Monday, August 5, 2019

Hey! From all the animals and me too!

Mokey and me, well, the others too, thought we'd better check in and say we're still alive and kicking....

mostly, I'm busy sewing while Mokey kicks around under the bed in the sewing room...

Oh, Woo Woo and Weetie are fine too...

Oops! That was Eli and Weetie.

and Poppy and Eli too...

Poppy always says, "Eli looks so comfortable, I would love to snuggle up and sleep with him".

Bet you've never seen Eli looking so dirty. If we can make it to Thursday, he has an appointment with the groomer. I promise to come back with an 'after' picture. :)

Doesn't look quite as dirty here...
where Poppy was trying to hide his bear, stuffed there between them. It's no wonder the furniture stays worn out.

That old foot stool has taken a beating over the years. Remember this one from 2014...

Do you dream crazy dreams? I do. In a dream last night I was carrying Smokey in my arms like a baby. I was wearing a skirt and high heel shoes and felt myself falling. We hit the ground but neither of us were hurt, but then I could not get back up on my feet because of the high heels and Smokey being too heavy. Wonder why I didn't kick my shoes off and lighten my load by putting Smokey down?? Dreams!

Smokey or Mokey, as we call him, loves for me to carry him around like a baby, like in this old picture...
He is such a sweetie pie.

Woo Woo, on the other hand...
 LOVES to lay in my lap but will not let me walk while holding him. He also loves to lay on my fabric and cutting board.  Aren't cats strange?? 

Well, my plan was to do a little post to say we are still here, but I've turned this into an animal post. 

Oh, a special thank you to a new follower, Judy. Thank you!




  1. such sweet pictures of your fur babies....Eli always looks so fluffy and soft.

  2. Love animal posts!! Yours are beautiful happy contented animals! And I laughed to see Poppy and Eli lying together as I do that myself with my cats when they are so comfortably lying in a sunspot on the floor....

  3. HaHa! Bless!x Well...I actually slept with a dog for three
    nights over the weekend..Hang on now..!!! Let's not get
    carried away now! :). We're still talking about the four
    legged ones..are'nt we..are'nt we..??? :).

    Family and friends around yesterday..Sunday..Annual Barbeque,
    my daughter brought one of her Staffy's down..Zeeva..she's a
    tart, a nine year old tart, she spends ALL her time with me,
    Granddig..Not Granddad..I'm Granddig..! :).
    She's a pest at night time, she's in the bed..she's on the bed,
    she's in the bed..she's on the bed..Jeeeeese!
    And, in the early hours, l wake, and she's licking my feet/ankles,
    l.m half asleep, thinking my lucks changed..oooops! HeHe! She's
    lovely really! :o).

    AND..It's lovely seeing your lovely animals/pets Henny..I think my
    favourite is the one with the jeans..shirt..and funny hat..what sort
    of breed is that, not a lot of fur..just that little bit under it's
    nose..and what do you feed it on...HaHa! Bless! Sorry Poppy! But!
    It's your turn in the barrel to~day..(English joke)..! :).

    Great post Henny..One of my favourites..look forward to an update,
    when Eli's been to the groomers..And..Poppy as well...! :).

    I won't mention dreams..except to say mine are very vivid..and,
    at least two, three times a night..l do have problems with them..! :o).
    ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫

  4. Sweet post. Yall are like us... "Furbabies First"... its all about them. I always try to figure out why I dreamed something..and it is usually a hodgepodge of recent events or thoughts..combined together. Be careful and don't fall off your heels.. ;0) .. I always loved high heels..but the ones available now..are way too high for even the young me.. Have a blessed week as we all pray and think about those not so fortunate as ourselves. Sad. Take care.

  5. Eli looks huge! but loving. I found four kittens this morning here on the farm this morning. Two were colored just like Smokey, a beautiful color.

  6. Sending a big "Hello" and lots of love to you and all the animals!

  7. Since I haven't been a reader of your blog for long, I really enjoyed seeing all of your fur babies. So sweet. They all look well loved. I had a really strange dream last night too, but for the life of me, I can't remember it this morning. Some dreams I want to forget, but others are pleasant like this one and I would like to remember the details.
    I grew up with a St. Bernard and Eli reminds me of him in the fact that ours loved to be hugged. Eli looks like a dog who would love hugs. Little dogs are harder to wrap your arms around! :-)

  8. Haha, if kids don't wear our furniture out , it's the pets. My Ted has a recliner just about ready for the trash...but he will not let me get a new yet. He says he is going to make something of the wood in it for she helped him wear that chair out.So funny. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  9. Hi Henny! Your animals are cute and very well loved. Cats ARE funny. I put together a cat tree for Timothy and he is slowly deciding that it's his jungle gym. He's a bit lazy for a three year old.

  10. closing my blog down for a time. I've had alot of visits, no comments or additional followers from the Netherlands. I'll visit around but won't be posting. Maybe start over somewhere else after a time. Take care.

  11. PS When I say alot, 336 in one day. be careful all of you.

    1. Today, (8-8-19) I've had 759 visits; and I haven't posted anything in almost a year. It does make one want to close down her blog!

