Thursday, September 4, 2014


We really need rain now. Again last night we had lots of lightening and thunder but no rain. Now at 2:45 in the afternoon the sky is getting dark and I can hear thunder...maybe rain will come with this storm.

It won't be long before the humming birds will be moving on. It's a job keeping fresh sugar water in their feeder but worth the trouble. These little birds are fun to watch...

How boring life would be without animals. Look who's sleeping side by side now, and getting this white bedspread really dirty. Looks like Eli had just come in from playing with the goats. This bedspread got washed again yesterday...

And who's sharing a bowl of Puppy Chow...

As Poppy always says, "don't start anything and there won't be anything"...

Maybe I'll just play in the water...

Some days there is just not a lot to post. Thank you for visiting. Hope to be back soon.

Henny Penny


  1. They look like a very sweet bunch you have there. :)

  2. We could do with a dry spell to get the harvest underway.

  3. I can see how big Eli is getting in the photo where he is eating! He is a big boy. I love the last cat photo, draped over the chair and looking so relaxed! I love all your fur babies. Well, feather babies, too!

  4. I just couldn't be without animals...don't think you could either!
    Jane x

  5. Hope you get some rain but not like we got tonight. I will have to write a blog and post pictures of all of the damage to my trees.
    Love you

  6. Yesterday I was buzzed by a hummer while sitting on the patio. fun.
    And yes, there are always your animals to entertain you, and US!

  7. We've just about had the perfect amount of rain this summer. It's been a good one. Hope you get the rain you need.
    I too couldn't imagine a life without animals, mainly dogs, but I'm certainly leaning towards having less of them.

  8. It is great they are learning to get along.

    I have found if they are introduced early they all do well together.


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