Sunday, October 14, 2018

This came as a surprise!

Sitting out here enjoying the rain and the breeze as hurricane Michael drew closer... 

thinking, this is as bad as it's going to get, so I'll make a little video. Something to blog about...

Well, as it got later and darker, the winds got stronger and louder.

Friends, I know very good and well that the bit of damage we got is nothing compared to the devastation in Florida and even in other parts of North Carolina...

it was just so unexpected...

Around supper time on Thursday, in fact, I was in the middle of cooking supper when the power began going off then coming back on, over and over until finally we had no power at all. Heavy blowing rain, tree limbs, pine boughs, and pine cones began hitting the house and littering the porches and yard.

I've never known Poppy to be as nervous and worried as he was during all this wind. He felt like a tree might hit the house at any moment.

and one did fall! How lucky we are, this tall cedar landed dead center between the house and the shop...

All this happening at the edge of dark made it even scarier. I hate not being able to see what's going on.

We were out first thing the next morning to see how things looked. Lots of new stuff litters the ground, to be sniffed out.

and around the corner, a maple tree split and fell into the pond...

This old tree should have been cut down years ago but was home to a Pileated woodpecker and a nest of baby squirrels, so we left it. :(

looks like Poppy is missing one of his fishing chairs...

That's not an animal in the water, it's the end of a brush Poppy is using to clean the leaves off the drain pipe. 

Come Friday, the early morning sun sure looked pretty.

I have hauled off load after load of sticks and tree branches and pine cones, and haven't even made it to the back yard yet. 

Our good neighbors Kristine and Robert who live, (as our other neighbor Miss Ann says), "down in the bottom," called and said they would like to have the big cedar tree that fell during the storm. Absolutely! You are most welcome to it, we told them! Kristine makes beautiful crafts using only natural things from the woods.  

So Kristine and Robert got here early yesterday and we started hacking away at the big cedar tree...

Robert used the chainsaw

Poppy used the four wheeler to pull some of the big heavy logs. 

Kristine used her very own chain saw with jaws that close around the tree limbs. A much safer saw for women to use. Now, that's what I need! She cut most all the limbs from the big cedar. I forgot to take a picture. But here, she is showing me how the saw works on a smaller tree. 

By the time we got to the bottom of the tree with the root ball still attached, Robert's chainsaw was dull. Probably a good thing as they were tired and needed a break. 

So they left for home with the second truck load of cedar, and will come back later for the rest of the tree. What a big help this was to Poppy and me!

Sweet Weetie watched from her cool bed in the monkey grass.

Well, I've talked your ears off and probably bored you to tears with all the pictures, but maybe you will come back. :)



  1. That was one scary storm, glad it missed us.

  2. The loud sound of the pouring rain in the video is quite something.
    How fortunate that the Cedar tree fell where it did and caused minimal damage.
    Nice that your neighbours actually wanted the tree and it can be cleaned up.
    Lots more work though, I'm sure, for you and for Poppy.
    I'm glad you're safe.

  3. So glad you made it through without any injury to you and yours. Sacrificing a tree is a good trade for staying safe! Hope you will show us some of the things she makes out of the cedar.

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  5. We had a tree down the road knock out power. I slept through the storm.

  6. That is too much excitement and you sure worked quickly to clean up the mess. Neat that your friend will use the fallen cedar for her projects.

  7. Thank goodness that tree did not hit the house! That is very frightening! Your video come out really good - I could almost smell the rain! I am so glad you, Poppy and pets are all okay!

  8. I'm sure glad that there was not major damage from the remnants of Michael. With all the rain you got from Florence and now Michael, so close together, it's no wonder a tree fell. I hope that Poppy can get his dock back in shape to be safe for fishing. I do hate that the pileated woodpecker's tree broke and hope it finds another good tree where you can keep tabs on it. Are you and Shelby going to the fair this week?

  9. Wow- you guys were very lucky that the big tree didn't crash into your house or shop...very lucky. Good that your friends can make use of the downed tree and some good has come out of it all. Regards. KEV.

  10. Wow, that was so lucky where the tree fell. Glad you had help cleaning it up too.

  11. oooO! oooO! Look! Look! A'pink' wheelbarrow...
    HeHe! Often thought about getting one..but l
    would'nt know what to do with it..fill it with
    plants, l suppose! :).

    And..the question has to be asked...?
    How on earth does your dog Eli stay so clean and
    white, it's amazing, considering the area and
    homestead you live in...even her paws and legs
    are clean! :).

    Pleased to see that the weather, being bad, did
    little damage, it's strange how most of us help
    Mother Nature, cleaning, trimming and generally
    keeping her tidy, and she repays us in a nasty,
    horrid she really on our side..Naughty
    lady..! :(.

    Lets hope that everything will be back to normal
    soon..The photos are nice, though a bit sad to
    look at..And! I always love the photos of the
    lake/pond...!!! 🐾🐾🐾 😸

  12. So glad that tree didn't hit your house! We had part of a very old spruce tree come down this past year in a wind storm and it is shocking, isn't it? -Jenn

  13. So good to see people using wood(cedar) instead of burning it up. Glad you both are doing ok.

  14. Just glad to know that you are both ok and no damage to the house or shop.

  15. So perfect that the tree fell between buildings! I'm glad you are safe!

  16. Such good news that the tree did not fall on a building AND that your neighbors helped to clear it and will put it to good use. I love the pic of your home from across the pond. Such a serene setting.
    xx, Carol

  17. I am thrilled to know that you are both safe and sound. Thankfully the tree didn't cause any damage to your home and it was a joy to read that you got some help with clearing it. A terrible storm, my heart goes out to all those affected.

