Friday, March 27, 2015

Lynn's Birthday

Most days I can't think of a darned thing to put on my blog. Today, there are several little useless things to tell you. Gosh, there's a duck story, and a Dumperoo story...well, mostly Dumperoo pictures. I wanted to talk about dieting and eating healthy and how totally out of control I am. Then there's the weather.  Somebody needs to talk about this 26 degree freezing weather we've got coming tomorrow, and since I am the authority on the weather...just kidding...but seriously, the peach trees are in bloom. What are we going to do?

Now this is not useless daughter Lynn. Today is her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY  LYNN! 

I borrowed this picture of Lynn from her blog today at "a mother's".

Would you just look at that mile high ice cream pie! Seeing this picture ruined any chance I may have had at sticking to a diet today. Love you anyway Lynn! It was Lynn who helped me with this blog. 

Lynn is a kind, sweet, loving daughter...and always has a smile on her face. She has pretty freckles too...

Wanted to post a baby picture but searched the house over and could not find one. Seems like I remember giving Lynn and Andee all their baby pictures.

Dumperoo was a big sweetie pie last night...

He knows he's my boy and is so handsome, even with lint on his face.

Well I didn't quite cover all I wanted to talk about. Hopefully there is tomorrow.

That cold front is coming through right now. It's rainy, windy, and miserable outside. The temperature will be dropping throughout the day.

Thank you for visiting. Hope to be back soon.



  1. I am so envious of the mile high cake it looks delicious. Many happy returns of the day to your beautiful daughter. Dumperoo is looking gorgeous.

  2. Happy Birthday Lynn !!
    That's one HUGE piece of pie
    Cold here tonight too, just as the Bradford Pear Trees are in bloom, but happens every bloomin year ;)
    Love that little cat, he reminds me of my Sydney kitty.
    Cover up your tender plants Henny, and let's hope this is the last of the cold spells.

  3. I know what you mean on a blog entry. I have a hard time coming up with something some days. I would love a big piece of Lynn's mile high pie. I just finished eating a flounder plate from Westmoore Family Resturant and for dessert a snicker bar. Oh well for the diet today.

    Love you

  4. What a birthday cake, er pie! Happy birthday to Lynn. I hope you are able to keep those peach blossoms warm tonight. They are such a lovely color.

  5. How neat that you're a family of bloggers. And I can see your mother in Lynn. Forget the diet till the weather warms up. You need the extra padding to stay warm!

  6. Talking about snow in Michigan!
    Pictures are good.
    A friend who used to live in Missouri, had a late frost when all their trees were in bloom, too. They lost most of them, but did get a few fruits from some of them.
    Good luck. Have a blessed weekend. ♥

  7. So sorry to hear about your cold weather. Your flower pictures are so pretty! And love that did he get that goofy name anyway?
    Hope your peach trees, and everything else, survive your temporary cold spell! We're very cold here in Wis. too! All the best to you! Love the pics of your daughter.....her pie looks terrif!

  8. Happy Birthday to your Lynne! That Birthday Ice Cream looks yummy! Your Peach trees blooms are lovely. I hope you don't lose all the blooms to the cold weather. This is unseasonable for you isn't it? Hope you warm up soon:)

  9. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Hope she had help to eat that massive piece of piece of pie, oh my! Hope your peach blossoms survive the cold. The plums are blooming here, no freezing temperatures, just lots of rain.

  10. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Hope she had help to eat that massive piece of piece of pie, oh my! Hope your peach blossoms survive the cold. The plums are blooming here, no freezing temperatures, just lots of rain.

  11. This is certainly a cold spring. It's supposed to get down to 20 here tonight as the sky clears off after a cold, windy, grey day. My problem is that my plant orders have already started coming (silly me, I thought that by the end of March it would be getting warm and asked that they be sent now so they could get started growing for me!) and it's too cold and wet to put them in the ground. They are waiting patiently in the garage but I should probably bring them inside tonight just in case.

  12. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.
    Just looking at that mile high pie makes me want to head for the chocolate!

  13. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Time sure does fly, doesn't it. Both of my kiddos are "pushing" forty and it just makes me feel so old! I hope your blossoms survive this ridiculous weather we are having. Otherwise- have a lovely weekend!

  14. Happy birthday to your daughter. We got a cold blast down in Texas today too. Loved it. I must've been made for the far North lands!

  15. Such a shame for the cold weather and peach tree....there have been many times I lost all my fruit because of a late cold front. Hope you were able to cover one or two !!

  16. Hello there Henny! I'm so glad you dropped by my blog for a visit. Come by often. And I will visit you as well. I hope you get warmer weather soon. It's about time, with April just about here!!

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