Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pink dishes and a few animals

A quarter for this old towel at the thrift shop and I like it...

I was admiring this little towel while eating my oatmeal this morning, and thinking about mama. The little pitcher holding the tiny little glass spoons belonged to mama. Something we found at a thrift shop while out shopping together several years ago. Mama loved little pitchers and used to collect them. Andee gave me the glass measuring spoons.

This small pitcher came from a thrift shop and the larger one, another gift from Andee...

I'm wondering, are the old pink dishes called "pink willow" like the "Blue Willow" china...

Anyhow, all of these pink dishes are odds and ends found at thrift shops. I need dinner plates and cups to be able to use these dishes. 

When Andee and Todd were stationed in Germany, Andee shopped at a place called "the dead man's store" (I believe that's the right name). She bought so many beautiful things and lots of the pink willow dishes. 

I have a weakness for dishes and can't resist bringing home odd pieces. I also love old cupboards and wish there was room in the cabin for this antique cupboard cousin Pat gave me. I would love to fill it with old dishes.

Animal pictures for the day. Smokey in Poppy's chair again...

Always close to his big buddy.  Smokey is gaining weight. Can you tell?

Weetie on guard. Dozing. Always with one ear up and one ear down..

Poor baby. This is not prison. Just waiting for mama to let the chickens out. She will be right back...

Better get up from this computer and get busy. I need exercise today and hope to get it by raking leaves and moving some stuff out of the yard. Need to first finish the house work. yuk!.

Hope to be back soon and thank you for stopping by.



  1. What a delight sharing your stunning collection of pink dishes, it is stunning. A bargain with the thrift store towel another beautiful addition for your lovely home. Eli always makes me smile.

  2. I like the red and white dishes (are they really pink?). Meredith collects blue and white ones just like that. I'm surprised it doesn't say the name on the bottom. What happened to calling Smokey 'Kitten'? :))))

  3. You have some beautiful dishes Henny. The dishes with the English scenes are typically called English Staffordshire Ware, unless of course they have the "Blue Willow" scene on them, and then they are the Red Willow pattern.
    Smokey aka Kitten has grown so much, and enjoying Poppy's chair once again, we will have to change the reference to "Smokey-Kitten's"
    Hope those chores disappear fast !

  4. I'm a dish lover too, Henny. I have too many, that I know. I can never walk by a china cabinet without peering inside. Everyone's is so unique with all their little treasures inside. My favorite piece to play with is my step-back cupboard. It holds lots of dishes. "HI Smokey! Nice to see you today." And this pup is new to me. I guess I never read the post where Weetie was introduced. Have a nice weekend, Henny.

  5. Wow Smokey is growing! He is such a pretty cat! I love pictures to. I have a few pottery ones and I want more! I love the pink dishes to. I have my granny's old hutch that I need to sand and put a new glass in the door. I don't have room for it in the house either but I want to get it fixed and squeeze it in somewhere.
    Love you!

  6. I love all of your old things. I collect old things, too, besides being one myself.

  7. I love your old pink dishes! I think they are called Red Transferware dishes, I am not sure of the pattern. At any rate they are lovely:)

  8. I like old dishes, and it's fun to see your collection. I like the two paintings in your beautiful primitive cupboard, and I have both of them,too!

  9. All is well at your little piece of Heaven on your little farm! Smokey is a comfortable house kitty now! I hope he comes in at night to enjoy your lovely warm fire. He does look like he enjoys his food. I love cats that are a little chubby. That's the way they should be!
    Looks like your animals are enjoying the New Year as I hope you are too!


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