Thursday, September 6, 2018

Simply a green post

Thank you friends for helping me with the ugly little flower garden, or as Pablo put it, "flowerless garden". You left lots of helpful suggestions and ideas.

So, by next spring all those rabbit and goat droppings and old hay should be well rotted, and then if I add lots of good rich soil on top, well, the bed should be ready to grow most anything. Plus, the suggestions of finding the right perennials for this area. Thank you! 

and that mystery vine growing in the garden...

look how the little melon has grown since my post three days ago. My first thought was a citron melon, but it has been two years since the last citron melons were grown here. So maybe a watermelon?? 

here's another fuzzy little melon. If these are watermelons, I'm afraid it's too late in the season for them to grow big and ripen.

All this green! But look what I found hiding in the garden this morning. Another big bell pepper.  We planted only one pepper plant this year and have had plenty for us and some to give away. If only perennials would grow here like the peppers do.

and speaking of "green", do any of you have those long skinny cute green snakes in your part of the country? (picture borrowed off the internet)...
Had I been smart and not waited too long, I would have my own picture.  

Anyhow, here's the green snake story. But wait, let me go waaaay back to the when Poppy bought the new camouflage four-wheeler, which required a new camouflage shotgun to carry on the four-wheeler, and all of that led to needing a little building, a "he shed", as Poppy calls it, to house the four-wheeler.

Then, how could he haul a nice new four-wheeler and shotgun on a scuffed up, paint peeling, rusty tongued old trailer with two bad tires, and one damaged with lots of elbow grease and the use of steel brushes, sand paper, can after can of the best black spray paint, new tires, and big shiny hubcaps, that old trailer looks brand new!

Anyhow, pardon the leaves that have fallen, but see the white spots on the newly painted fender? Yep, a bird decided to roost on a tree limb right over Poppy's hard work. "At the edge of dark tonight", said Poppy, "I'll take the spotlight out and see what kind of bird that is and scare him away". Well, he never saw a bird, but spotted a green snake on another limb nearby, at night! 

Next morning the green snake was still there and again that night. "Why would that snake stay there in one spot in a rough old cedar tree, of all places", I asked Poppy. "Must be, he is sick or dead maybe", I said.  

Well, the following morning...

there was nothing left but an empty snake skin. Who knew, little green snakes shed their skin, and especially this time of the year!

As soon as Poppy unlocks the "man cave", I'll get a picture of all the camo to show you. 

and more green...
Pilar asked, how are the Rose of Sharon doing...well one little bush actually has a bloom. These trees would be twice this size if the deer would stop eating them. We bought deer repellent spray and that is helping some. Thank you for asking.

Oh, let me throw in a little orange with all this green. 

You've probably shut your computer down, maybe for good, after all this, but here's the "man cave"...

Thank you for putting up with me.



  1. Amazing story about the snake. I thought they only went on the ground! Now I'll never walk under a tree without being afraid. I hate snakes and lizards too. Maybe it's time Poppy bought you a She-Shed? About the deer...our last neighborhood was by a lake and 22 deer roamed around and laid all over the place even in the day time. I found buying cheap mothballs and spreading them around the base of plants and even carefully putting them in the crooks of trees kept the deer from making my planting beds their salad bars! If you try this, let me know how it works. Wallmart was my source for cheap mothballs. Supposedly the smell hurts their sensitive noses. Also kept away rabbits, raccoons, and armadillos.

  2. No green snakes like that down here.

    The he shed looks like what it is and I'm glad Poppy is happy with it and also that he fixed up his trailer.

    Have a great Friday and weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. It's 85 here today, but then the weather is changing, so we just might be getting rain, which means we might be getting our green back around here. No green snakes, though, which is just fine with me!

  4. I don't like snakes and I'm glad we don't have any that lurk up in trees. They would scare the daylights out of me. Poppy has a really nice he-shed and four-wheeler, shotgun, etc. He knows what he wants and he gets it.
    That's a very productive pepper plant. I'm growing a Jalapeno plant for one of my sons and there are 3 fat peppers on it. Now he tells me his friend has one with 12 jalapenos and I'm wondering why this one isn't doing better!

  5. Lucky you to find another green pepper. I had two plants and got some though probably not as many as you. I have not seen a green snake here and hope I never do! I dislike snakes very much! Nancy

  6. I'll bet Poppy has a lot of fun with that machine.

  7. So, do you have a She-Shed? The trailer looks so nice - amazing what a little (or lot) of elbow grease and a can or two of paint will do. I am guessing that you may crawl on with Poppy for a fun little ride every so often. :~)

  8. No skinny green snakes; but plenty of long fat black snakes and brown snakes.
    Your hubby did a good job on his 'man cave'. Everything is so neat!
    Your green and all the flowers are so nice looking.
    God bless.

  9. oh my goodness.. i am petrified of snakes!

    rob is very envious of your man cave!


  10. No! The computer is still going...steam coming
    out the it must be o.k. :).

    Love the story about the green snake, amazing,
    and a lovely looking creature, l love snakes,
    my favourites are the Black Mamba and Anaconda!
    Just for a little squeeze! :).

    Certainly ALL looking nice and green, and the
    different shades, makes for lovely photos!
    Pity grass is'nt 'pink' but l'm working on
    it..HeHe! :).

    And..Yep! That's a watermelon..eaten a few of
    those in my time, back home in Sicily they grow
    all over, and BIG to..Love'em!
    Bell peppers are nice to..especially stuffed with
    rice and meat, and then roasted..! With a nice
    glass of Chianti Ruffino..or maybe two..or even
    three! :).

