Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Company on Sunday

Sure didn't mean to be gone so long. The days simply fly, don't they! Six days since my last post. That's just crazy!

Since Poppy works only two days a week now, and both those days are short days, well, things are busier here. It's good having his help in the yard, so I don't dare mention coming in to get on the computer.

Good grief! I can hardly remember anything since last Friday. On Sunday, our Daughter Lynn and her friend Jason came to visit. No, they didn't bring their guitars this time, but Jason did bring his Drone. That was the neatest thing!!

we looked up a lot, waaay up!

I had no idea!!! It was simply amazing!!!

this was lift off! 

Lynn sure made that old swing look pretty, didn't she? Anyway, we enjoyed their visit.

Thank you for visiting. I will be around to catch up, again! :) 


my kitty cat picture for the day...
Smokey grew into a big kitty cat!


  1. You had a very nice spring day. everybody looks happy.

  2. Smokey is a beautiful cat!! The drone looks like fun! I know you enjoyed spending time with Lynn and her friend Jason! Maybe they will bring their guitars next time.

    Love you bunches!

  3. It looks like everyone enjoyed a lovely spring day :)

    And your cat is ever so precious! Thank you for sharing your swee photos with us. Hugs to you!

  4. Pretty daughter, pretty kitty, pretty good day!

  5. Looks like a perfect day to me. Smokey has a wary look, perhaps he was expecting to be scooted off his comfy seat.

  6. Hi, Your daughter surely is pretty with a bright smile. How fun to play with the drone! Smokey is precious. Wishing you a day filled with blessings.

  7. I bet you can get some beautiful photos of your property with the drone. It looks so spring-like there, lots of green. Here we are still under snow. Love that old swing. I think I mentioned before that my grandmother had one here on this property when I was a child. Your daughter is a lovely girl. "Hi Smokey"

  8. Hi Henny Penny, what a great way to spend a Sunday. Lynn does look beautiful on your swing.
    Enjoy your day!

  9. Drones are very popular these days

  10. Wow what a nice day
    And your daughter is so pretty
    With beautiful hair like yours

  11. Ohhhhh, I love the way Lynn dresses!!!!!!

    Oh yes!!!!!!!

    Love it!!!!

    Luna Crone

  12. Inside...on the computer...when spring's going on outside! NEVER!!! Your daughter is so mother, like daughter!

  13. Love your daughters boots! and yes she does make that swing look pretty. : )

    I've been meaning to reply to your comment about how you couldn't walk in the cold weather like I do. If you had on all the layers that I wear, you wouldn't be cold either!! : ) It takes me 10 minutes to get them all on. : )

  14. I'm glad that Lynn and Jason were able to come for a visit on Sunday. That daughter of yours is absolutely beautiful...just like her mama. :)


  15. I've been neglecting my blog too. We finally have had some days where I could be working outside so by the time I come in I'm tired out. Just not as young as I used to be.
    I can imagine what a nice visit you had with your daughter and her friend ( and the drone).

  16. Lynn is so pretty! I love her style. Did the drone take any pictures or video above your property?

  17. That looks like a lot of fun! I'm guessing that your daughter gets her wonderful mane of hair from her mama!
    Don't tell Max, but it certainly took quite a bit of adjustment once he retired and went from working away, to being home all the time! Wouldn't have it any other way now, it is the playtime of our lives.
    Tiger stripes on that velvety-grey tail, you are a handsome cat Smokey.

  18. Your daughter is the most beautiful, she has a mane of hair, just like her momma :)
    Gorgeous !
    I wanted to buy my grandson a drone for Christmas, That way, I could get some good pictures :)
    Love that Smokey boy, he's loved....

  19. Lynn looks sweet sitting on the swing. I'm sure that she has many memories of that swing.

  20. When my husband retired I ended up with less and less time to spend with friends and do the things I enjoyed - sewing, quilting, crocheting, reading etc. It's been an adjustment - most of my friends had their husbands do everything outside and they did all the other work (cleaning, shopping, cooking, taking care of finances BUT I love gardening and being outside - so we'll have to work this out - my husband doesn't really care what I do - so it's me feeling guilty doing what I enjoy while he's working hard outside. My biggest problem LOL Mary Ellen

  21. What a fun day! :0) mari

  22. Lynn's boots make me wish I was 40 (or 50) again!


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