Thursday, September 24, 2015

I have a secret

I have a secret to tell you. That's right, and I am probably in trouble, big trouble! What you are about to see, Poppy knows nothing about...not yet, anyway.

A tiny sweet fuzzy little orange bunbun. This bunbun is adorable and likes to be held. Just what I need!

Right now she is in a cage inside BunBun's play pen. That old flower pot is her house for the time being. BunBun is so excited! 

My friend Nellie stopped by earlier, as I was painting the last board on the end of the shop. Anyhow, she brought this baby bunny, knowing good and well that I would not be able to resist.

Nellie also brought this new duck, the beige Muscovy on the left, to replace our sweet "Piper". We haven't had a Muscovy duck since our old Muscovy pair died a couple of years ago.

There is much I haven't told you...sad things. Last Saturday while I was away, a huge bird swooped down, caught and killed our sweet little black duck, Piper. I saw this bird again on Sunday morning when it came back and tried to catch a Mallard that was swimming on the pond. From the back porch, I actually saw this big bird swoop down three times and each time the female Mallard dove under the water. We don't have Eagles here, as far as I know, but this looked like an was definitely too large to be a hawk. I've seen hawks here many times.

And more bad news...five of the baby guineas are missing. Last night at the edge of dark the mama guinea decided that she and her eight babies would sleep with the old guineas way up in the cedar tree above the chicken house. Well, only two of her babies could even make it to the top of the grape vines. After several tries, she gave up and wandered off, not knowing where to sleep with her this point it was dark. She and the babies finally settled down in the ditch near an old brush pile. Thankfully, they were safe through the night.

Then another tragedy just before Poppy went out to walk Eli, he discovered one of the older white guineas seriously hurt and suffering, and it had to be put down. It was the only humane thing to do. Needless to say, my heart broke and I felt absolutely sick. When animals suffer and hurt, so do I, and sometimes there is nothing we can do. 

Back to the trouble I am in. Poppy knew that Nellie would be bringing us a duck but not a bunny. Now I've got to face him at five when he gets home...oh well, this too shall pass. 

What I don't understand about men...some men. Why would they care about something this small. For sure, it will be me feeding and caring for it. Why, Poppy could bring home a buffalo and I would be happy. In fact, I would probably volunteer to feed and take care of it for him. But, that's just me.

Good gosh! Time is flying! Better check on the baby bunny. And I need a sweet little buttery name. Any suggestions? Thank you for listening.




  1. Oh my God, you crack me up. We are so alike with animals. I, too, have hidden cats for awhile just to figure out how to approach the retired-guy making sure I pick the exact RIGHT time. haha! In no time flat he is smitten. Anyway, good luck. How could anyone not love that bunny. :))) I`m sorry to hear about all your troubles. The large birds just freak me out and when I see a hawk around my feeders I am stressed. Last year I lost a beautiful mourning dove. :( I know it`s how nature is balanced but I still don`t like it. Deb

  2. Soooo cute!! And if I recall the history of Poppy and Smokey, not to worry.
    Names? Oleo? Margie? Sweet Cream?

  3. I was saddened to hear of your recent losses. Its so easy to get so attached. Yup, I know...
    Cheers to the new additions.

  4. Oh he is cute...and I am glad Bun Bun has company. A name how about ...well do we know if it is a he or a she? I guess that comes first! Good Luck with Poppy...make him something special for supper and all will be well:)

  5. Ginger or Nutmeg would do as names. Hope all goes well with telling Poppy about the new addition.

  6. So sad to learn of your duck and guinea-losses, I feel the same when any animal disappears or is injured, it just breaks my heart.
    My daughter divorced a couple of years ago, it was such an ordeal and sad affair. Once the shock wore off the first thing she said was, "Now I can bring any stray home I please, and no-one to tell me "NO"...I couldn't help but smile.
    How about Buttercup ?
    She's a precious little rabbit !

  7. So sorry to hear about your bird losses, I'll bet it was an eagle. Your bunny will be ok, who could resist.

  8. So sorry about your recent critter loss. How terrible.
    The new bunny is adorable!
    Hope everything went alright with Poppy!

  9. There seem to be many predatory dangers lurking for your animal friends. Maybe Poppy just doesn't want you to get too attached.
    Your new bunny is very cute. Someone else suggested Ginger. I like it.

  10. Definitely good news bad news. It'll be intersting once Poppy comes into the picture/

  11. how bout butterscotch the bun bun bunny :O) ... now thats a mouthful! LOL.. I would LOVE To have bunnies. I would so have them but I have heard to many stories here about bunnies dieing in the heat.. We just get to hot for them... so I won't get them.. But oh how I would love to have some bunnies!

  12. Good luck with Poppy on the bunny! Sounds similar to what my son and I did with a stray kitten! Sorry for the bad news that goes along with animals. That is the hard part. Nancy

  13. Love your new little bunny and duck! How hard it must be to live out in nature with creatures you love and have them get picked off by predators all the time. I don't think that I could do it. I love reading your blog though, and I rejoice when new little creatures arrive at your house. Hope you have better luck keeping everything safe!

  14. I am so sad for you. So many bad things in a short time. I'm glad your friend brought you the cute little bunny to comfort you. Just tell Poppy it was a gift and everyone knows you have to graciously accept a gift, right?

  15. I'm so sorry for those birds. I know you can't help getting attached to all of them. Your new bunny is adorable. Bella, Buttercup, Cinna Bun and Honey or Honey Bun came to my mind, but you'd know better, since you're the one with the bunny. You might want to wait a while and see what personality it shows. Boy or girl? Tell Poppy that keeping it will help you get over your grief for losing the other animals.

  16. Oh I am so sorry about your duck and the other bad news. I love the new bun bun! I can not wait to hear what you name it! Poppy will be alright he loves you and bunnies are cute. Just be careful and hope that you don't start having lot of baby bunnies. They multiply quickly.

    Love you
    PS I would love for someone to bring me a dog or cat to live with me.

  17. Don't tell Poppy, wait and see if he notices?:) I like Peg's suggestion of Cinna Bun. It describes the baby bun's colour and sounds good with Bun Bun. Sorry about your loses. Hard and frustrating. You seem to have more than your share:( Now do you know the sex of the new bunny? If they are opposites you probably need to keep them separated or get the male neutered. You know that saying ...breed like rabbits...well it's true. They can have one litter and have another one 28 days later. Many many years ago, but it happened to us, or our rabbits at least:)

  18. We have Red Kites and Buzzards here so all small creatures and feathered friends are kept under cover. I am always on the alert when I let Ben off his lead.

  19. As for name suggestions - Butterscotch, Taffy, or Peaches - he/she is precious!

  20. Hope all went well with Poppy. The new additions are indeed beautiful, I am thinking buttercup would make a nice name.

  21. Oh Henny so sorry for your loses. I wanted to cry when I read your post. You are like me, so in touch with every animals feelings. I wonder what kind of bird it was that attacked your sweet pets. We used to have a pond. One morning I awoke to a large white crane standing in the middle of the pond. Not sure if he got any of my beautiful fish. He did come back a few times. Your new bunny is precious! If your hubby is like mine he will fret about having a new pet at first but eventually just give in and realize it isn't going anywhere! Lol I once hid a kitten for over a week in my daughter's bedroom before my husband finally found her. And I hid a chihuahua too until my hubby answered the phone from the vet asking a question about our new puppy! Anyway, enjoy your new addition to your pet family! Hugs from Darlene


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