Sunday, September 23, 2018

It's that teeny tiny sewing room again!

Oh, friends, do you remember the first time I went crazy? It was a year or so ago, and I spent an entire day trying to make the teeny tiny sewing room look like a page from one of those sweet little Brambly Hedge books?

(the second time I went crazy, you may remember, was this past August after seeing the kitchen of my dreams in that new fall magazine, and how I sped off to the Wake Forest thrift stores).

But that first crazy time was a wonderful dreamy day of decorating. Why, I felt just like a little mouse, scurrying about, building shelves and filling every inch of space.

After hours of listening to what must have sounded like a herd of mice, Poppy looked in the sewing room and asked, "what are you trying to do in here anyway"? "Build a mouse house", I replied!

So, yesterday, on my way to the grocery store, my car automatically turned in and stopped in front of the Goodwill store. "Surely there is time for a quick look. I won't spend much time, or money."  :) 

something told me to go straight to the big table in household goods...and there it was, this big puffy, pink, gathered comforter. Why, surely you will agree, it was meant for me to find this. It needs something though...ruffly pillows maybe?? Couldn't wait to get is washed and dried and on the bed.

Poppy's response? "eeew! pink and purple"? he asked. Nothing to do but pull out one of the little Brambly Hedge books and explain about my decorating. 

now, I really really want a pretty little dressing room chair...something dainty and sweet and upholstered in pink and white with flowers and a ruffle around the bottom.

I suppose it's too late in the day to strike off to the Re-store!! What I really really need to do next though is get rid of that green afghan and the box of fabric scraps, and that black shopping bag, and the rocking chair! 

Okay, I've gone on long enough about all this. Thank you for listening.


and to think, I didn't know about Brambly Hedge until some of you posted those sweetest pictures from the books...Pom Pom, Jo,   thank you!  


  1. It's such a beautiful fluffy comforter, Poppy will get used to the pink.
    Yes, those Brambly Hedge illustrations transport me back to another time, I love them 😁

  2. Oh so pretty in pink! You and that pretty pink comforter where just meant to be. I wonder what will find itself in your bag/car when next you visit the "Re-store"??

  3. Henny, maybe you could make some ruffled shams for the bed? For Poppy's sake make it maybe white with big ruffles so it's not all pink!

  4. I see a pretty apron in the background!

  5. That's a beautiful comforter - I love the gathers in it! Some fluffy pillows with pink and the trim color would look good on it. I love seeing your finds!

  6. My favorite posts here at Henny Penny Lane are those from the sewing room. I always admire how neat and tidy it is. Good luck with the makeover. I know it will be good.

  7. Isn't it fun to reorganize, change things around, pick up a few new "old" treasures and make our homes cozy?
    Your sewing room is so neat and tidy. Your new comforter was quite a find!! Now that the weather is cooling off I think our thoughts naturally go to making little changes. Keep having fun and have a great week!

  8. Such a fun post, you are like a little bird rebuilding her nest such a lovely makeover.

  9. HeHe! Your little car has a keen nose, or should
    l say..bonnet..for the loveliest things pink....
    Yes! Love the pink we would call it!
    All my quilt covers are pink..they have to be, to
    match everything else in my bedroom...! :).
    The comforter is nice though..l expect all the
    furry ones will love it to...! :o).

    I had a rocking chair once, what a menace that
    was..everyone who visits wants to sit in it,
    and try and rock it 180 degrees..Mad!
    No wonder it's ideal for Grandma's, they just
    sit there and rock it about 10 degrees..and
    the chair does'nt move, get a load of kids round,
    it's half way up the high street, by time they
    finish! Bless'em..! :). 😸 😻

  10. It looks so sweet and so pretty, but I cant take my eyes off the DOLLS....HA HA Lol, I am very much into dolls!

  11. That's a beautiful bed cover. What a nice find. I haven't been thrift shopping in a long long time. I should write up a wish list and take a few days to go do some fun shopping like you. Today I have to do a huge clean up. I have yarn all over my kitchen, lol!

  12. It looks lovely ... my hubby will hit the roof if I put pink on the bed, but I try through pillows and quilts with pink squares 😊

  13. What a sweet sewing space you have! I had to look up Brambly Hedge and found some you tube videos to watch while I crochet here in my little craft space.

    Happy decorating, rearranging, creating, nesting ~ FlowerLady

  14. I love reading about your decorating adventures. What a find the bed spread was!

  15. So pretty is your pink fluffy comfortable. So cozy looking. I love your sewing room.

  16. Did you not tell Poppy that REAL MEN cover with a pink bedspread?? LOL! Fun post!

  17. I can see your vision...especially for the chair! You go gal!!

  18. My sister in law had a pretty serious sewing room, but they just had another kid so that room is no more.

  19. I love your sewing room. I wish I had a she-shed or my own craft room. I love all of your buttons in the jars. Hope you and poppy are doing well. Love you bunches

  20. Nothing like a wander around a thrift store! I did just that this morning, spent an hour and a half and spent a whole $6.62. I say whatever makes you happy!

  21. Laughing at Poppy..and his comment, made me think...

    Husband: You're not buying all that fabric, are you?
    Wife: Yes, but look at how much I'm leaving behind!

    "Don't be silly doctor, this is a fabric collection
    not a hoarding disorder"!

    I was getting annoyed with my latest sewing project
    when my hubby helpfully came in declaring, "Your Seamstressed!"

    "I shouldn't tell sewing jokes, I'm always running out of new
    material". 😺

  22. I still enjoy the apron that came from this sewing room. xo

  23. Love how you find the perfect treasures to adorn your home. You have created quite the sewing space. It is filled with all kinds of goodies for you to create with.

  24. I don't know about mouse houses (I prefer they not stay in mine); but I do love your sewing room!

  25. Dear Henny - your pink comforter looks like the perfect find. Loved seeing your sewing room too. Thanks for sharing it. Hope you have a delightful day. Hugs!

  26. it looks like you have plenty of work ahead of you. I love the Brambly Hedge illustrations but never thought of trying to recreate them. I think the comforter will fit in quite well.

  27. I love Brambly Hedge!! I have only 2 of her books, but one is a rather big one, with a long story for each season. It's delightful, and I read it year by year. Your sweet room is lovely, and I like the gathered style of that comforter - very pretty. You've made me want to read my BH book again :) I'm only now catching up on all the blog reading after coming home, post Florence. What a mess! What a long time to be gone!

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