Saturday, May 7, 2016

Still dragging around...

And I've always wanted a cottage garden...lots of weeds hiding in there, and maybe even a snake or two.

Didn't mean to stay away so long. Do you reckon things will ever be the same around here...Good gosh!

Seeing a new follower to my blog this morning made me happy. Thank you Adam. I like your blog too! And from South Carolina! We're practically neighbors!

We have had rain rain rain for the last two days, leaving three inches in the rain gauge, and turning our dirt path into a muddy road.

But this morning the sun came back. Yay!!

Oh, in response to a few comments on my last post...nope, I can't take credit for building that cute little staircase leading to Fiona's cage. My brother-in-law Jimmy built it. He built several of those for Shelby to use at the farmer's market for displaying her jams and jellies. He then built one for me to display my teeny tiny clothespin dolls, but since I no longer sell at the market, I've had fun moving that sweet little set of stairs from place to place. Aren't they cute? 

Now I can take credit for rigging up the bunny cages and putting together the frame that holds Bun Bun's cage. I also hammered together those two little platforms, and made the roof for Bun Bun's cage  out of cardboard and green fabric.

Oh, and Deb, Bickett does not wear contact lenses. :) That's so funny! He has always had very strange eyes. Sometimes his eyes even look pink...especially when he is thinking about biting me. Bickett has mellowed a lot over the years and has actually become a very sweet kitty cat.

The gardening bench and lightweight hoe and cultivator arrived. Should have turned the bench over for the picture. It's the perfect kneeling bench with handles that help lower you down on one knee...I tried it!

My mind is made up to garden, very carefully...Just get a few things in the ground to hopefully have a few fresh vegetables. I won't try to make it all pretty and perfect, you know, try and outdo all the neighbors.

Better get going. The sun is going down and I need to gather the eggs, close the chicken house door, put the bunnies up for the night, and feed little Rosie and Asa. 

Thank you for visiting.



  1. Your gardening bench and new tools will surely be a boost when you get to putting in your garden. Three inches of rain and then sunshine is going to make things grow like mad.

  2. Hi Henny: Well, I've got to say I have never seen cats eyes like that in my life. I wonder if he has a special breed mixed in somehow that has piercing blue eyes. You often see the Ragdoll cat with eyes like that. He really is something. I would never want to look too deep into them for fear I'd get lost. lol

  3. I hope the new gizmos work and that your back recovers.

  4. Oh my, it's a lot of work just putting all your babies to bed and making sure everybody is safe. Take care of yourself.

  5. Your yard will look as it did, when you are fully healed. When we were driving back and forth from NC to Louisiana 2 or three times a year, we never thought we'd get ahead of the overgrowth either. But now that we are here permanent, we mostly keep up with it.

    Shoulder injuries, back problems, and torn knees sometimes let it get a bit overgrown; but I think the hawks and owls find more to eat then.

    Be careful and God bless. I think I want some tools like those. The bending really gets to me now days.

  6. You will soon find that your garden bench/kneeler is the bet thing that you ever bought. I am on my second and would not part with it at all. I have some hooks on the handles to hang the small tools from, saves me from hunting high and low at the end of a session. I hope that you are soon healed and well again.

  7. Your new garden tools and kneeler will be the making of you, my husband swears by them. Just do a little bit at a time until you are feeling a little better. Take care.

  8. Great new gardening tools! I love the steps. Very handy! Have a blessed Mother's Day.

  9. Like the kneeler, we could use some of your rain. This is one of the driest springs we've ever seen here.

  10. Henny, I was thinking about your back and garden and wondered why you don't have Poppy build you some very basic, inexpensive raised beds? Would be so much easier to garden from a higher level.

  11. Well I guess a person can't be a master carpenter and do all the other stuff that you manage so we'll give you a pass on this one.

    Those combination seats/kneelers work great. I have one that folds up so you can hang it flat on a wall, but it stays opened out and all ready to go at a moments notice most of the time.

    Rain here too, several days last week. It's like a swamp out there. I went to a plant swap yesterday (sunny and bright) and got about 8 things. I planned on getting them in the ground today but woke up to thunder and rain. They are sitting in the garage now so I guess I should go out and give them a drink of water so they don't think they have been dug up (from a perfectly happy existence) and then forgotten.

  12. We've had a lot of rain here too but today its sunny and bright. : )
    Nice new bench and tools.
    Happy Mother's Day.

  13. You have such a lovely spot. Complete with bunnies! I hope you will be a very careful gardener, Henny.

  14. Sorry. I am still fretting over "snakes in there".
    Take it easy when trying out your new tools, but have some fun too. You have an excuse for only planting what you really like.

  15. Thanks for the mention, I live in Spartanburg which is near Greenville. And very close to both Georgia and NC. Though I spend more time in NC than I do in Georgia, they drive better there.

  16. Happy Mother's Day
    I have a English Cottage garden too. I have had comments by some neighbors who do not like it, because it is all flowers. Ha! They want to see dirt.
    :-) I like your garden. Your photos are lovely.

  17. Since we moved to the country, I have decided that gardens and yards do not have to be perfect and weed free. Living in the country should have a more relaxed and comfy feel to it. I do hope that your garden bench works out and helps you enjoy being outside. Is the blue section make of a soft material . . . I have a lot of pain putting my knees onto hard surfaces. Here's wishing you better days and more energy and good health. Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  18. I have a very similar bench and I use it constantly! You will love it, and it is truly a back saver!!


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