Monday, December 8, 2014

Decorating gone bad

Well I did bake cookies yesterday and I did put up a few Christmas things...

An armload of real green stuff...cedar and pine, needs to be brought in. That's what is missing here. If the wind would stop blowing for a while, if the dreary clouds would go away, it would be enjoyable to get out and gather a load. The cold is not so cold when the wind is calm...

The cookies were a little of a disappointment. They were okay, but I like a big chunky hardy heavy cookie. These were light and tender. The recipe was in a magazine ad for Craisins.

Guess maybe the decorating bug hasn't hit me yet cause I just don't have that touch. Just can't get things to looking right. You know when you feel that twinge in your heart that brings back memories of childhood Christmases...that's the look I want.

Some green cedar boughs are needed behind these things. I do like the animals and the forest look. 

Eli has an appointment with the vet at 2:30. After that is done, I may bundle up, carry my basket and go for a walk to gather pine cones and greenery.

The Santa's on the tree I like, but I'm not happy with the tree yet.

The the whole set-up here looks too much like a doctor's office.  It may be the lamp. Poppy found this lamp in the dumpster a few months back when he was carrying the trash off. Really, he did, and brought it home. He cleaned it up, bought a new shade and here it sits...

I'm not done here. When it feels right I will take another picture. Yep, that lamp has got to go.

Bickett was curled up on his favorite stool with his eyes covered. Guess he thinks this set-up looks too much like a vet's office...

We supposedly have rain coming in late this afternoon. It looks more like snow...and this wind!

A big white fluffy tail makes a fine bed...

So I'm done here, finding fault with my decorating. Hope to be back soon with cheer and greenery and big heavy rich cookies. Hope you'll come back too! :)



  1. You made me laugh - No, your tree does not look like a doctor's office! It looks like you have some wonderful old toys and decorations. But I understand you dissatisfaction. I've only put out a couple of things so far. After a while, Christmas decorations begin to feel like so much clutter to me, so I don't want to do it too soon.

  2. I always seem to dread the start to decorating but once I've jumped in with both feet, I get inspired, and have a hard time knowing when to stop ;)
    I love your decorations on the mantel, woodland theme, and yes, once you include the cedar and pinecones it will look perfect.
    I like to dry orange slices in the oven and use them on the mantel and tree, the scent together with cinnamon sticks is deliciously Christmas.
    Sweet Eli, and kitties, they know where the best place to nest is !

  3. I thought it all looked wonderful, the vintage decorations are a real delight. The mantel is looking amazing and will be perfect with a bit of green. Better luck next time with the cookies. I am having a Christmas bake day at the weekend.

  4. Many people would love light cookies. :-)
    I would just move the lamp, yes. We always move stuff if we put a tree up.
    I think everything looks great!
    We haven't really gotten the Christmas spirit, either. I think it's because December came so quickly this year!
    Have a blessed week! ♥

  5. Love the pics of Eli with the kitty. I don't really know what Keeper thinks of Kitties. We do not have a cat. We got him from rescue ya know and they are usually good at saying if a doggy is cat aggressive. Though I must admit he did tree the neighbors cat ... oh yes he was a hollering Mom come look what I have in this tree .. just come look! But once I went to see and said oh you have Smokey in the tree... ok good boy now lets let Smokey go home.. He just came with me and that was the end of that. Your kitty that said your decor looked like a vets office cracked me up with his paw over his eyes ROFL ROFL... I am not putting up decorations this year. So your WAY ahead in my book! Oh and we have been known to get things out of the trash on more than one account ROFL... well hey if its still good and we can use it :O).

  6. Spiral a ribbon around the makes a world of difference!
    Jane x

  7. I like your tree...maybe a popcorn stringer:)
    I recall now that you have the same horses and music thingy that we have ...we don't have that Merry Go Round...looks interesting:)

  8. I would not even consider giving you decorating advice. Christmas decorations are very personal things. You have such a lovely touch of the simple life. It's your home and you get to please yourself.

  9. Your comment about Bickett made me laugh! Funny, I'd think most people would like light cookies, mine are usually heavy and hard, as I tend to change ingredients to 'healthy' them up. The lamp is fine, just maybe not there next to the tree right now. That is something that I would do, I'd bring something home like that. You are much farther ahead with your decorating than me:)

  10. I love your pics! So comfy. I can smell Christmas! The sugar and creamer set is adorable. I think I'll take a trip to the thrift store tomorrow afternoon. Haven't been in so long.


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