Thursday, December 18, 2014

Me, the procrastinator

The front porch last Christmas...before the men in white showed up with their paint buckets. Very rustic. I like rustic.

Why am I such a procrastinator? That's me alright! I never never get things done early. In fact, my good ideas pop into my head after it's too late. Poppy said to me just this morning, "you need to do nothing but get ready for Christmas these next few days. Stop worrying about the yard and raking leaves".

I was in town yesterday, standing around in the stores like a lost dog. Then back at home thinking, why didn't I get the things needed for my baking, and that couple of gifts that need to be delivered...this week! Now it's another trip to town! And another thing... now that the Christmas cards written and in the mail, I've come up with the perfect picture to put on a card...too late!

Something interesting going on outside again. It's not the pig this time...

I know it's not. I saw him pass by the house early this morning headed toward home..

Poppy called me not long after getting to work this morning to tell me the store where he works was robbed last night. Seriously! Three guys came in waving guns. One guy went straight to the front office while the other two rounded up all the employees and ordered them to lie down on the floor. The guys left with the money and no one was hurt. Those employees were given the day off today. I'm sure they needed it. How scary that would be!

Eli said he is soooo glad Poppy was safe at home when that robbery happened!

Not much of a post. Thank you for visiting. Be back soon, hopefully! :)



  1. Your porch looks truly magical!
    How horrid to be a victim of armed robbery..those poor employees.
    Jane x

  2. Your porch is beautiful I know how hard it is to get things going. I am also a procrastinator I just have to make myself do something. I am so glad that Poppy was not in the store when the robbery happen. Thanking God that everyone is safe.
    Love you bunches!

  3. I'd fallen behind in my reading and so just finished your last three posts. I enjoyed them so much I was reading out portions of them to the husband in the next room.
    And like, Eli, I'm glad Poppy got home in one piece!

  4. So glad to hear that Poppy wasn't there when the robbery occurred. Seems that things all around, even small places where bad things rarely happen, are getting scary. The fabric of life every which way you look feels like it is falling apart.

  5. Seems like there are more and more robberies all the time...scary. You have seven more days for Christmas decorating!! I hope to finish up today! Then onto the next project! :)

  6. I know your porch will get all Christmasy in time for everyone to enjoy it! It takes awhile to put your head into it when it seems like you just put everything away from last year! I know you will show us when it is ready.
    So glad Poppy was not at the store when the robbers came! That is a harrowing experience to be sure, and the employees who were there deserve some special cheer. Lets hope the next few weeks are peaceful, merry, and bright!

  7. That is a most welcoming porch. I love it. That Eli cracks me up. He is so happy that daddy is safe and sound, as are we. Deb

  8. I've quit reading the news from around here..shootings, shoplifters, just crazy behavior. You cats look quite intrigued..there was something interesting going on out there! Eli is a bear!!

  9. That is quite a welcome home from Eli! I hope the robber/s were caught so they can't do it again.

  10. I like your rustic porch too. As for procrastinating, sometimes I wait so long I don't have to do it at all. Would you believe I still have jack-o-lanterns in the cabinet over the fridge (where xmas stuff should be)? Yeah, well, now you don't feel so bad right?

  11. How can you ever get anything done with such cute animals to follow around.

  12. Good thing Eli doesn't have much weight on that left back leg when he has Poppy pinned on the bed! Sorry, couldn't resist....:) You have a lot of procrastinator friends, and are in good company. At least I hope I would be considered good company:) Finally got the Christmas decorating finished yesterday, and I have to say that Larry did the majority of it.

  13. I'm a procrastinator too Henny. Ooh, I start off with good intentions, but always end up spending too much time on one project, and before you know it, the occasion has passed and everyone has locked up and gone home :)
    I love the look of your porch, so very inviting and cozy, just like your home.

  14. Gosh, looks like all the procrastinators are commenting on your blog, and I'm including my name in the list. Everything you say is TRUE!


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