Sunday, November 10, 2019

Several things here

It may look a little like fall here now, but it feels like we have jumped smack dab into the middle of January! 

Seriously! 85 degrees on October 31st, and 28 degrees on November 9th...and next week is supposed to be even colder. Don't we need a bit more time for our bodies to adjust?

Our sweet little flock of seven guineas...
is now six. We lost one to a Great Horned Owl just before daylight one morning early last week. I have grieved right along with this sad little group.

We raised these guineas from babies and they have been so tame and so fun to have. They actually tag along behind me when walking would be a funny sight, I'm and big Eli followed by Weetie and Smokey, followed by the row of guineas. 

Not much "pink" left in the yard now except...

this camellia at the back steps. Have you ever seen a more pitiful bird house as that one in the picture? Actually, there is a little Wren's nest inside. We have another bird house with a tin roof that will go there.

and speaking of little Wrens...
This old fruit basket was hanging from a nail under the shed. Look what was inside. Such a cozy nest for baby birds. 

Burrr!! Let's go back inside to the sewing room where it's warm...

 I've been busy sewing again. It's about time too! 
 got a couple of girl's aprons made from the sweet Hollie Hobby fabric from cousin Pat...
I tried cutting out a doll from the fabric and stuffed it to fit in the pocket. 
I think little girls might like these, do you?

Shelby and I have a big new craft event..."Santa's Christmas Bazaar" in Franklinton, coming up November 23rd. It's supposed to be big, and a good one.

and, using some of the fabrics from a special friend Diane in Kentucky...

made this "Beehives and tiny bees" bonnet and apron set, and also the pink rosy doll dress and the bonnets. 

Well, I've covered about everything here, oh wait, better run and let Eli in. He's at the door with his bear...

Hope to be back soon. Thank you to another new follower...who actually followed after the silly inchworm post. :) I do appreciate my blogging friends. Best friends I have ever had.



  1. So sweet that Eli carries his bear around! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. The little doll for the pocket is wonderful idea. Bet it'll be a big seller.
    The picture of Eli at the door is ridiculously cute.

  3. Those are beautiful items you have sewn. Yes, I would love to see your little train of critters as you walk along. Oh, that Eli is the sweetest dog ever, with his great big stuffed bear! -Jenn

  4. I was just saying earlier on another post..
    How the weather chops and changes..Put down
    to 'Climate Change' they say..Lovely day over
    here, sunny and warn, l even had lunch out on
    the patio, with my little pussy~cat friend..Fudge..! :).
    Rain is forecast for Mon/Tues..nothing seems to settle,
    for very long..Oh! Well!

    Guinea fowl are lovely birds, and yes, they become quite you know they get their name from...?
    The domesticated Guinea Fowl originated from one of the
    several wild species on what used to be called the Guinea
    Coast (hence the name) of West Africa....! :).
    And..sometimes called Speckled Hen...or Pearl Hen...! :).

    And..Yes..The bird~box does look a bit sad..Poppy should get
    in there with a hammer..and beat it about a bit..HeHe! :).
    And..if your short of anything 'pink' Henny..I'll send summat
    over..!!! :o).
    HeHe! Eli with his teddy bear..lovely..and the pussy~cats are
    in the best place..! :).

    Well..must get back to the TV..big football match coming up...
    At 4:30...Pot of tea..couple Marshmellows..Bourbon biscuits..
    That'll be me..feet up..Whey~Hey! "Come you Reds" Ciao! Ciao!
    ๐Ÿ˜ผ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ ⚽ ๐Ÿ˜ผ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ ⚽ ๐Ÿ˜ผ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ ⚽ ๐Ÿ˜ผ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ ⚽

    1. Hey Willie. As usual, I enjoyed your comment. I didn't know all that about guineas. No wonder they freeze in weather like this, being from Africa. I'll remember that about the "pink". I'm always needing more pink things. :) Thank you!

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your guinea. That's the part of living in the country that I would find difficult. I know it's the "circle of life" and just the animals nature and need for food, but I get so attached to animals that live with me that I would be grieving too.
    Eli looks so sweet with his bear. He sure looks like a big love! I would love to wrap my arms around him for a big hug. I adore big dogs!
    And finally, your sewing projects are lovely. Aprons and bonnets. I love them both and I'm sure a little girl will enjoy the little doll you made. I hope the craft fair is a good one for you.

