Saturday, September 26, 2015

A foggy morning one day last week, and a late blooming rose...

Where the heck did yesterday go! I wanted to post and at least say that Poppy and I are still together. He didn't say much about the new bunny, just looked at me like, "have you lost your mind". He did say "no" when I asked if he wanted to hold her.

Thank you all so much for the comments, for caring about these little animals, those we lost recently and those still with us. 

The names you all suggested are perfect!

Buttercup, Taffy, Peaches, Butterscotch, Cinnabun, Bella, Honeybun, Honey, Ginger, Nutmeg, Oleo, Margie, Sweet Cream.

I just can't decide which one to use. And this new ducky needs a name too. 

Does she remind you a little of a pigeon?

Thank goodness for the rain that started yesterday and is still falling today. 

We need it. The pond was getting seriously low.

Never a dull moment with a goat...

Maybe hay tastes better eaten off the top of your head. Actually the goats don't like this new $12.00 bale of Coastal hay. I thought a goat would eat anything!

And the last gathering of vegetables from the teeny tiny garden. It has been so dry. I was surprised there was anything left.

Probably should get busy now. We just may have a hamburger for supper tonight. I love a 'not too thick' hamburger patty cooked done, on a fresh roll with mustard, ketsup, a large thin slice of onion, and a couple slices of dill pickle. How do you like your hamburger? :)

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  1. We got a goat once, wanted it to eat the weeds so we wouldn't have to mow so much. Instead it broke into the horse's grain and pigged out.

  2. So glad you're still together :-) Not that I had a moment's doubt.
    And your goat - what a silly billy!

  3. I like 'Bella' (to use a name on your list) for the duck. I was never really interested in having a goat, but I would have had a hard time convincing Larry it was a good thing. Goats made a bad impression on him when they jumped up on his uncles brand new car and bounced around on the hood.

  4. I think your duck looks just like a "Penelope" Umm well on the hamburger I like mine minus the meat patty..... a bun loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, with some mustard.. Yep really that is how I eat a ermmm well hamburger wouldn't be right since I don't eat meat, but a burger I should say :O)... We need rain here so bad but that is nothing new for Texas :O) this time of year. LOL well its good Poppy didn't pack a bag over the new bunny!!! tee hee :O)... When we retire to AR mountains, I am so getting some bunnies!

  5. I like my hamburger not too big or fat and well done with catsup, tomato and lettuce! Have you seen those little clips of the miniature goats. They are so darling. I think you need a couple of those! I am glad that Poppy did not make you give up the bunny! What an interesting life you lead with all your animals! We need rain here again too. Too hard to weed when the clay gets dry! Nancy

  6. I'll bet you will catch Poppy snugglin' that bunny soon. And your goat looks like quite the character. :)I think everyone should have one for comic relief. I like my veggie burger with the works. Relish, mustard, mayo, onion, tomato, lettuce, pickles & lots of pepper. You are still getting quite a harvest from your garden. Isn't it wonderful to enjoy your home-grown food. Deb

  7. I had a goat once I can understand the entertainment! How about Rosie for the Duck...oh and Sweet Cream for the new bunny! Glad Poppy wasn't mad:)

  8. I'm so glad Poppy is resigned to baby BunBun ( or whatever its name ends up being) When we got our pet Pigeon the grands gave it a long series of names but nobody calls it anything but Birdie-bird. About the burger? I'm another vegetarian ( most of the time) so mine would be a black bean burger with mustard and fried onions.

  9. I like 'Bella' (to use a name on your list) for the duck. I was never really interested in having a goat, but I would have had a hard time convincing Larry it was a good thing. Goats made a bad impression on him when they jumped up on his uncles brand new car and bounced around on the hood.

  10. I think you should name the duck Macy. It is a beautiful duck and the name just seems appropriate. As for the bunny I like Bella. I knew Poppy would not be to upset. We have been getting rain finally to! So excited because our pastures looked like a dessert minus the sand. The Farmer is loving it to but rain is a love hate thing for a farmer. They love it because you need rain for the farm but you also have to work in it.

    I love you

  11. The goat is so cute, they are the most entertaining creatures, my MIL had some many years ago. I am greedy when it comes to burgers, I like a slice of grilled mac'n cheese in mine, I pile salad on the side.

  12. Pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado on a not-thick, well cooked patty and as little bread as possible.
    I thought of another name for the new bunny - Carrot.
    I'll let others name the new duck. I'm not very creative that way.

  13. I like my burger well cooked with lettuce, tomato onion and mayonnaise in a toasted bread bun. I am glad Poppy was OK about the new addition, he was always going to be really!

  14. Oh, I love thin hamburger patties----just like Mama used to make. They are so much better than these big old thick things that you get at most hamburger places and so much easier to eat. There used to be a hamburger joint here ( a chain store---can't remember it's name) that made nice thin burgers and that was where we would always go when hamburger hunger struck.

    Good to know that you and Poppy aren't headed for divorce court and that Baby Bun-Bun is still in residence.

  15. Whew, Mini-Bun gets to stay. Could you call your new duck Dotty? It must be interesting to watch the rain fill the pond back up. You were taking photos not too long ago of the little dock under water!
    I have a hamburger about twice a year, and I might be the only reader who likes them medium rare! So they need to be a bit thicker, plus mayo, mustard, ketchup, maybe pickle slices, and lettuce and tomato. Now this is pretty messy, and you can put some Jack cheese on it too. Sometimes it is on toasted sourdough bread.

  16. I like mine medium well. Sometimes just with salt and pepper, an sometimes with ketchup. :-)
    Glad you got rain. You should be getting a lot more the next day or two.
    We could use some. Pecans are looking a little dry.
    Hope you all have a blessed week! Oh. Why not call the duck Pigeon?


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