Saturday, September 6, 2014

Last of the Beans

I got smart this morning and went to the garden early. Although ugly with bug bites, here is the last of the beans. If I pick through these carefully, I might get one more potful to cook. Lots of these will need to be shelled...

I made darn sure there will be no more beans to worry about picking by pulling up the vines as  I picked...

Eli went with me to the garden and played inside the fence whilst I picked and pulled. I didn't think about how bean leaves cling to can imagine how Eli looked underneath...

I called in Henny Penny and Cocky Locky to to get some of the bugs that have been eating the beans. (Actually this is Big Boy and Pest)

Bickett and Dumperoo were ready and waiting to come in from the porch...

Finishing up here. I left for a while and got those beans ready to cook, in fact they are on the stove now. Just as I thought there were lots of shelly beans...

Here it is 3:20 in the afternoon and I still need to vacuum and sweep the kitchen. Better get busy. Again, thank you for visiting. Oh, and I promise, this is my last picture of beans cooking on the stove. :)



  1. Aw, you'll be missing those beans in a month or two! Big Boy and Pest look like they are enjoying their job. :-)

  2. Your chickens are ding a good job. Enjoy your beans and thanks for your comment.
    Have a blessed Sunday. ♥

  3. Another productive day down on the farm. :-)

  4. I love to see your photos-and to hear you talk about things happening down there. I think the mundane things are sometimes the best!

  5. I think you need a bath tub outside for Eli! :0

  6. What a great post, I loved to see all the animals.


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