  6. Pink flowers! Wonderful sight even in a photo. And the cold, we are to have 12 degrees Tuesday night! That is
    January temp! I love the bird nest in the basket. At least you and the 2 kitties can keep warm in the sewing
    room, and the work you are putting out is lovely. Precious is getting into winter hibernation mode.

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  8. I'm sorry that you lost one of your guineas. I know that all of your animals are pets to you and are loved. I can just see you walking Eli with a parade behind you. If I lived close enough, I'd love to go to the craft show where you and Shelby are going. I love craft fairs. Last night I heard a weather forecast on the radio which said that the next cold front, taking temperatures into the low teens will go as far south as the Interstate 10 corridor near the gulf. Stay warm! I worry about school children in the south who don't have warm coats and gloves waiting for school buses or walking to school.

    1. Thank you Peg. Oh, I sure wish you could come to the craft show. Hope this one turns out good. I didn't bother to post about the last one we did in October. I made a whole $5.00. :) A lot more trouble than it was worth. I know what you mean about the school children. Dan came in early yesterday morning and said there were five small children waiting at the end of the road for the bus. He said they looked like they were freezing. Their dad stays home and drives a van. Don't understand why he didn't drive them and let them wait for the bus in the warm van?? Thank you Peg.

  9. Well, wait a minute bout your cold weather. It was 2 F here last night. Oh ya, everything is relative isn't it. And deep down I'm jealous about your 85 F.

  10. Our weather is the same here although opposite to you. We seem to have jumped straight into the middle of hot weather and I am having difficulty in adjusting to it. Your sewing looks like the perfect activity for cold weather. I'm sorry you lost one of your guinea fowl. They are such pretty birds to have around.

  11. Eli with his own bear makes me want to cry. I love it. My daughter's dog Sam lost his cat two weeks ago. Ozzy and Sam ran together, slept together , the best of pals. Then Ozzy sad. I would have loved seeing you walking all the animals. Stay warm honey, Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  12. I've been wondering how your various critters are faring. I'm sorry about the poor little guinea. I hope the others stay safe. Or maybe that Owl will remember where to get an easy meal!! I love all your sewing!
    I don't love the spam you obviously are getting too. Every day I have to delete that stupid stuff.

  13. Hi Henny! The weather has been a bit strange this year, I agree. Today here it's beautiful and 74 F. Tomorrow they are saying 24 F... that's a 50 degree drop?
    So sorry about your lost Guinea. My daughter had a hawk steal a baby chick right in front of her.
    And I love that adorable pic of Eli holding his bear! Julie carries her 'rat' around like that.

  14. Winter has come in the same way here - beautiful Fall and then cold temps and even snow!
    I love your Holly Hobby doll and the bonnets too. So cute!

  15. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of one of your guineas. I've always loved seeing them from the time they were just little things. My goodness you have been sewing up a storm! I love everything you've shown us and I know you will be making some little girls very happy! I sure understand the quick changing weather as we have that here in Missouri. It can be hard on you when it's hot one day and freezing the next. Eli with his teddy bear is just the cutest thing! Has he gone through more than one bear or is this the same one? I bet you repair it a lot but it is so sweet that he loves it like he does.

    1. Thank you Bonnie! You know, that is the same old bear Eli has carried around since he was a puppy. I've sewn it's head and arms back on several times. I plan to patch and wash it before company comes at Thanksgiving. Can't have that dirty thing around the table. :) This cold front has been terrible and looks like it covers over half the US.

  16. Oh such beautiful aprons, bonnets and I love the holly hobby doll I believe little girls will love them or the moms of little girls will. Eli is so sweet standing at the door with his teddy bear. I hope you and aunt Shelby have a great craft fair!! Love you bunches

  17. What fun stitching projects. Good luck at the bazaar!

  18. Love your blog Henny. Good to be back with you. What a great sewer you are...I'm sure a little girl will love that dolly stuffed into her apron pocket! I can never get over the joy of seeing that big Eli with his cute! Thanks for sharing your life and adventures with all of us. So sorry about your guinea!

