Monday, January 19, 2015

Another day at the plow

Dear friends,

It has been like spring today! Warm and sunny and beautiful! Just beautiful! A fun day to me is a day filled with outside work.

Normally at 6:00 in the evening I am busy in the kitchen. Today was special, even rare. At 3:30 after I had put the hammer and the crowbar back in the shop and had come in the house, Poppy said, do you want to order pizza for supper? Pizza? Really? See, Poppy doesn't care for pizza. Could it be that he noticed all my hard work?

Another truck load of pine straw neatly spread over the side yard. The shed cleaned out, swept, and every tool put in it's right place. The potting bench I so proudly built in the spring of 2012 torn down and every heavy cinder block, exactly eighteen, brought back in the yard and stacked neatly next to the compost bin. I've not been happy with that potting bench since the beginning. The area around the greenhouse and garden looks much neater now. The plan was to take my time. Move a few cinder blocks and boards every day...not over do it! Yeah right! I don't know when to stop...never have. So, the potting bench, blocks, and all the junk, gone!

Every time I looked up from my work there was Eli and his bear watching me from his pillow on the porch...

He was such a good boy. We went for that long walk I promised him.

Now to that hammer and the crowbar. There's been a big heavy whelping box leaning against the back of the shop since way back when we used to raise and sell Lab puppies. I tore that thing apart, nail by nail, and now have a wheelbarrow load of boards. Have you ever used a crowbar?  Good grief! Poppy must have used four inch nails when he build that thing. The crowbar pried those boards away from the nails. That was fun!

Two day of sunshine have helped a lot to dry things out after four days of rain. The pond is still muddy and the pier under water. Every day without rain I move a few more leaves. I'm now down to the edge of the pond where raking is the hardest...

Once again here it is near bedtime. Cats and dogs all over the house waiting for their beds to be made ready, and their water bowls filled, and needing a big hug.

Thank you if you've managed to still be here. Hope to be back soon.



  1. love the sunshine we're having too. you have such a wonderful place. and love the picture of your dog with his toy.

  2. Pleasant sunny weather makes us feel like getting a few jobs done. I'm a long way from doing anything outside except shovel snow.

  3. Wow you have been busy today. I hope that you are not to achy to rest tonight. The pine straw looks really nice. I also love the pictures of Eli.
    Love you

  4. I built and took apart so much I screws so I wouldn't have to use a crow bar and need back therapy. Sunshiney day sounds really good. A few sounds even better!

  5. What a busy day, you have achieved so much, well done. The ground is still too wet to get any outside jobs done yet, a little early in the season. You should have a good soak in the bath you will probably have sore muscles.

  6. You certainly work hard and achieve much.
    It's below freezing here in UK - much too cold to go outside.
    Eli looks so contented - he certainly knows where his bread is buttered ! (that's an English expression meaning he knows where he is well off and cared for)

  7. Good gracious where do you get all your energy? I want to find that store and buy me some! Now that you have all that wood from the whelping box you need to think up something to build with it :o} We wouldn't want you to run out of things to do-----you could be dangerous!

    We've had sun too and warmish days (nearly up to 50) and it is wonderful. It's tempting to think that surely it must be spring but I know that February is lurking in the wings and that is a hard month to get through. So tired of winter and you know that there are a good many more weeks before spring really takes hold. Best to get done anything you can when you get a few days respite from the cold and wet.

  8. My outdoor days here in Massachusetts are non-existent until warm weather returns. But I understand completely about cramming all the work into one day. I hate to leave a job half-finished and once you're on a roll, it feels good to just get it done!
    Thanks for my morning dose of Eli - now I can start my day! (Although the cats are adorable, too.)

  9. You have been busy! Outside here consists of shoveling snow off the patio, filling bird feeders and taking care of doggie do..oh and photographing birds! Not much else can be done in the cold, I have not seen the sun in days.
    Eli looks so pretty...or should I say handsome his white is so white! :)

  10. Wow, you are one busy energetic lady! It's amazing how a little sunshine can help with our moods. We have another glorious day coming here. Hope you were not too sore after all that work. I know all about crowbars, and that feeling of 'why oh why did they need to use nails twice as long as necessary':)

  11. I hope you enjoyed your pizza. You deserved one! I love using a crowbar. It's so satisfying, fighting those big nails and winning.

  12. You are amazing.
    Have a blessed week! ♥

  13. I like working outside too, and once I get started it's hard to stop before I'm finished with what i want to get done. And after a day like that, making dinner is hard to get excited about. Hurray for pizza.

  14. Enjoying the photos of Eli and cats in sunny spots - love it!


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