Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween on Henny Penny Lane

Strange, very strange...

Why did those white lines show up, that were not there when the picture was taken? Scary stuff!

and why did their faces change???

The old cupboard on the front porch is perfect for holding a few scary items on Halloween. But seriously, I don't know what caused those white lines.

My grandma's old home place has nothing to do with Halloween, but I was going through some pictures, saw it and thought, this would now be a scary place to be on Halloween night, and what a shame. Why, mama was born and raised here...

This home was once warm and cozy, and lived in. We visited here when I was a child and I remember mama and daddy leaving me with grandma for a few hours late one evening. I was surely very young. The living room was lit with an oil lamp and grandma spread a quilt out on the floor for me to play on. 

One of my all time favorite Halloween nights, well, in my adult life anyway, was back when Poppy and I were dating...and I've posted this before...

we went to a Halloween party at the Holiday Inn, in Southern Pines. We were not aware that a fifty dollar prize would be given for best costume. We were simply in love...and on the dance floor most of the night. At closing time, the announcer asked, will the cowboy and his Indian maiden come up front. We won the prize, without even trying.

When the party ended and we got to the car, we realized that we had locked the keys inside the car. Count Dracula and his wife gave us a ride home. My apartment was only three miles from the hotel. 

I gave up on trying to decorate this table, but the crow on the witch's hat  lets out a series of caws when we walk out the front door. 

Wish we could look forward to crowds of children knocking on the door for treats, but we live too far back in the woods for that. Why, it would scare me to death if a ghost or goblin came rapping at the door, way out here.

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. "Tis some visitor", I muttered... The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe  I like this poem! 

Mama simply hated Halloween night and was scared to death of folks dressed up. I think she may have enjoyed the children on Halloween after she moved in with Shelby and Jimmy...and felt safe.

Have a scary one!!



  1. Ha! We loved to dress up for Halloween, in fact Mom made an Indian costume and I still have it. I had to dress up for a history class and write an oral report. I was Pocahontas. I even made a wig for the costume. That's great you won a prize. Too bad you locked your keys in the car.

  2. Henry, you two in full costumes are adorable! You are beautiful and you both look like a southern Sonny and Cher when they used to wear costumes on their comedy hour show. In fact, I think you are much prettier than Cher ever was in her costume. Thanks for sharing this flash to the past. I loved it.

  3. I loved Halloween, and looked forward to decorating each and every year.
    It really is a fun time.
    These days, I have stopped decorating, since we had over 500 trick or treaters stopping by in the last five years or so. People come from all parts of town, ten or more in each truck bed, and it has all become too much for me.
    You and Poppy look fantastic in your costume, what a beautiful couple you are !
    Happy Halloween dear friend.

  4. Loved the picture of you and Poppy as a young couple. We get very few Trick or Treaters so the ones who do come get lots.

  5. Young and so much in love what a beautiful photo. Sadly Halloween is almost non existent on this little Island so I won't be expecting any visitors.

  6. Nifty pictures, and wonderful memories.

  7. What a cute post, Henny! YOU and Poppy are adorable as cowboy and indian. So pretty, YOU!
    I hope you can snack on a bit of candy corn and read The Raven to Poppy.

  8. I'm glad you didn't have to spend your prize money to get home! I like your porch decorations. We have 35 to 40 little goblins and we sit out on the front porch and talk to them when they come. We lived for years where we didn't have any so we take advantage now!

  9. You have some good memories of Halloween. I like the one about the car keys. I've been there . Done that!

  10. What a great scary Halloween post with the haunted photos! Henny, I just love that picture of you and Poppy! You both look great and so much in love. That looks like it could be a picture out of a movie!

  11. Great Halloween photos! Hope you have a happy Halloween!

  12. Happy holiday Henny with love Janice

  13. I love that you won the prize for the best costume when you two were dating. I like how you are looking at each other. Great picture.
    I can see why you won.

  14. I'm not fond of this holiday either... You look so pretty in your costume :)

  15. Thanks for the fun Halloween post! It left me smiling!
    We will be ready in case any children wander back off the street to our house, but most don't. It's easier to drive to a neighborhood where the houses are close together, with sidewalks, and not on a steep hill. At least it will be dry this year, the first dry Halloween in many years here!

  16. Was smitten with the "courting" story and photo. Have any more?

  17. Hi,
    I so enjoyed your Halloween story and memories. Thank you for sharing.
    I also like the poem The Raven.
    Happy Halloween

  18. I love the picture of you and Poppy. You both look adorable. If you still had those costumes you could dress up again and have a pic taken in that same pose!!
    Happy end of October!

  19. Those white lines are very creepy! I love your story of the $50, so cute. "Count Dracula and his wife gave us a ride home" might be the funniest line I've read today!!

  20. Happy Halloween!! I do not get any trick or treaters either. I miss seeing all the little kids dressed up. I enjoyed looking at everyone on fb though. I love your decorations. Love you bunches!

  21. I love your costumes; no wonder you won the contest. I would have voted for you. Your grandma's house does look sort of spooky in this picture. It's a shame when buildings that were loved homes become neglected old spooky buildings. We had 9 kids trick or treating and most of them were on the upper level of what I would consider the proper age for going out. They were nice and polite kids, though. But we live on a steep hill and they just don't climb up here, even though we're in a subdivision with sidewalks. They stay at the bottom where there are more houses and more intersecting streets. Our doorbell only rang 3 times. It's not worth decorating or buying candy. When our son was little we lived in a different house and there were 7 kids in his class just on our street. Multiply that by the various ages and you get huge numbers of kids. We loved it back then, but we were a lot younger. He's 42 now.

  22. Ha ha, love it! Great costumes and glad you won the $50. Also glad you didn't have to spend it on getting someone to come and open the car door for you ;-) And those photos are creepy....

  23. I really do not like Halloween, but I do like this post! I love the picture of young beautiful Henny and handsome Poppy! And, who does not love these lines from Edgar Allen Poe!

  24. The only trick or treaters we had in this new place were our two grandchildren and the great grandchild! Nancy

  25. Cute, cute story about you winning that prize! Happy Halloween a few days late. haha.

  26. What an adorable couple you made, at the Halloween!!!!!

    Look at the two of you. Of course you were in love with each other!!!

    So sorry that your Grandma's old home, fell into disrepair. But your memory of that night there, is a lovely one.

    Luna Crone


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