Monday, November 2, 2015

The teeny tiny greenhouse

We woke up to a pouring rain this morning and it may be Wednesday before we see the sun again.

Makes me glad that I moved  all the potted plants into the teeny tiny playhouse greenhouse the middle of October. Just recently, I found this hot pepper plant growing in the compost bin so I scooped it up.  

There is no way all these plants will thrive through the cold winter months, especially the Impatients, but with the little milkhouse heater going I can enjoy them a while longer...or at least until Poppy starts to wonder what could be running the electric bill up.

It gets toasty warm inside and when you open the door, the smell of thyme, sweet basil, roses, and dill comes rushing out. Why, I could move in. Wonder if a little cot would fit inside? 

I have always loved a playhouse. A little warm cozy place that's just mine.  Growing up, mama used to give me one of the closet in the house, one with shelves, so that I could have a playhouse for my dolls.

I used to argue with the girls in the neighborhood (my playmates) telling them that I did not "play dolls", that my dolls were real. They used to look at me like I was crazy.  

Another thing that has been on my "to do" list for ages is to wash the little greenhouse. 

I don't know of anything much you can do with a greenhouse this small except enjoy it like a playhouse. 

Actually, early last spring I did start kale seeds in the greenhouse. I kept them warm and watered and they did good.

I do love to root the cuttings of different plants and have pretty good luck with them. 

Okay, I need to get busy. It is still raining like crazy outside...but that is no excuse for not getting the floors swept and the carpet vacuumed inside!

Hope to be back soon.



  1. I simply love your tiny greenhouse, it's the perfect size for pottering.
    When I built my tiny potting shed, I felt as if it were a grown-up doll house, just a cozy place to store my tools, and birdhouses, and hide away with fairy lights entwined amongst a blackberry vine hanging from the rafters....
    Enjoy your rainy day :)

  2. Your little greenhouse sounds lovely! Much more organized than mine. I was picking vegetables on Saturday for the market, what few there are left, and then it started to pour. I stood in the greenhouse and ate cherry tomatoes for a while until is stopped. It's nice to have a little sheltered spot like that:) The fiberglass on mine needs replacing, it's not letting enough light through now.

  3. I am envious of your greenhouse! Always wished I had one here in Minnesota where everything dies when winter comes. Your flowers look lovely.

    Shirley H.

  4. I have a tiny green house too and I love it. I'm going to re-organize it this fall to fit a chair in one corner and try to keep some lavender going. Currently I have lettuce and spinach growing. No place nicer to be in the winter with the warm sun baking and the damp dirt smell :-).

  5. We're getting that wonderful rain too. My mother in Northern California would give anything for some of it so it makes us appreciate it a little more. I read you moved the trees by yourself and it inspired me to focus on something I need to get done. Happy Monday.

  6. It looks as though you have managed to squeeze plenty of plants in there. I moved several plants from the garden into pots in my greenhouse over the weekend. I will wrap them in fleece and hope to keep them through the winter.

  7. You're always such a busy bee. I love your playhouse. I don't think you ever grow out of loving a small space to decorate.You talking about a play-house brought back memories of a little building that my grandmother let me and my cousins turn into our own little playhouse. We cleaned it out, hung curtains, put a table and chairs inside, potted up some of grans flowers for the table and filled the little place with books, dolls and dishes. It wasn't much bigger than a big closet but we loved it. When her cat had kittens they were allowed in, too, but no boys. lol

  8. Your little greenhouse is a very handy thing to have. I have a garden shed but it is such a mess in there right now that I avoid going in it. Come Spring I'll clean it out but no use doing it now because it will only get filled with more things that need protecting for the winter months.

  9. Love all your flowers! It must smell heavenly in your greenhouse! Enjoy!

  10. I've always wanted a green house and yours looks so tidy and pleasant. We are building a plastic cover for our raised garden bed in hopes that it will function like a green house and keep green things going through the winter. I don't have my hopes up too high. It's my first year gardening in the South and so far everything has been pretty much a disaster!

  11. Your greenhouse is perfect! Anything larger would be a real workhorse. We have a large one here that is now a great for that too:)

  12. It's always great to keep plants going as long as you can. Where you live you don't have to put in a lot of effort to keep things going.

  13. I can almost smell the lovely fragrance coming from the little greenhouse. It looks so charming and so organized! I love, love, love, your roses and impatiens and other plants there too. Looking very good Henny!

  14. What a lovely little playhouse to keep your plants in. : )
    I like the old watering can too. Have a couple of them myself.

  15. I moved all of my potted impatiens to my new front porch. I know they won't last for much longer when it really startes getting cold but at least the are somewhat protected from the elements there. Your little greenhouse is so cute and I hope they last a long time for you in there!

  16. Hi! What a lovely little playhouse you have!!! And so many nice plants. You need to put a chair in there to sit and read! Nancy

  17. That is so beautiful!! I have to come see you soon. Can we both get in there and sit? Love you!! Lynn


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