Tuesday, April 14, 2015


The snowball bush and azaleas are beginning to bloom...as Lynn would say, "be still my heart"!

Is the pollen bad where you are? It is simply awful here! In fact, I don't remember it ever being any worse! The hazy yellow look here is pollen in the air...

I'm not complaining...spring is here and I could not be happier! We've got warm sunshine and flowers and it's time to plant the garden...

It was about 9:30 yesterday morning when I opened the gate to the teeny tiny garden and entered in with my teeny tiny work basket...

Not even once did the time of day enter my mind even though as the day wore on I began to feel, well, like I might not be able to load everything in the wheelbarrow and walk back to the house. It was along about then that Poppy yelled from the front porch, are you coming in anytime soon? It's 6:30! No it's not, I yelled back!!! Poppy laughed, he was kidding...it was actually 5:20 p.m.! Good grief! Supper had to be cooked!

The garden looks like nothing but leaves right now, but I've planted kale, beans, cucumbers, eggplant, squash, tomatoes, dill, and a few zinnias and sunflowers. Today I picked up a few orange and green bell paper plants. It's a teeny tiny garden so I plant small in quantity. There is so much I want to try growing.

Sorry about all the pictures. It's spring!

Walmart has all their leftover Easter candy reduced to 75% off. I picked up a pack of Peeps bunnies for Poppy. Had to laugh when he sat down to, as he put it, eat a row of peeps...

Better get off this computer. Does time fly or what! Thank you for stopping by. I'm behind again!



  1. Its so easy to loose track of time in the garden! My grandma had a snowball bush. I keep meaning to put in one here!

  2. Well, that sounds great that you're out there planting your garden. It' a great time of year.

  3. Our snowball bush is sort of hidden in the "lower forty", so I don't know if it is getting ready to bloom yet. I think it's too early here.
    We also have to wait until mid May to plant warm weather crops. the seeds would just rot in the cold ground. It was down to 38 last night, as a cold front moved in bringing cold rain. Warmth returns by the end of the week.
    I do love getting reports on your teeny tiny garden.

  4. Such beautiful flowering shrubs. Flowers are popping out here too as well as the beginning of flowering trees. Spring is an inspiring time and it's easy to overwork when there is so much that needs to be done seemingly all at the same time. Especially hard with a late spring like we have had.

  5. They say great minds think alike...I posted a 'garden dreams' post about a few plants I put in, and as soon as it posted and I looked, right below it was your post on Spring. You make me envious of your food plants, but we're gone too much and have to ask the neighbor to water the containers for us so must keep it down.

  6. Love your spring yard! Spring has always been my favorite time of the year! My snowball bush is full of blooms to.
    Love you

  7. Such pretty blooms! It must be fun to work in your yard! :)

  8. Wow you've been busy Henny , all that planting and gardening.
    Yes, the pollen is bad here too, but three days of rain and it's help wash it away.
    Love your Snowball bush and Azaleas, so very pretty !

  9. Enjoyed the garden photos today....gives me some idea of your outside space. Also love how your tubs are hung on the fence post. I think I have a kettle just like the one sitting on the chair......

  10. It is so easy to lose all track of time when in the garden, I do it regularly. I have had to come in out of the sun for a little while now but will be back out later. My garden is tiny now but I will find room to squeeze in all the things that I like to eat. The squashes will be going round the edge of the lawn in the front garden, the only place for them to have room to sprawl.

  11. I have heard, When you do a job you love, you never work. I get engrossed like that things out doors and time flies.

    Thank you. Have a blessed day.

  12. Your flowering bushes are gorgeous. I love big azaleas. I have a few, but they can't compare to yours; our climate isn't the best for them.

  13. Lucky you to be able to get out and plant stuff already. It will be another month for us. I will probably not wait that long and then wonder why my seeds don't germinate!! Your pink Azaleas are lovely!! Also wanted to thank you for your kind comments on my teacups and new cupboards.

  14. Great spring garden pictures .....lovely flowers..... cute story! I love Peeps too! Love your blog.

  15. Wow, those pinks are just breathtaking! It's so exciting to get out in the garden that it's not surprising you lost track of time. Poppy can always eat his peeps until you have time to make dinner.


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