    1. Hey Diane in Northern Wisconsin! Thank you for the nice comment. I appreciate that you take time to look at my foolishness here. :) I don't know what we would do with out big Eli. He is like a big teddy bear himself. Love, Henny

  19. Hi Henny- Lovely photo of your Lake surrounded by Autumn Trees. Hope all goes well for you at Franklington Fair- sonds a fun day out for you and Selby to sell your wares. Whilst your into cold days -we're near melting- tomorrow has been declared "Catastrophic" in reference to the Bushfires...about 500 Schools will be closed...things are bad to the North of New South Wales and Queensland too. Hoping for better weeks ahead. Regards. KEV.

  20. Oh, I adore photos of Eli with his bear! And your sewing projects are so sweet too.

  21. My dogs love their toys too....LOVE TO TEAR THEM UP!! lol. The pocket doll was a great idea any lucky little girl will love.
    xx, Carol

  22. Well, I needed more time to adjust. We went from air conditioning to heater with not 24 hours between! And yes, I think little girls are going to love those pocket sized dolls. I know mine would have. Eli at the door with his Teddy — too cute for words!

  23. What beauties, the bonnets are so sweet, that pink one especially and it looks very difficult to make, too. Impressive choice of fabrics, I'd forgotten about your Holly Hobbie ones. Love the fabric doll-- I want her! Poor guineas, they do look sad. I like the picture you depict of your animals following you, though. It's freezing here, too, and the snow has begun. There are moments when it feels so grim and mean to be out, but I still mostly like it. Puts me in mind of Christmas. Lucky folks at Franklington-- I wish yours and Shelby's products will sell out, and I'm sure they will. Many blessings to you!

    1. Thank you Pilar. Still cold here, but no snow. Me too! I do love thinking about Christmas! I'll let you know how we do at the Christmas Bazaar. Wish you could be there.

  24. Looks like you'll have lots of great things for the craft event. The little stuffed doll is adorable!
    Sorry to hear about the guinea hen.

  25. Hi,
    I am real excited about your craft event, take lots of photos. :-)
    That photo of Eli at the door with his teddy, oh my, so sweet indeed.

    Happy new week Henny! Love, Carla

  26. I love the aprons and bonnets. Some little girl will love the little doll tucked away in her apron pocket. Eli is such a big ole lovable dog! Enjoy winter. It is here! :~/

  27. You are having the same weather we are having. Crazy. I have had a cough and stuffiness every since the weather changed.
    Eli looks so cute at the door with his bear. Just like a little child. So cute.
    Sweet bonnet and pinafores you have made. You have been busy.
    I wish I could have some luck with a Camelia. They smell so sweet.
    Poor Guineas, terrible to have that happen.
    Take photos of the craft event. I would love to see what is on sale there. I am going to a few here near town this week end.

  28. Thank you for your blog. So many have disappeared to other ways of communicating. Love, love the picture of your Eli. We lost our beloved, Speckles, last year day after Thanksgiving. We had him for 17 years. I miss him every day. Thanks again for your continuing blog. I think this is the first time I have commented.

    1. Judi, thank you so much for your comment. How sad that you lost Speckles the day after Thanksgiving. I can imagine how much you miss him. It does get easier with time but we never forget them. Our little black poodle, Pooh was 15 when we lost him and for the longest time, when I would get to the stoplight at the intersection that turns to the vet's office, I would cry, thinking about my last visit there with Pooh. It's hard. Thank you for your friendship.

  29. Dear one - that Eli is just too stinkin cute. Loved that you shared this photo. As for winter - I know we are cold and snowy in my neck of the woods...a low of 11 tonight...brrr - where did fall go :(! Stay warm friend. Hugs! P.S. love all your sewing projects.

  30. I love how busy you stay...well, how much you get done. You make such sweet things. We were shirtsleeve weather day before yesterday, had 3 inches of snow yesterday and this morn it was 12ยบ....

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  32. Many folks don't realize how easy it is to get attached to a bird. I lost Buffy about a week and a half ago. It's tough.
    I share your sadness...


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