Thursday, October 6, 2016

Looks like somebody lives here again

Poppy said he didn't think he would mow again, now that fall is here. Says he needs time to hunt and time to work at the deer processing plant.

Mama used to say, "I just despise to see a house with the weeds and grass grown up around it, like the people who lived there have died". 

I agree with mama, so yesterday after straightening up the house and feeding the animals, I put gas in the little yellow mower and started mowing...


and here...

and here, as far as the eye can see, and then down the dam by the pond...
walking, walking, walking, pushing that mower.  Then I raked up every speck of grass clippings...three heaping wheelbarrow loads and gave it to the chickens.

Actually, my plan was to finish cleaning out the Iris bed in the back...

Can you guess which half is finished? :) Had to put a piece of fence up to keep the chickens and guineas out for now.

Violets and Ajuga have taken over.

Maybe next spring the Iris will bloom pretty again.

I potted bunches of little Ajuga plants and still have a bucketful. Same with the Iris. After replanting 35 to 40 Iris, I still have a cardboard box of tubers left... 

Always a sweet kitty close by...

Where did this day go? Here it is 9:30 and bedtime again. 

Sure hope all the folks in the path of Hurricane Matthew will be safe. 



  1. You work so hard and you sure get things done. I have to get out and cut all my tattered Iris down so they look nice and neat. Like yours. But it's pouring rain and no end in sight. Oh well, there's always inside work to do so I'll keep busy. Take care,

  2. Henny, hope you're being careful with that back of yours. All that mowing and weeding will take a toll if you're not careful. It looks lovely though. I can appreciate all the rewards your hard work provided.

  3. Henny...take it easy now, don't over do it! I agree with your mama, a front lawn with weeds is quite depressing :0/ be safe now... mari

  4. Henny you are such a work horse :)
    You remind me of my daughter, taking of her hobby farm, feeding the animals, mowing and bush hogging, finding time to grow beautiful beds of flowers and works a full-time job too...
    I agree with your mama, you have made your place so neat and tidy :)

  5. I still have to cut the grass. Hopefully for the last time this year

  6. I don't know how you get all that work done in a day. I guess that's why you have a place that looks like people live there.

  7. You better slow down before you hurt your back my sweet aunt. You have a beautiful place! You asked me about the persimmon pulp. I am selling it for 5$ a bag.

    Love you

  8. It looks so pretty! Your yard work paid off!

  9. Henny,
    I do love your life. I dream of a fun place like yours someday. :-)
    I do hear you, where does the day go?
    I plan to plant garlic this weekend. And I need to bring in plants that I want to try to keep over winter. Our first frost is forecast for the weekend.

  10. That is a lot of work. Do be careful. We live in north GA and are not affected by the storm but I have several blog friends who are. God bless them all.

  11. I love irises, too. I call them one of my "pass-along plants" They make wonderful gifts to share with others. When I moved to the bungalow, my neighbor, and girl friend, gave me a bucket of her iris tubers.

  12. It looks nice, Henny. My squirrels keep digging up my irises that I just planted. :( I'll be lucky to have any. Nothing better than kitty company. =^..^=

  13. You put me to shame, I really should get out and tidy up my garden. All those beautiful Iris you are planting will look amazing come the spring.

  14. It went by because you were working so hard mowing the grass down. I like things clean and neat to. It looks wonderful... Hope you got a good sleep. Happy weekend with love Janice

  15. That is a LOT of mowing, no wonder you are tired and the day went quickly. Be careful of your back, the mowing is hard on it, as is vacuuming my chiropractor once said! I wondered why you don't leave the ajuga and violets in that little bed? A ground cover that flowers, and won't it keep the other weeds down? It is not tall enough to overshadow the iris. I agree with you about places that have let the grass grow long look so abandoned and sad.

  16. You've been busy and it does look neat and tidy. I like it that way too.

  17. So funny! We have exactly the same garden chair here at our house.
    And where's that lady with the back issues? Surely she can't be the one who loaded up three wheelbarrows full of grass clippings!

  18. Wow, that was some mowing job, but it does look nice! Love that kitty.

  19. Wow...I'd say you had a busy day! There's nothing like the look (and smell) of freshly mowed grass :)

  20. Your yards look lovely! So much work. Great photo of Smokey. I hope the hurricane isn't coming anywhere near you,


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