Friday, August 14, 2015

Down around the pond

After supper, we go out to walk Eli, gather the eggs, feed corn to the ducks, and pick up BunBun....That's my feed bucket sitting way back there.

Hey! How did you all get past all this water?

Bickett is a house cat. Bickett has always been a house cat. Lately he has been venturing outside with us and he loves it.  Simply loves it! That's him standing on the pier meowing.

Wait, I'm coming!

Tuesday afternoon the sky got dark and the wind began to blow. I thought for sure there was a bad storm coming. But then the storm missed us and we got only a shower of rain, which was fine with me.

And, while we are down by the pond...

The duckies swimming away and...time to pick up BunBun for his ride back to the hutch inside the goat lot...for a safe night's sleep. We will go back to play again tomorrow.

Friends, I have been totally out of anything to post. There is just so much in a teeny tiny house or a teeny tiny garden on a teeny tiny farm that one can talk about. So, thank you if you are still here.



  1. Still here, yep. Love the video of the ducks. Liked the way they stayed one right behind the other. Almost a though they were tethered together or that one knew the way and the other was afraid to get off track.

  2. Love the photos and video. I always enjoy your posts. Have a good weekend.

  3. What a perfect pond. I can just imagine sitting out there on the dock at the end of the day.
    Loved this post - I feel like I just paid a mini-visit!

  4. It sounds like a nice evening ritual. Cats do love to come along. :)

  5. Oh my goodness. . . I was watching that video and waiting while my stomach was feeling like I had butterflies for lunch. . . I just knew that a snake or alligator was going to get one of the ducks and pull them under. Your pond looks like a lovely place to sit in the evening, but sister you are much braver than I. After seeing the snakes in your hen house, I would be literally walking on eggs around there :)
    Have a marvelous weekend.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  6. I wish our cats would be content to just stay inside all the time, but both of them came to us as strays and were already set in a pattern of in and out.
    Your pond looks so very peaceful, what a beautiful little farm you take such good care of.

  7. I love your dock. That is something we never got around to doing. We built a walkway to the fish feeders but no dock.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I always enjoy visiting.

  8. Your dock looks like a lovely place to sit and relax in the evening.

  9. Real life is often not worth sharing, haha. You have such a lovely place. Have a blessed week. ♥

  10. What a relaxing post today. Just what I needed as I end my day here in front of my computer I do know what you mean when you say there's not much to post about. I struggle with this too but I do know I'm NEVER bored when I come to "visit you". So keep right on.

  11. What a wonderful, restful, place to sit and enjoy nature!

    Grace & Peace.

  12. I am NEVER bored by your posts. No matter what you post, it's like stopping by to say "Hi" to a neighbor. I hope you have a great weekend and get to do some relaxing. Your life is so different from my suburban one that it's interesting to me. It brings back memories of visits to small farms of my mom's family in the Ozarks with their gardens, chickens, guineas and ponds. You have a beautiful home, or as my relative would call it, homeplace.

  13. Everybody has their own style of life.You have yours and you express it well.

  14. just post when you have something you want to say. It's always interesting at your place! Most of us don't have so many wonderful pets to spotlight as you do. I could come look at Eli lounging in the chair everyday.

  15. Like Connie, I was afraid something was going to happen to the ducks. Glad I was wrong.
    I like to think of you and your husband taking a walk around the pond and checking on all your animal friends. There's something peaceful and loving about that.

  16. Oh Henny Penny I always look forward to reading your site! You are a blessing to everyone. Don't ever think you have nothing to say. Just hearing about all of your wonderful pets and the happenings on your little farm makes my day happy! Thank you!
    Hugs from,
    Darlene from Calif.

  17. Thank you for your birthday wishes.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  18. You always have something interesting to say, even if you don't think it is interesting we do...well at least I do!

  19. I am always interested in what is happening around your beautiful little farm, you are living the life I dream of with all the animals.


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