Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shhhh Be very very quiet. Eli's is sleeping!

Dear Friends!

We have sunshine this morning! Eli is the only thing keeping me from being outside right now. He is asleep in his favorite spot at the front door wrapped in the curtain...

Please overlook the beat up old dining chair. Poppy and I bought this used mahogany dining set at a flea market back in 1989 for our new cabin. It was beautiful to me back then. We have used this set every day. It has now been through lots of holidays, grandchildren, sticky fingers, new puppies and on and on...I love the table, but six new chairs are on my list of "things I want". The fringe on this rug will never be the same either!

Sleeping with his tail in the cat's water...

This little fellow is a mess, but oh so sweet!!! 

Hope to be back soon. We are headed outside now. Thank you for looking at my blog. 

Henny Penny


  1. Puppy pictures! The world will never have enough puppy pictures to suit me. Eli is adorable.

  2. Happy for your sunshine. Isn't it funny how pups find a semi hidden spot to snooze? Our dog Lucy stills sleeps between the ottoman and the (her) chair in our room at night when she is chilly, or just because she is a dog. I think your chair and carpet are fine. Reminds me that I have material to cover my dining chairs that I bought quite a few years ago. Get out the staple gun, Pam! Have a nice time with Eli while it is warm.

  3. I love your dining chairs, I can only imagine how beautiful the table is surrounded by them.
    Eli is so cute, he's a happy little soul !

  4. Aren't all dining room chairs eat up???

  5. Oh so cute! Especially the tail in the cat water dish.

  6. You could refinish those well loved chairs! Looks like Eli is growing:)

  7. Nothing wrong with those chairs! They have lots of detail, and could look quite lovely painted and distressed, if you wanted to go for a whole new look. Puppies grow so fast, enjoy the cuteness!

  8. Awwww, Eli is adorable!!! And I think the chairs are great! Love, your girl.


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