Wednesday, July 25, 2018

On Henny Penny Lane today

Poppy was out fishing in the rain early this morning. He said back in 1996, when the little pond was built, that one day he would catch a ten pound Bass out there. We shall see. 

A tired and sad little bunch of guineas gathered under the kitchen window...

They seem to be grieving the loss of the only little female in the group and staying close to home these last few days.

The little female went missing a couple of days ago. Thinking she might be sitting on eggs hidden in the woods, Poppy went searching. All he found were her feathers down near the pond.

Something wrong up at the house, Mrs. Duck inquired.

I spend more time at that kitchen window, but it seem there is always something going on there.

and lately we can't keep the hummingbird feeder full...

aren't they fun to watch? 

and we had to laugh at this little one...

instead of eating, he took up guard duty on the big old ladder, looking first one way...

then the other way.

Guess that's about it for now. Well, except for old sweetie pie, asleep on the couch...



  1. Oh is always such a joy to visit your blog :)

  2. Oh that's too bad about your guinea hen. You've reminded me I need to make some new hummingbird syrup. -Jenn

  3. Eli sure knows how to make himself comfortable, doesm't he!!
    Birds are fascinating to watch. Your Hummingbird baby is so cute looking all around.
    I'm sorry about the poor guinea hen. Will you get a few more females?

  4. I must say..l do like the photos of the pond/lake..
    l imagine summat weird and wonderful, raising it's
    ugly a huge reptile! Can you imagine,
    another mouth to feed..But, seriously..bass..are a
    lovely fish to eat..!
    As are Guinea Fowl.. Guinea fowl meat is white like
    chicken but its taste is more reminiscent of pheasant,
    without excessive gamey flavor....Very nice to...! :).
    And did you know they will eat snakes and rats...Yep!

    I love Hummingbirds.. But..Hummingbirds have never been
    found in the wild anywhere in Europe...And the Hummingbird
    is currently listed as vulnerable or endangered...Shame! :(.

    And that dog of yours..Eli..Wow! He's a BIG boy..I suppose when
    asked where does he sleep..the answer would be.."Anywhere he wants
    to"..HeHe! :).
    And when you said 'old sweetie pie' l thought you were talking about
    Poppy! :).

    Just gone seven over here, just had my first lemon tea of the day, suns
    quite bright already..the weatherman has predicted the Temp. of 35 this
    week..may get some rain at the weekend..! If were lucky! Never mind!
    Onwards and Upwards...! :).
    Ya all have fun now..!!! =^._.^=

  5. Too bad about the female guinea. They do wander though, and it's the only reason Hubby hasn't let me get any here yet. I'm trying to talk him into it. Have a nice week and weekend.

  6. Oh no!! Poor little guinea, sad to hear that. We have a rather large family of guineas that have set up house and home here on a street right in the city. They are a blast to watch, we love to walk over and watch them march up the street to their yard and their sidewalk and then right on up into "their tree" right around dusk every evening. I get the biggest kick out of them and just thought it was so neat that they are so happy here, I always thought they were more "country" birds? LOL

  7. I hope Poppy catches that big bass he is after! Will you eat it or catch-and-release? Your guineas do seem very subdued at the loss of the lady of their harem. Or maybe they are plotting against the perpetrator!

  8. Yeah, I too want to know if he'll toss back the big one when he catches it!

  9. Oh my, we have some couch-snoozin' doggies too! I'm so sorry about your lone female guinea :( That's so sad! And I dop hope your hubby gets his fish! That's a long time to wait for a big fish. May he be strong enough to reel it in, when the day comes!!

  10. Aw! Such a lovely white teddy bear on the sofa!
    I hope your hubby catches a big fish!

  11. Speaking of skiddish birds -- this morning my six heard a crow cawing nearby and headed lickety-split for the barn.

  12. Sweet Eli! He is soo pretty! Molly learned to play catch this week. So cute!

  13. Not many man made ponds with huge fish

  14. Such a shame about the Guinea it must be unsettling for the others. Always a joy to see Eli. Hope Poppy caught his dream fish.

  15. Sad about your Guinea hen.
    Poppy looks so peaceful out there fishing. Hope he gets his fish. : )
    Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog. : )

  16. Sorry about the little Guinea lady.
    Visiting your little farm always makes me feel peaceful.

  17. I hope Poppy catches that big bass! I am sorry about your guinea losing to a predator. I love watching the humming birds they are so interesting. Love you bunches

  18. Sorry for your lost guinea. Looks like you have everything under control around your place.

  19. Love the guineas, Henny! I hope your little female is okay. This summer has been super hot and damp up here, so we are mildewed! Your pond looks so peaceful and quiet, I would love to look at that every day. Have a great weekend, Terry

  20. It looks so peaceful down at the pond. Everything is so green and lush.
    xx Beca

  21. I understand perfectly why you spend a lot of time looking out of your kitchen window. There are so many things to look at isn't there. Love that pond, how peaceful everything looks.

  22. Such a lovely place you have! And the hens with their feet sticking out behind them cracked me up! So adorable! I'm so sorry about the girl that's missing....I do hope your hubby gets that big fish!

  23. Your pictures could have been taken "here" some years ago. We had the gray and lavender guineas. We lost a guinea hen sitting on eggs in the field... We had Muscovy ducks, including a white one just like the one in your picture. The only thing we didn't have is a big GP. Brought back lots of memories

  24. Poor Guineas. I love to watch the humming birds come in to our feeder. They are so much fun to watch. You and Poppy have such a lovely setting in which to live, Henny. I know that it takes a lot of work and time...and you are a worker for sure. Hugs to you, sweet friend.

  25. I hope your husband catches that 10 pound bass, what a beautiful spot to sit. All we have stocked in our pond is gold fish and you can't fish for those lol. I love the animal photos, that's sad about the female guinea. They grieve just like we do. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Kelly.


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