  18. Wind storms can be scary and dangerous. I'm glad you are safe . Cleaning up debris seems to go on forever.

  19. Oh my goodness, I am so happy that tree didn't hit your house. We have huge trees out front between our house and the neighbors and they worry me to death, but Steve doesn't seem concerned. Sometimes I just want to shake him . . . They could do some bad damage if they ever fell. So glad that the two of you are alright and that your animals made it through the storm okay, too :)

  20. I am so pleased that you and your home did not suffer any damage. We had a different storm and large ares surrounding us were flooded, part of a train track was floating. We had a few puddles that soon went.

  21. That was fun to see! It's always fun to watch neighbors and friends wrangle their property, houses, and trees :) I think y'all were much more directly in Hurricane Michael's path than we were. I'm so, so glad that tree missed your house!!! Well, it will give you lots to do and keep busy, picking up debris. We are still doing that here, from Florence, and then Michael added a bit.

  22. Glad to hear that God was watching over you all, Henny. God bless.

  23. Dear Henny - thankful you were not hurt in the storm. God was good and kept you safe. Thinking you have power now since you posted. Hope so. Take care friend. Hugs!

  24. How nice that the cedar tree will have another life, as part of art. Way better than firewood I think. I'm so glad no one and nothing was hurt when the tree went down between the two buildings. What a mess to clean it all up though. We had a couple days of the most beautiful, cool, low humidity, sunny weather after Michael blew through South Carolina and got most of our limbs all cleaned up. Summer is back today though!

  25. Hi Henny,
    I am glad you are safe. I am with you, I hate storms at night. We had a tree come down two years ago in the night. Thankfully it fell away from the house.
    Sam was able to call home again. The Commander at Fort Jackson has let the trainees call home after both hurricanes to let family know they are safe. I am so thankful for that. Sam has endured two hurricanes. Goodness!
    We leave November 12th to head to South Carolina. This will be our first trip South. Any tips or must eats? ;-)
    We will be spending our time in South Carolina at Family Day and Graduation. We then will drive Sam to Fort Gordon, Georgia. We are hoping he will have a weekend pass. We will get to spend time with him and do a little sight seeing.
    Love, Carla

  26. I came across your comment at Flower Lady's Musings and thought you were perfectly ok during Michael... Thankful that tree didn't cause any damage because it's huge! Hopefully this is the last of the season for you guys. So much devastation. Blessings!

  27. Oh my that was a close call. God sure was looking out for you. : )
    Great that your neighbors could use wood from the tree and save you from having to remove it. Maybe they will make you something from the wood to say thank you. : )

  28. diane in northern wisOctober 15, 2018 at 6:21 PM

    Wow Henny....what a mess! I'm so glad it wasn't any worse and that the tree didn't hit your house. It's always sad to lose a big tree in a storm...but I'm glad your neighbors were so helpful in hauling it away and helping you and Poppy with the clean up. I don't like storms either especially when the power goes out and it's night and you can't tell what's happening outside. Thank God it wasn't any worse. Thanks for the pictures showing us what happened! Peace to you both.

  29. I am so happy the cedar tree did not do any damage to your house or building. We did not have any trees to fall during Michael but we did durning Florence. I never did get out and take a picture of the big oak tree across the pasture. I hope your are doing well and I hope that you and Aunt Shelby have a great time at the fair. Love you bunches

  30. Wow- you guys were very lucky that the big tree didn't crash into your house or shop...very lucky. Good that your friends can make use of the downed tree and some good has come out of it all. Regards. KEV.


  31. Glad that you came through that relatively unscathed! Sure nice to have the help getting rid of the cedar tree. You've certainly had some weather events lately, I hope that is the last of it for a good while. I can certainly relate to all the branches and trees down, we spent hours and hours and hours last winter cleaning up after our ice storm.

  32. Wow, Henny, that tree falling must have scared you half to death. That is a big fear of mine when the wind is strong that we will have a maple fall. I'm sooooo happy you are all ok. Thank God.
    It must be wonderful having good and helpful neighbours like you do. :) Love to all.

  33. Sorry about the cedar tree. They are so beautiful, but I'm glad that it will go to a good use.

  34. Sorry about the cedar tree. They are so beautiful, but I'm glad that it will go to a good use.

  35. Wow! I can see why Poppy was worried. I'm so thankful you are ok!

  36. Just found you via 5 Acres and a Dream. Great blog you have here. Sweet homestead. Sorry about the lose of the cedar tree. But what a lucky fall! I am head over heals in love with Eli!

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  38. Hi Henny, I've just come across your blog and have really enjoyed reading it and looking at your pictures. You live in a beautiful location and have so much wildlife. The weather you've had looks wild - I'm glad the cedar tree didn't cause any damage.

  39. Nice photos but a scary storm. Glad all is well. It has finally quit raining here in North Texas and people are even saying we need a little more drought! Stay safe and hope the clean up goes well.


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