Monday, August 26, 2019

My Brilliant Idea

Dear friends,

Let me apologize for making my "brilliant idea"  sound like, well, a brilliant idea when really it's not that great. Sorry for keeping you in suspense. 

So, here's that brilliant idea... 😌

There are three cedar trees, all the same size, growing side by side at the edge of the pond just behind the dam. 

These trees have the woods behind them and the wide open pond area in front, causing the limbs to grow straight out across the dam reaching toward the sun.

We are constantly having to cut these cedar limbs so we can mow the dam and walk without having to duck under them.

So we decided, once the weather cools off, we will cut down all three trees. That's when the idea hit me! 


We have tried for years to grow grapes, and other fruits too. Years ago we set out a row of Muscadine vines at the edge of the yard, along the path to the chicken lot...

The vines grew and grew and covered the fence...
Oh, I loved how the vines created a covered pathway, but every year we got only a handful of puny little grapes. You can probably guess the reason why.  NOT ENOUGH SUN!

So, very sadly, I pulled all this down; vines, posts, wire, everything!

From the kitchen window we could see the little red chicken house again, and we could see clearly all the way to the woods. It's was amazing...

The new arbor will be built on these three cedar trees, with lots of sunshine!
I've cut off most the limbs. Now Poppy needs to cut off the tops with the chainsaw. Then add the wire and plant the vines. That's it!

I felt like a murderer chopping down those old grapevines but, from those old vines, I have rooted several new grapevines in pots. I have given some away and sold some at craft events and still have plenty left.

Also felt like a murderer chopping on the cedar trees, but at least we will put them to good use. 

I worked on this spot for an hour this morning, cleaning and clearing from around the trees.

Thank you for putting up with my nonsense. 


A little note to asked about the Rose of Sharon. Well the deer will not leave them alone. The little bushes try hard to bloom but the deer keep eating the leaves off. I have decided to replace each Rose of Sharon with a Beauty Berry bush.  Have done four or five so far. Will post a picture soon. Thank you Pilar.

A little note also to Linda and Carla about the new home for the lilies. Well, I'm thinking about it. I've put a few in the back flower bed with the iris, and I am digging a new bed along the path in back. Thank you. :)


  1. Clip a dryer sheet (I use a clothes pin) to your rose of shsrons. The deer will leave them alone! You will have to put a new one out occassionally.

  2. I just read some previous post. I love the new roof. Your birdbath area. I also read the comment from Angela...I hope that will work for you. You are keeping it pretty around your place. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. You're an inspiration!

    My in-laws have grape vines in their yard. They grow well, but the deer love them.

  4. My Mother used to make muscadine jelly and it was sooo good! That is a brilliant idea you have come up with! Cedar wood is good for so much - can you use the limbs you cut off the cedar trees for anything or are they too small? I bet cedar would be nice for the little dolls you make if it is strong enough.

  5. It really is a brilliant idea! How can anyone live without the taste of muscadine on their lips at this time of year. A few grapes are beginning to drop along the trail I walk. Every day I look for them, brush them off and enjoy... dirt and all...

  6. Have fun with your grapes! Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  7. You dear! If it's a brilliant idea to you, it's a brilliant idea!

  8. We have big old grape vines all over the place at Happy Trails. Some of the roots are thick as trees. Seems like there is no end to cutting them down. Some have climbed to the top of trees. I've never seen any grapes on them here though.
    Good luck with your vines, hope you finally get some grapes.

  9. I do think it is a brilliant idea...the cedars will have a new purpose. Will be fun watching the progress...

  10. Dear Henny, How exciting....can't wait to see your new grape arbor and how your grapevines take off and grow! What a great idea! It will be fun for all of us to watch their progress!

  11. I think it really is a brilliant idea! Just think of the grapes you'll soon have!

  12. I don't want to rain on your parade, but won't all of those tree roots be a problem where you want to plant grapes?

  13. Hope you have good luck with the grapes! Sounds like a great plan!

  14. Sometimes plants disappoint us no matter how we look after them. So try something new.

  15. Yes, a brilliant idea, but then I wouldn't expect less of you :)
    I love a tin roof, we have one over the back porch, it is loud when it rains hard, the cats take off looking to hide :)
    I can't think of another lady that works as hard a s you Henny, you put us all to shame :)

  16. That really IS a brilliant idea! I love the thought of using the trees to support your arbor. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love finding new blog friends.

  17. Hi Henny- you and Poppy have been very busy with also more to is great that you're getting things done during Summer- I'd expect Winter is a much slower time for you there. Cheers. KEV.

  18. An arbor for grapes to grow on sounds like a good idea to me. Across the street a huge old grapevine has almost covered the wood fence and there are countless bunches of grapes hiding among all the leaves. The people living there don't pick any so we've been enjoying the ones on OUR side of the fence. They're quite tiny green seedless grapes that are not too sweet but we like them.

  19. Brilliant idea! Brilliant! :).
    When it comes to wine and grapes..I'm up for
    it...My family own a vineyard back home in
    Sicily..though for some time now it is part
    of a co~operative..the grapes come together
    with others to produce quality wines, and
    are now exported and drank world wide...! :o).

    It'll be nice to watch the progress
    really will..and keep that lucky pink wheelbarrow
    going..HeHe! Bless! "Vino Calapso" I say...! :o).
    ´*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´ ´*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´

  20. Hello Henny, that's too bad about the Rose of Sharon. I had high hopes it was thriving and providing you with a flowering fence. Repurposing the cedar trees into grape harbours is a spanking idea! It'll be fun to watch it's progress and one day, hopefully, you'll get yummy grapes. Your farm sure benefits from all your hard work! All the best to you, blessings!

  21. That DOES sound like a good idea! We will wait til next year to see how well it works!
    xx, Carol

  22. Nonsense? I think not! That WAS a brilliant idea! I hope you grow oodles and oodles of grapes! By the way, the view of the chicken house from the kitchen window is so nice! ;)

  23. Great idea! It’s a nice sunny spot and you should have lots of grapes in a couple years. I had grapes in my garden in Minnesota and for the whole month of September they scented the whole yard. The girls and i would sit on the picnic table eating a bowl of grapes and see who could spit the seeds farthest into the yard!

  24. I know how you feel about cutting down breaks my heart but you know, I think you DO have a brilliant idea there! Good luck with the grapes!!!

  25. Meant to add...of all the flowers and bushes that the resident deer devour, our Rose of Sharon bushes are never touched, or the Crepe Mrytle.
    They are the original plantings, I wonder why ?

  26. A really great idea. What kind of grapes do you plan on planting?

  27. I've never had a muscadine. We had them at Publix years ago but I never got some.

  28. Hi, HP! I'm visiting my mom in West Virginia. Enjoyed reading about your new adventures and ideas on your farm :) The grape arbor sounds wonderful. We also have a LONG grape arbor planted years ago by the previous owner, a Frenchman who wanted to make his own wine. But like yours, our arbor was later shaded by too many large pecan trees (too big to cut down), and now it grows and grows but yields precious few grapes. Ah well. I hope your new arbor thrives!!

  29. Hi! Your new grapevine area sounds like a great idea. I had a grape vine at our previous house but we gave it away because Coco was eating the grapes and I read grapes are not good for dogs. Nancy

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