Friday, March 10, 2017

Happenings on Henny Penny Lane today

Sure could use a little cheering up this morning :(  Don't know why, really, unless it's this crazy weather. Snow? Now? 

Duck said she thought for sure spring was here. Why, I've got a nest in the grass by the pond, she said. Got a couple of eggs there too! 

The guineas four, wondered why duck was concerned about snow. What is snow anyway, asked one of the four.

Nothing to worry yourselves about, spoke the Rooster, except it gets pretty darn cold. Why, see the black on my comb...cold weather. Yep, it happened back in January, that night the temperature dropped to 9 degrees. I'll never forget it. Like to have froze to death that night.

You see fellows, mom's worried that the snow and freezing temperatures will kill all those tender leaves the plants put out during February. 

Yikes! Snow? asked Fiona. Well I certainly hope you're going to town for a bale of hay. This clay floor gets really cold.

What's this? A community meeting? Not to worry bunnies. Hay is on my list! Your little feet will stay warm.

By the way friends, have I shown you the remodeled bunny condos? Lowes Home Improvements had the black metal fence sections, $24.95 for a set of two. The 10' x 10' lot is now sectioned into three pens. I wired one section of each set to the fence so it swings open and a door. We love it!

Sweet Penny, looking a little forlorn, is getting special attention these days. You see, a few weeks ago, she gave birth to one baby bunny, that died.  The baby seemed unusually large. 

Anyhow, Penny had pulled out lots of her fur to make the nest soft. She is doing better now and eating lots of healthy foods. Walmart carries a new bunny food called "Menu". The main ingredient is Timothy hay. The bunnies love it!

home again, home again, with the bale of hay...

Doesn't the pen look warm and cozy with the sun warming the soft hay? Why I could cuddle up with little Penny and take a nap.

why do I love hay so much?

warm, sweet smelling hay...

if I could have anything I wanted, anything my heart desired, right now, I would ask for a big red barn. A red barn with a hay loft full of fresh, sweet smelling hay and have that barn placed right here on our little piece of property.

Better finish up here. Poppy and Eli are both asleep, but it is time for Eli's walk...he never lets us forget that either...rain or shine!

Thank you, my friends.



  1. Hi Henny, what a lovely post. So nice to see all your critters. I hope you don't get snow this weekend!
    Fingers crossed and I will be thinking about you!

  2. Aw...your bunnies are so sweet.and now they look so snug and warm. Hope your weather warms up for your mamma duck to be.

  3. Aw...your bunnies are so sweet.and now they look so snug and warm. Hope your weather warms up for your mamma duck to be.

  4. Henny, in my horse-riding days, I also bred rabbits. They were abandoned bunnies, and I took it upon myself to take care of them, but truly didn't know a whole lot of how often they would breed :)
    One rabbit I had would have false pregnancies, she would pull all of her hair out and make a nest, never any babies though. It was sad to watch her.....
    Your pens look warm and cozy, and I absolutely love the smell of Timothy Hay, it brings back so many memories.
    Let's hope all that snow they are calling for, stays away !

  5. Your critters are looking good and with all that nice clean hay I'm sure they will stay toasty warm.
    It's been snowing here all day.

  6. Good Evening, Anybody's guess about the weather from day to day! Loved seeing your sweet animals. Penny looks nice and comfy with the new hay. I hope all your plants/trees will be fine. God bless your weekend. xoxo

  7. Hello Friend,
    The weather is going crazy all around. We had -25 wind chill today!!! Brrr! We had awful winds on Tuesday and Wednesday. We had power outages, trees coming down and every thing not pinned down blowing around.

    I like the photo of the bunnies community meeting. Sweet!
    Stay warm and say hello to all the animals.
    xx oo

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  9. It's a shame when animal babies die. I bet most animal mothers do feel awful when it does happen.

  10. Maybe you should make that "rain or shine: or snow!
    I hope for your animal family's sake, and those itty-bitty green leaves, that you don't get freezing temps.

  11. What a sweet and well written post . . . have you ever thought of writing a children's book?

  12. What a fun post! Duck is an industrious one...already two eggs in a nest by the pond! And, I can almost see your big red barn. The animals will love it, too!

  13. I love the smell of fresh hay...nothing like it. Handsome rooster!

  14. I love your bunny pens. Sorry to hear about the baby rabbit passing. That is so sad. I love the smell of hay also. Love you bunches

  15. I love your bunnies and of course Eli too! Sure wish it would warm up and stay. Nancy

  16. Add some of the hay to your newly planted plants for mulch. Should help if you do get the cold temps. They are saying we might get a couple nights near freezing here. We've had temps in the 80s, too! What is with the freezing temps?
    Your bunny place looks wonderful! Good on you all. Be safe and stay warm!

  17. Your lovely rabbits live in five star luxury - sending love and a hug to Penny. I hope the weather is kind to you and your plants. The sweet smell of hay is high up there on my top ten favourite smells. I hope you get your big red barn!

  18. The smell of sweet hay, warm in the sunshine, is as good as most perfumes and far better than some. I 'fess up to spending quite a chunk of my childhood in the hayloft with a book.

  19. I think a little red barn is a great idea! Full of hay! Yes!

  20. Oh Sweet Lady...this was just precious! :0) mari

  21. I hope you all stay nice and warm - you and your hubby as well as the menagerie outside. Pretty strange weather, isn't it? The hay does look pretty cozy and snug.

  22. Sweet bunny and hen and rooster talk, post. :-)

    Glad you got that hay!!! Don't want those bunny toes, to get cold.


    Oh, btw, we are expecting snow this week. -chuckle- Ahhh yes, March!!!!!

  23. Dear Henny,

    I think you should write a book! Seriously! You have such a wonderful way with words and I always enjoy my time spent visiting here.

    We are to have more snow here come Monday night through Tuesday. We had several inches Thursday night through Friday. It is beautiful, but I'm not particularly fond of the cold temperatures it brought back with it.

  24. Your bunnies get such loving care. Cinnamon doesn't eat hay. I don't know why not.... I bought nice Timothy hay for her but she only likes her rabbit pellets ( which I found out are made with Timothy) and lettuce. She loves her romaine.
    Your bunny condo is such a great idea! They can visit together but no unexpected babies!!

  25. You seem to have acquired a third bunny and I missed the story! She is a pretty one snd I'm glad she is doing better now after losing her kit. I love the sweet smell of hay, too, but my favorite is goat feed. Ohhhhh, that lovely warm molasses smell!

  26. A cute story!! As you got to the bunnies, I was just thinking that I remembered you saying that one was making a nest. I am sorry it didn't turn out so well. Our childhood bunnies, I remember the first litter born was not a success, but after that, well we had quite a few babies. The bunnies probably like their new set up, and it easier for you to clean etc, I think?

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  28. Your bunnie apartments look like a wonderful place to live, with lots of opportunities to talk and visit with the nearby neighbors. Such lucky little rabbits to have such a caring and competent caretaker.

    Very cold here with 19 forecast tonight. Cold and dreary tomorrow with snow/rain for most of Monday. March is always an unpredictable month but is a bit much this year with the rest of the winter having been so odd.

  29. Thank you Henry for a quick tour around your little farmlet. The straw really makes the cages perk up and look cozy. I had no idea of what it takes to make animals comfortable until I started reading your blog.


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