Monday, September 2, 2013

Country Stuff

Mimosa trees are beautiful and grow really fast.  Poppy and I planted this one a few years ago on the hill by the pond.  There was a Mimosa tree in our yard in Robbins back in the 1950's.  It was a fun tree to climb in and the flowers remind me of ballerinas.

Speaking of trees, I still haven't bought the rope needed to build the tree swing.  Other jobs keep coming up during the day and time simply runs out!!!  While in town buying hay for the goats and scratch for the chickens this morning, I bought a pack of 9 collard plants, drove home, dug a row in the garden, and put the collards in the ground.  Now to get the collards to grow!  I'm having a hard time finding kale and turnip plants.

Do you love old country roads?  I do!  That's our driveways on the right...

Do you love old well buckets?  I do!  Jackie gave this one to us when we moved here in 1989.  

I have talked about Jackie in previous posts.  Jackie, my younger brother, by fourteen months, died much too soon.  He was only 49 years old when he suffered a massive heart attack.  Jackie was a free hearted, kind, handsome man, who loved animals, especially horses.  I once had a picture of him in his Army uniform that I would love to show you.  Maybe I can get a copy from someone in the family.  If so, I will talk more about Jackie another time.  You may remember from an earlier post that Jackie was known as Roy Rogers around our block in Robbins, growing up.  "I was Dale Evans, by the way!" :)

Do you love the Golden Rods that bloom this time of the year?  I surely do.  Seems to be something about an old dirt, country road that attracts Golden Rods.  I love to put a big vase of these flowers on the front porch in early fall...

Plenty of grasshoppers here for the guineas.

Thank you for stopping by.  Hope you all are having a good Labor Day.  Poppy is working, but we plan to grill a steak later on...a rarity around here!!!  :)

Henny Penny


  1. Hey Mama! The tree is so pretty. We have plenty of pictures of Michaela and Madison climbing in it! Uncle Jackie did go way to soon. I love you! Good for you for planting veggies!!

    Your gur,

    1. Hey Lynn, I think about Michaela and Madison every time I look at that tree. I love you.

  2. Hey Aunt Melba! Daddy did leave us way to soon. I miss him so much. I think I might have the picture you are talking about. I don't know how to share it with you on your blog but I can put it on my blog for you. I love the stories that you share about my dad.

    Love you, Vicki

    1. Hey Vicki, Oh, thank you. I don't know much about computers. If you sent a copy to our email address, could I save it that way? I would love to have a copy. I see Jackie every time I look at you. You look just like your daddy!! I know you miss him terribly, and your sweet mother too. I love you, Vicki.

  3. Dear Henny Penn, I love your beautiful pictures, I always think of how lovely it is down there in the upocoming fall weather.

    A note about your turnips and kale - I don't if this will work for you: I have a small 20' x 20' patch that a man that has a farm near me lets me put in turnips, collards and last year, kale. Also mustard, if you like that. Well, the plants go to seed around May or June and he turns the ground and they come up without reseeding. Bunches, way too much for us. Only use horse manure for "enhancing" and last year, I put some blood meal when I planted (or bone meal) because we had a ground hog and they won't mess with it or eat it then. I cover the tender plants with pine needles but not too thick. I pick what I need - very little - and then pick a lot for the food bank in large garbage bags. But, here, if I plant the kale before the end of September with seed and it can grow out of the ground before first frost, it will grow from seed and last through usually March or April - this past year it lasted till May because of a mild winter. I think if we have a hard one, it will go out in January or February. But, it is a thought to just seed it and then turn the ground after it goes to flower in the spring. Don't know if this is any help.

    I hate that you lost your brother so young...I lost my father young and all his brothers died young too. You will have to tell us some more stories about him. Love, Terry

    1. Hey Terry, what good information. I went to Lowes this morning and bought a pack of cabbage plants, broccoli plants, and turnip seeds. I can't find kale. I think I will transplant that little patch of mustard that's growing in the herb garden. Glad there is a cold front coming thru this evening. I can get these plants in the ground tomorrow. It is hot, stormy, and humid today! How neat that you pick 'garbage bags' of greens for the food bank. I know that is appreciated! I've never had luck growing greens like this in the fall, and we love collards and turnips!!! Love, Henny

    2. Henny, I know its funny about gardening isn't it...I really wanted to grow some sweet potatoes in that patch, and the little groundhog ate all the leaves... but they were pretty, I would have ate them, too.

      I got my kale seed at a place like Southern Agriculture Supply like where you get stuff for horses and cows and stuff, like a local Tractor Supply. You can also order kale on line from R.S. Shumway, I have never had that seed fail. They are $1.85 a pack, it's the shipping they get you on!

      I hope I get to meet you and Lynn some day, you too are so much fun on-line, I can't imagine how it would be to meet you in person. I just wanted you to know that I "self-inducted" myself into your standing and staring club lately, it is addicting! Ha Ha - Love Ya, Terry

    3. I'm telling you!! Gardening is funny!! You never know what might grow from year to year. We have a couple of farm supply stores I need to check at for kale seed. Two years ago I grew the most unbelievable kale. We ate all we wanted and gave kale away and the stalks grew to almost five feet. I finally pulled them up because it got bitter tasting. This spring the kale was covered in tiny black worms and we didn't get any.

      Sweet potato leaves are pretty. I hate the groundhog ate them...groundhogs are cute too. :)

      I hope Lynn and I can meet you too. Lynn has said that to me before. We should plan it somehow. Oh, you will be perfect for the standing and staring club!! :) I love hearing from you.

      Henny Penny


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