Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow! Plans cancelled!

Post started yesterday 2/24

It's snowing here today! "Why am I not surprised"! Lately every time Shelby and I plan to get together, something happens and we have to postpone. We had planned to go down home today, well not exactly down home, but down to Sanford. Our Dad was born and raised there. Sanford is about an hour drive from Raleigh...going south . Daddy had seven brothers and two sisters. We have lots of relatives there.

Mama and Daddy many years ago...

Shelby and I were going to the cemetery where Daddy is buried. Back in 1942, the year I was born, Daddy had to buy a burial see, I had a twin sister who died hours after we were born.  Back then, at Shallow Well Church in Sanford, you could not buy just one burial plot, you had to buy five, so Daddy bought five. A bit of information Shelby found out yesterday. Only two of the plots have been used, one for Daddy and one for the baby. Shelby and I were hoping to find the baby's grave and put a marker on it, and visit Daddy's grave.  Then we were to find out about the three remaining plots.

I'm back...

Shelby and I hated to cancel our plans but the snow fell all day long yesterday. Maybe next week. I could sure use  a day away...a break from the routine...a change of scenery!

Poppy was off work yesterday too and since it was cold and snowing he and Eli lounged around...

                      wanna play?

                      you going to sleep?

                                this is boring!

                      Could you move over a little?

We've had a little sunshine this morning but now but the clouds are beginning to build. We could get 4 to 6  inches of snow tonight and tomorrow! I know one thing!!! Spring can't get here fast enough!

Suppose I had better get back to the housework...the washer just stopped. Thank you, if you've managed to stay this long.  :)



  1. I just can't get over what a big boy Eli is! A big boy who still thinks he's a little lapdog. How interesting that you were a twin, and what a sad loss for your family. I hope you get some nice weather and get to enjoy your trip soon.

  2. What precious pictures of Eli and Poppy. Hope you get to take your trip soon! I agree with you...I want spring to hurry up.
    Blessings and Wishing you Sunshine,

  3. I'd love to cuddle Eli to sleep...mind you,there'd be no room left on the bed with all the cats there too!
    Jane X

  4. Ah the loss of a sister that you never knew except in the womb...sad. Your Mom must be buried elsewhere? I hope you get a chance to get out of your snow soon and a trip with your sister will be fun for you:) Eli is a couch potato:)

  5. Sweetest pictures in the world, Poppy and Eli. I'm hope Poppy is still breathing after umpteen pounds of devoted dog on his chest!

  6. those pictures of the baby cuddled up with Poppy are so sweet. We're in need of a snow shovel down here in Texas too. Stay warm.

  7. There's lots of history in cemetery plots. Make sure you fallow this one.

  8. Now I know your birth year, and that makes you two years older than I am. I must say I was surprised. You sound and act so young!
    You will have a good trip exploring your family history to look forward to once the weather permits.

  9. Hi Henny, more snow? Rats! Looks like Eli could warm the both of you if the heater went out. He is as big as a featherbed, but SO much heavier, I bet. I will send some photos to your email of the coast here around Laguna Beach to show you a bit of sunshine. That is where I have been painting every week and it has been lots of fun. I know you can't leave all the animals for a trip to California, so I will send a bit of it to you.
    Your lost twin story is so touching, one of lifes mysteries, we are glad you are here.

  10. Always frustrating when the weather spoils your plans:( Looks like you need a bigger couch, ha ha!

  11. What wonderful pictures of Poppy and Eli, made me smile. Shame about having to cancel your plans, the weather is certainly strange in your part of the world at the moment with all these records been broken for the amounts of snow and freezing temperatures. Stay safe.


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