  12. It's always fun to see all your animals. I love that Smokey and it's nice to see some real close-ups. He is so much like our Wilson. I always thought snuggling up to Eli would
    be so cozy. lol I hope you are enjoying the last of our summer. We are having some very hot days and cool night but that will change soon enough. Hi to Poppy and all. xo

  13. Glad you are still here! I loved all the pics - your friends are all adorable. Poppy isn't bad either!

  14. I'd sure like to meet Eli!! He seems like such a great dog.

  15. Little Smokey is now a BIG cat, quite an armful. Eli and Poppy together are quite adorable together.

  16. Glad you're back. All your animals look fabulous as usual. How does Eli stay cool in your hot summers down there? Poppy looks good too....didn't see too much of you Henny! Thanks for keeping up in your busy busy summer!

  17. Lovely to see all your furry friends & the wonderful life they have at your Home dear Henny Penny. One of our cats will let us carry her upside down in our arms - the other one not so much.

  18. I dream crazy dreams too and when I wake up I can't imagine why I'd dream such weird things. The idea that my brain is making up crazy stories while I'm asleep is not really a comfort. *grin*

    Your fur babies are so lucky to have you to dote on them. Are the bunnies still doing okay? You haven't mentioned them in a while.

  19. Love all the kitty pictures!! Eli is handsome dirty or not!! He does look very comfortable to snuggle with! I hope that you and poppy are doing great! Love you bunches

  20. I love dreaming. I'd rather not wake so as to stay in the dream, and I get really annoyed if I start to lose the memory of the dream upon waking. Now I want to search online for the meaning of your dream...I love dream interpretation! I've dreamt with cats a few times and learned that the symbolism of a cat is anxiety, whereas the symbolism of dog is friendship. However, if you love the animal in the dream, or if you love the animal in waking life but are terrified of it in the dream-- feelings matter a lot and can color the meaning of the dream. Haha, I'm sorry! I just love this topic. I remember dreaming with hens and chickens awhile ago, and last week I dreamt I was eating fried chicken (worth noting because I'm a vegetarian!) And supposedly, it all pertains to wealth! Because for centuries, raising chickens meant eggs and meat and money from selling them, thus prosperity. The skinny high heels in your dream are what I'm wondering're carrying a cat you love but anyway it's some kind of burden and you're on heels you dont feel safe in, hmm like being on shaky ground. You feel overwhelmed about something? That's me, not the experts, sorry again! Glad to see your family of animals, they're lovely. Glad you're keeping busy in the sewing room and creating. Many blessings to all of you : )

  21. Good thing you weren’t carrying Eli in that dream! He sure is a big guy. So beautiful and cuddly, as are all your fur babies.

  22. Your critters are beautiful. Our Pitbull/boxer mix loves to lay with Terry in the recliner. We used to have a motorized one and it was easy to lift the legs with him on it. Now that he has a manual one it doesn't have enough lift to raise a 130 pound dog so the Min Pin Harley has taken over the spot.
    xx, Carol

  23. Boy Eli is a big fella! I hope you are having a super summer. I am wishing it away because I can't stand the heat. :(

  24. Spoiled and pampered . . . it's wonderful to see animals this loved.

  25. I love all animal but gray cats are just so beautiful to me!

  26. Animal posts are amazing! I loved it. One of our three cats, Baby Oscar, loves to be carried around...thus we call him "baby" Oscar! :) Eli is just so cuddly! Oh my gosh...some of the dreams I have too...

  27. I love your animal Eli...he just makes a person want to hug him! Love the kitties, too.

  28. Your furry babies are so adorable, thanks for sharing.

  29. Love seeing your beautiful fur babies, they are loved and know it 😂
    I thought of you this weekend, hope your show went well, and not too hot !

  30. Hi HENNY- Smokey is certainly a very good looking cat- certainly enjoys the home comforts. It has been cold here at zero overnight - a few more weeks left yet of Winter- looking forward to Spring and the warmth. I bought a NAVY Sailor Doll tonight from the US - there is a photo on my Blog for you to see. Best Wishes to You Henny and Poppy. KEV.

  31. Your fur babies are so beautiful...loved the pic of Poppy snuggling on the floor! I don't dream often but ironically, last night I had a SUPER crazy one. I was driving home from Raleigh and all of a sudden, a construction vehicle stopped in front of me and I had to veer off the road to keep from hitting it! I went down some sort of steep embankment and wound up in downtown! I don't ever drive in Raleigh and I had no idea where is was...I got out of my car and began walking, asking around how to get back up on the highway and no one would tell me! Then I couldn't find my car! Oh my gosh, that's when I woke up and didn't want to go any further with that silly dream!!

  32. I do love to see pictures of your cats and dogs! Nancy

  33. Dear friend...I just adore your kitties as well as Sweetie and Eli. Pets make life richer for sure. Hope you have a delightful weekend. Hugs!

  34. Thanks for sharing all your sweet animals with us (even Poppy) as some of us don't have any animals around to make us smile.

  35. Animal posts are the best :) Woo Woo! What a name - wonder where that came from! I think Eli is as big as your husband. Animals keep us smiling, don't they? Esp. as we age. Don't know what we'd do without our pups. I'd love a couple of cats - they are even more entertaining, but I'm allergic, sadly. Thanks for the fun!


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