Saturday, April 18, 2015

A pink post, maybe

Sending a quick hello while Poppy is in the woods again. No turkey yet, but he did hear one gobble yesterday. Mostly want to thank you for the nice comments on the "Poppy Post". I love replying to each comment but lately time seems to be passing unbelievably fast. Do you think it's true that time is going by faster?

The pink Azaleas are in full bloom. Out walking Eli this morning, honestly, the shocking pink was, well, shocking...

There are six of these Azaleas in the yard and I meant to get a picture of them all. After this picture the battery died in my Poppy says, imagine that! I do go through the batteries!

This is a wild Azalea and it is blooming for the first time. This little plant was growing wild here when we bought the property. I brought it from the woods into the yard back in 1989 or 1990. I'm so happy to see it thriving, finally!

This picture was taken a couple days ago before the blooms had fully opened. The guineas don't often sit still for a picture.

Okay, I didn't mean to go on and on. The sun is out and the birds are singing. It almost sounds like they are calling me. I do want to stay outside today. Tomorrow we could get  over an inch of rain. Hope to be back soon. Thank you.



  1. You are exactly right. I think the earth is spinning much faster these days. And, not only that, you have to be really careful when you get to the edge since it's a long, long way down.

    Those azaleas are absolutely gorgeous! I meant to ask you what the swaths of tiny blue flowers are in the pics of the little bridges- in your last post? They are so pretty and so thick!

  2. That is a shocking pink, Wow! From your previous post....I"m glad that Poppy got his time to shine, it generally takes a team to have a place like yours. I'm also glad that the turkeys are still all safe, don't tell him I said that!:)

  3. Love the guinea hen picture. Our spring is still unpacking its bags, so I'm happy to be able to enjoy yours.

  4. Beautiful Azaleas! Such a wonderful color pink! :)

  5. I don't mind if you go on and on. :-)
    Lovely flowers and pictures!
    Been raining most of the day here, so far. Enjoy yours!

  6. Great blooms. You've carefully chosen and placed these plants where you want them so that they show off their best.

  7. Our azaleas are already through, yours are gorgeous.

  8. So pretty! And so full of blossoms. You have quite a green thumb.

  9. Oh my Gosh that pink is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures!

  10. I hope your weather cooperated today so you could stay outside. And when the rain comes, I hope it doesn't beat the flowers off the bushes. It happens every spring here with either hard rain or snow. This year we're having a better time of it, with quite a bit of rain, but it's been gentle and soaks in so far. We're due for more tomorrow, too. I have a smaller azalea about the same color as your bright pink on. It always looks the best of the 3 I have. They were here when we bought the place so I can't take credit for them, but I sure do enjoy them. My in-laws used to drive south to Alabama in the spring just to see the azaleas in bloom. They brought back amazing pictures. Your yard in beautiful. I'd want to sit on the porch and admire it if mine were like that. I'm not a gardener, but I do love the beauty and the bounty of plants.

  11. Truly beautiful Azaleas, a real delight and stunning colour.


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