Saturday, October 17, 2020

Explaining, once again

My dear blogging friends,

I fully expected to log in and find all my followers and friends had gone, but here you are, and a new follower too. Thank you! I do the dumbest things. 

For those of you who looked at my last post expecting to see me in a Model T, well, here I am...

in the blue bonnet. The deleted post was about my neighbors, Ann and Kristine, and me too, being vendors at a farm show and swap meet just down the road. It was held in a wide open field; several acres. In the pictures, neither of us were wearing a mask. I worried that we looked careless and unconcerned about the virus. Could not get the thought out of my head so I marched in here and hit "delete". I'm sorry. 

The old fashioned bonnets were a big hit. Not sure how well the bonnet goes with a 1957 MG...
Neighbors, Fred and Ann

Yesterday, looking out my little sewing room window...

The strong North wind blew across the cut-over bringing in much cooler temperatures and lots of rain. A day for staying inside.

The farm show did inspire me to get back in the sewing room. I've cut out a few aprons, thanks to Ann, who has made it her mission to drum up business for me. She wore that bonnet to the hairdresser's one day this week.

been a while since I've rummaged through fabric pieces in the sewing room closet... 

 Oh, a little gift from Andee...

and for no special occassion. Those are the best kinds of gifts.

Had a hard time finding a place to hang it. As mama used to say, "there's not room to lay a pin down around here". It did fit here, where I'll see it often. 

Our new hens are healthy and happy. We just love their sweet personalities. So different from our old flock, that has a little of that "game" blood. Still love them too...but tired of their pecking and picking fights. :) I'll take pictures soon.

Saying goodbye for now and hope to be back soon. Thank you for putting up with me. I'll be around to visit and catch up.







  1. I didn't feel like you were being unconcerned! I enjoyed the post and the pictures! It's good to see that people can spend time together and do things together outside this year. I don't comment much, but I really enjoy your blog!

  2. Hi Henny! Don't you worry one bit about anything. This is your blog to do with as you please. I think that last post was fine but it is always best to do what makes you feel the most comfortable. Your blog friends know and love you no matter what!

    It's getting to be sewing weather again with the cooler temps and rain. I haven't done much sewing recently either but I'm about ready to get back to it. I love the gift from Andee and yes, the no special reason gifts are the best! It looks great in your laundry room. Your laundry room looks great too! Thank you for showing us that picture of Dumperoo - I just love him and he looks so handsome in that picture. Sending love to you, Poppy and all your furry and feathered family!

  3. It seems to me you do enjoy all those delightful little things in your day. Your sewing room has the prettiest outlook. It looks as if much fun was to be had out and about in your pretty bonnet hitching a ride or two in those fabulous cars! How wonderful!

  4. I really like that cute chicken picture. Your sewing room must feel good to be in on a chilly day...and to be making something cute. You sure have a lot of dolls. Stay safe and take care of each other. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Great picture sitting in the Model T with your bonnets on. :)
    Love the shelves in your laundry room.

  6. I think the pic of you is cute and I wouldn't have thought you were unconcerned, just enjoying life!
    I like the view from your room. The chicken picture is so cute! And so is your Dumperoo.

  7. I'm glad you decided to post the picture of the 2 of you in the model T. Your laundry room is so neat and the new picture fits right in.
    Looks like you're having wild Fall weather. That will give you more sewing time. Have fun sewing more pretty aprons!!

  8. This post has a bit I so many things I love about Henny Penny Lane! I always enjoy those peeks into your sewing room. And, I can hardly resist going out and buying myself some new hens!

  9. Oh I loved that post! Never did the thought cross my mind of anything negative, just a bunch of friends having a good time. It's too bad that we have to worry about things like that these days.
    I so enjoyed the glimpse of your sewing area and closet. It looks like such an inviting spot to spend hours in sewing and creating beautiful things.
    Andee's gift is so perfect for you AND you found a perfect spot to put it. I enjoyed seeing all of your enamelware and canning. Your home always looks so cozy and warm.
    Someday I want one just like it!

  10. The post was perfect. I enjoyed all the pictures. The bonnets are so nice. Also like hearing about your chickens. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a blessed week.

  11. I agree your post is perfect. Love your pretty bonnets too.

  12. I like your cute sun bonnets and the classic cars, and how you squeezed in your new sign and found a spot for it.

  13. Phew! Made it..At the end again..But! Here
    l am..nice sunny morning over here, third
    one on a row, though rain next week! :).

