the evening setting with the filtered light, they are lovely.

  13. Your garden and your playhouse just get prettier each year. All the love and hard work that you put into your place truly shows :)

  14. A polk a dotted feather - how unusual and so pretty!!
    Your playhouse is so NICE. I Love it.
    Looks like you'll have a whole lot of beans.

  15. Oooh - your garden is looking so good! Your playhouse looks so inviting. And that feather is sooo cool!

  16. Those are striking pics of the chicken house at sundown. Definitely eerie looking. How nice that you managed to not only notice it but catch it with your camera before it shifted to darkness.

    Your playhouse is looking wonderful. You need to sit in that green chair and soak up some of the wonderfulness there at your place.

  17. Oooh, those pictures of the shadows on the chicken house definitely look unsettling! Sometimes sundown has a decidedly scary feel about it, not often, but you captured it fantastically! But the polka dotted feather restored the world to the positive side! So cute! I know what you mean about having to throw away a cushion, birds nesting in our trees have just made such a mess but bless 'em I don't have the heart to shoo them.

  18. It must be the old farm girl in me because I love to look at other people's vegetable gardens.

  19. Your garden house and garden look so inviting and lovely. The plants are doing great. We are eating the first tomatoes this week and they taste SO good! Lucky you to find a polka dot feather. Isn’t the rain wonderful, and so welcome.

  20. Hi,
    I love your garden and the play house. Where did you find all your terra cotta pots? Garage sales? or did you buy them?
    The feather is pretty and makes me smile. :-)

  21. Oh, I just love Ellie. What a beautiful, sweet puppy. Your garden is looking great, too. You sure have a lovely place.

  22. Beautiful puppy! I love your garden and your little secret play places! The photos take me back to my childhood-I'd create all kinds of little houses or huts in the woods, and make up stories about being an explorer...:)

  23. Your garden is looking great and I am sure it appreciated the rain as much as you did! Such an unusual looking feather to find - we always used to say when we found an unusual feather it meant we had been visited by an angel :)
    Ellie is such a sweetie, Mxx

  24. Love your play house Henny! And the garden is thriving! I have never seen a woodpecker feather, but it is beautiful and a pleasure to have. Your dark pictures are very serene, but I know what you mean, darkness can make you feel a little sad. But, they are really stunning and thank you for sharing them. Hope you have a great week, we are expecting gully washers here in the mountains today. Love Terry

  25. Awww - Ellie! She's a beauty :)
    Your garden is so so tidy and lovely. Our whole farm is a weed fest! Aw well. Your little play house is precious.


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