Saturday, August 8, 2015

Out with the animals after a nice rain

After sweeping the little goat barn clean this morning, Eli settled in to watch me finish feeding the chickens and carry BunBun to play in the old dog lot.

BunBun scares me jumping from his hutch into the small cage I use for carrying him to the lot down by the pond. When we first started this daily routine, it was a job getting him in the he wants to jump as soon as the hutch door is opened.  BunBun loves his play pen. He needs a bunny friend but I'm afraid to even mention it around here. Should I get a male or a female? If I get a female bunny...we will have baby bunnies...lots of baby bunnies. That sounds fun to me but, well, any suggestions?

These two can't stand a drop of rain and really make a mess in the little barn when it does rain.

And, speaking of rain...we had rain!!! Close to an inch and a half and we needed it! Some of the trees around looked like they were beginning to die.

This fellow makes himself at home where ever we happen to be. "Look at me, Eli"!

Poppy gets off work early today and will be home for, have a good weekend. Thank you for coming by. Any ideas about a playmate for BunBun will be appreciated.



  1. Thats great you got some rain. My Keeper would be doing what your Kitty is doing .. rolling in the hay and dirt... One of his favorite things to do when he goes out the front door.. find some dirt or something to roll in ROFL ... I just figured up how old Keeper was the other day, boy time flies. I always have to figure it up because he was 9months old when we adopted him. Anyway I get it mixed up. He is 4 yrs and one month old. I was thinking he 3! Just shows how fast times goes. I bet Eli would be happy to baby sit your bunny for you some everyday and give it some company :O). Not quite the same I guess as a bunny mate for Bun Bun .. but company :O)

  2. Henny, I read this article and thought it may help with your bunny decision....
    Eli and Smokey are so cute and clean !!!

    1. That is a great link. Excellent advice on that site!

  3. maybe a sterile bunny friend? Do they spade bunnies like cats and dogs? I always love seeing Eli lolling around.

  4. Everything looks great! Love your goats. Glad you received some rain. We still could use some more here. Have a great weekend!

  5. So glad you got the much needed rain but pleased we didn't get any! Eli is such a darling, I love how relaxed he is about everything, just sitting there watching the world go by.

  6. I had two bunnies...thought they were both males until one had bunnies, and thirty days later well maybe 35 she had welve more bunnies. I took care of 26 rabbits that winter then in the spring I let them go:)

  7. Congratulations on your rain. :-)
    Well, I guess it depends on what you want to do with the baby bunnies. I think maybe if you have two males they might fight?
    Smokey was trying to get Eli to roll on the hay with him!
    Thank you for sharing your day with us. :-)

  8. Nice that you had rain. Our forecast is for showers but not enough to really make a difference.
    I'd be very careful about getting a second bunny. Two females will get along but two males tend to fight and a male and female....well, unless you want to go into the bunny business....

  9. This may sound strange, but we once kept a bunny and a guinea pig together and they became best friends. They were both male and like you we didn't want babies. What with marriage for everyone they'd probably adopt one now.

  10. Far Side said she let the bunnies go. To what fate? If you don't want to raise them for meat, and I'm guessing you don't, don't get a breeding pair.
    Maybe Smokey would play with BunBun.

  11. The next time get rain, would you please send some eastward to me? :) I enjoyed this sweet post about your little menagerie. Have a good week!

  12. You will have more BunBuns than you can count! I remember when I went from 2 to 30 in no time! Ha ha. Actually I think the highest number was in the teens, but we were getting rid of them as fast as we could! And M would not hear of eating them!!! xoxo Sandra Lynn the big fat hen.

  13. Lucky you, to have some is very hot here and dry.


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