    The first time l wore a mask, ages ago now,
    l walked into town, and someone said..l like
    your mask Willie..should'nt you wear it at the
    front of your face...HeHe! oooops! :).
    I found a nice one on line, my daughter got for
    me, it's one with a tigers face on it..she did
    make me a couple of pinky ones but l love the
    tiger mask best...! :)

    My home is much the same room for
    pins either..l try and declutter, but then
    replace it with summat else..most of my things,
    even silly things have memories, so l can't
    part with those things..! The older you get, the
    more memories you have..! :).

    Best get day to~day..visit to the
    supermarket..get my bits and pieces for the week,
    by way of a change l'm having curry to~day..give
    the game a rest..! :).

    Lovely post Henny..Lovely..please don't delete it,
    even if Dumperoo isn't wearing a mask..! HeHe! :o).
    😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾

  14. Don't be sorry. I think it should be our own right to wear a mask or not too. It is good to hear you are doing vendor shows. I have not done one this year, and now we miss it.

  15. I'm glad to see that I didn't miss the photos of you in a Model T. I was wondering what happened.

  16. Hi Henny- We've had some rain too- a cold day and evenings are chilly. Glad your back into sowing - are you going to make some more Peg Dolls- they'd sell I imagine. Best wishes. KEV.

  17. Not only did that post not bother me, it warmed my hear to see people being, well, people! Happy people! It's time to stop letting fear control us.

  18. Glad Dumperoo had a dry spot to snooze. Outside at the distance you had from others, no need to wear a mask
    all the time. I don't when I bike or walk the neighborhood. I just keep my distance if someone speaks to me.
    As it is getting cooler (cold freeze yesterday), I will be doing more crochet and embroidery. Nice to see the
    sewing room of yours in use. You make lovely aprons and fun bonnets.

  19. Love 'window pics'... and the little gift from Andee. And Dumperoo looks very comfy!

  20. I love seeing all of your pretty fabrics Henny, so many colors and ideas in the waiting :)
    What a peaceful view to sit at your sewing machine and gaze out of the window, I'm afraid I wouldn't get much done !
    Colder weather for us this weekend, I've just had some bad news, that my nurse-granddaughter has tested positive for COVID :( Any now it begins.....
    Lovely to stop by and visit with you dear friend. Stay well !


    1. Hey Barb. Actually, we found Dumper when he was just a kitten. He was hanging around the dumpsters where we carry our trash. Poppy named him Dumpster...a terrible name. We call him by several names, but mostly Woo Woo. :) He answers to them all. Thank you for asking.

  22. I love seeing the raindrops through your windows....and I love the old cars with the bonnets too. Thanks for a glimpse of all the neat things that you do!

  23. beautiful fabrics and the scene looking out the window in beautiful....

  24. Because the farm show was a big outdoor event with tons of space between any two people -- nobody seemed crowded up anywhere -- I didn't even think about the absence of masks in your photos. And we are pretty serious people about wearing our masks. We do have them with us when we are outside. You never know when someone might approach you and stand too close. But no worries, dear. I'm so glad you are back to sewing! And the sweet, sweet picture from Andee is a delight. I might have to paint a mama hen and some chicks :)

  25. You worry too much about the little things! Saturday I went into the local supermarket and was leaving before it dawned on me that I didn't have my mask on!! I was mortified and guilt ridden!πŸ’– love that sign!

  26. I love the photo of you two in the Model T in your bonnets! Did you know, a ride in a Model T has been on my bucket list since I started making it (before I retired)?!! Haven’t even gotten close yet.

  27. Bet you had a great time at the show. Our neighbor in Indiana had a model T. He used to ride in the parade with a mannequin in the passenger seat (his wife passed away). I have not seen a drop of rain since we moved to California. There is something to be said for getting cozy on a rainy day.
    xx, Carol

  28. Hi Henny, I love the photo of you in the Model T. Good for you regarding the sale. No worries, I have forgot my mask too.
    I love the photo of the rain out the window.

  29. Oh My Stars! your 'Dumparoo' looks like my 'KiKi' kitty.. aren't they sweet.
    Is your red Hen & chicks needle work or etching or ?
    Have fun sewing aprons and stay safe and healthy.. oh, and while you are enjoying your lovely rain,, we got a wee bit of snow this morning and due about 4-5" this weekend.. Oh Joy!

  30. We do not wear mask outside. Need to breathe fresh air through the nose. I didn't think a thing about you being unconcerned. I never felt that way about anyone. I love your bonnet and that model T. I need to find the picture of my dad and mom in front of their model T. Enjoyed your post and I love these rainy days.


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