    As l'm writing this, that old Manfred Mann song
    comes to light...Watermelon Man...1962..!
    "Hey, watermelon man...Hey, watermelon man
    Give me one that rattles when you lug it
    One that's red and juicy when you pluck it
    Do you understand, watermelon man?
    (and there's more)...HeHe! Bless! /ᐠ ._. ᐟ\

  11. I am hoping there is no green snakes like that here. Very impressive man cave and what a great job he did on the trailer.


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  13. That is a great mancave. We recyled an old trailer ourselves last year. Our's is orange. Why orange you might ask? Well that is paint I had a few cans of and now there is more room on the paint shelf to collect new colors. I hate snakes. NONE are cute. They get in my pond and that's probably what happened to my frogs. I found a snake skin on a rock around the pond and immediately went to get that snake repellent stuff that seems to keep them away. Things are always growing around the pond that I don't plant. Gifts from the Universe I like to call them.
    Have a great weekend.
    xx, Carol

  14. I am scared to death of snakes but my husband loves them! I was walking in the woods one day and happened to look up and there was this big old snake laying on a tree limb just looking down at me. I ran away so fast and never ever went walking in those woods again!

  15. We had a baby copperhead on our porch railing this week. That's never happened, and it was disconcerting to say the least. I found myself watching where I walked in the front yard this week.

  16. Love all your green photos. Not fond of snakes either. Although the garter snake is harmless I still don't like snakes!!! I think you may have a watermelon there. Have a great weekend. hugs, lj

  17. Dear Henny sorry about Poppy's for the green snake - no we don't have them in my part of the world. Actually I am not fond of any type of snakes. We seem to have mostly black snakes, garter, milk ones and yes possibly copperheads (very scary). Well take care. Hope Poppy enjoys his Man shed! Have a super weekend.

  18. My goodness, I have to admit I am terrified of snakes. Once when my husband, Steve took me fishing I looked down and there was a water snake about six inches from where I stood on the shore. It’s head poking out of the water looking at me. I backed away frightened.

  19. Poppy's cave is so nice and neat, my husband tries hard but he just is not tidy with his stuff.
    Interesting about the snake and yes we have green snakes here in MD.
    Nice that you got so many green peppers.

  20. I gasped when I realized what I was looking at because it took awhile to register that the pretty color in the picture belonged to a snake. I don't have any actual experience with them, so who knows if im scared, it's their slithery-ness that's upsetting. In my family everyone is horrified of them but I don't associate snakes with demonic creatures. Anyway, I feel famous(haha)being mentioned in the post. Too bad about those deer, it was a great idea to grow a rose of Sharon hedge... perhaps they'll survive to next year and even thrive? Watermelon is so pretty! Blessings to you and your home.

  21. I told all the snakes to stay out of my yard. But they have no ears. Darn it.

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  23. No pretty green snakes here but we have a garden snake (snakes?) hanging out now and then in our back yard. I don't mind them there, but I came out into our long hallway one night and there he/she was, stretched out the width of the hallway!!! No idea how it got in the house. The brave one caught it, it bit him and hung on to his hand before he could get it outside and release it. Pretty exciting night for us!
    The trailer looks spiffy, and so does the new home for the 4-wheeler.

  24. I always enjoy reading your posts. You have inspired me and made me a better farm-girl . . . even though I don't have the animals that you have. Okay, one thing that you will NEVER hear me say is, "cute green snake" or cute snake of any other color. Snakes and me do not mix well together. . . kind of like oil and water, I want to be totally separated from anything to do with snakes. Those rubber ones that I use to keep the birds away from my garden are as close as I get, LOL
    Have a sweet week,
    Connie :)

  25. Nope cute and snake don't go in the same sentence here. We have only one kind of snake a Garter snake and I hate them. Snakes in trees would freak me out. I like Poppy's shed, my brother has one just like it...but he has a loft up above to hold lots of "stuff" :)

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  27. That is a very tidy man cave!! :)
    As soon as you said Poppie said the snake was hanging out in a rough-barked tree, I thought, "He's losing his skin." Yep! Otherwise, wouldn't that bark feel awful?
    I have a friend who gives away lots of Rose of Sharon little trees; they volunteer in their yard. She told people it was deer repellent - haha! Maybe not! We have two little ones that are doing fine.
    Stay safe and dry in this storm, HP. I'm leaving for safety.

  28. I'm not a lover of snakes, even the green pretty ones :(
    I watched a program last night, where a Timber Rattlesnake had been killed, and despite the body being severed from the head, the snake still bit the man !!
    That being said, I understand their importance in the scheme of things.
    Poppy has got himself a lovely man-cave for all of his toys, and so neat.
    Your Rose of Sharon bushes will give you years of enjoyment, they bloom and bloom.....

  29. It was a lovely post-sorry I'm late commenting! The snake is pretty-but I'm quite glad we don't have them here (the green ones I mean). we do have rattlers I'm told-and not that far from where we live! I love all the work your hubby put into the trailer. That shows real character. So does his super neat he shed. You have a lovely life. thank you for sharing it with us!

  30. AaaiiiEEE! Your snake photos freak me out. I am SE Raleigh. Hurricane Florence seems to be slowing down. i saw there was flooding in New Bern. Looks like our area, and maybe yours, are going to be ok.

  31. Hi! First time here! I'm enjoying seeing your gardens and such. But I am writing because of your little green friends. The snake skin in the tree reminded me that my neighbor found a large (6 feet long) snake skin in July, and it was wrapped around the trunk of an evergreen bush of some sort. I think they must like that rough bark. It was a black snake. Her hubby found it in the front yard and... ummm.. took care of the situation. I'm sure he wouldn't have bothered anyone, but his wife was beside herself with fear. And he couldn't have that. :-) Have a great day!


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