Saturday, June 21, 2014

After the rain

Thunderstorms and rain reached our place around bedtime last night. We had been seeing lightening back toward the west and hearing thunder in the distance for some time. There is something exciting about waiting for a storm. That is, if I am not alone.

The garden really needed this rain. The camera was in the bucket with the feed this morning. So, after opening the chicken house door, putting out the scratch and mash, then letting the rooster out of the goat's lot, I walked up to the garden...

After several hot dry days, especially living on this dusty dirt road, a good shower of rain leaves everything looking fresh and green...

This surely is not a perfect garden and as mama used to say, "it looks to me like some dirt needs to be pulled up around these tomato plants".  Mama said those words to my brother Randall one summer, except it was bean vines she was referring to. It was probably Randall's first try at gardening. He had plowed up a little garden spot in the back yard of his new home and sowed various seeds in a few little rows. I was with mama that day she told Randall what his garden needed. :) Mama's are good at that, you know.

Let me tell you right quick about Popeye's wife Olive. She is setting on two eggs. Not her own two eggs however. And what a ragged mess of a nest she is in. She was sitting too close to the edge so I slid this box under her...

Bless her heart. She had been setting for several days so I checked to see how many eggs were under her. There were none. She wants to be a mama so badly, so I tucked two small eggs from another small hen, under her. For some unknown reason, Olive has never laid a normal egg. Now, about the nest...last winter when it got so terribly cold, I rigged up a raggedy old nest box, added a curved piece of old tin, and stuffed it full of hay. 

Adding a decent new nest box to the Bantam's lot is on my list of things to do. The lot is built onto the back of the chicken may remember when Poppy and I build the little lot just before spring of 2013...I was so excited!

Wish I had left that dog house inside their lot...but no, I didn't like the look! Now it's too late! :)

Oh my! Here it is 9:45. The day will be gone. Thank you for visiting.

Henny Penny

Popeye's pretty boring with Olive gone all day!


  1. I've read that one reason plants look so green and happy right after a thunderstorm is not only the rain that comes with it but the lightening releases nitrogen in the air which the plants can capture somehow. Don't know whether there's any truth to that theory but plants really do respond favorably.

    victoria in indiana.

  2. Your garden looks great, green and growing. And is that a greenhouse I see behind? It looks like mama is quite happy with that nesting box, no matter what it looks like, but papa is going to wear a ditch before those chicks hatch! Happy longest day, Henny.

  3. Your garden is looking great.

    We, too, are in need of a good rain. It seems to be feast of famine on that. We are hot and dry.

    Thanks for stopping by. I am working on a solution for the Bonnie versus my lilies problem...a redneck/hillbilly solution.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Critters and gardens can keep your attention all summer.

  5. Your garden looks lush and beautiful:)


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