Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Goodbye to Joe

The memorial service for Joe yesterday was very special.  Joe would have been proud, to say the least!  Joe lived in a rustic, cabin type home surrounded by 3 or 4 huge oak trees and situated on 50+ acres of land which join a wide, rocky, beautiful river. 

Joe was a people person for sure!  Once a year he held what he called "Riverfest".  All the family, and all of Joe's friends from far and wide were invited.  His friends brought their friends!  There was plenty of food, drinks, and live music.  All were welcome to stay overnight as long as you brought a camper, tent, or a plain old sleeping bag, or didn't mind pulling two chairs together!!  

The memorial service was like a little Riverfest only more melancholy.  It started yesterday afternoon at 4:00.  A couple played the guitar and sang hymns, and later in the evening played and sang some other old favorites!  Everyone talked and shared stories about their special times with Joe.  There were groups constantly going to and coming from the river, which is about a half mile walk from the house.  Poppy managed to slip away and walk alone to the river.   He stopped at some of the hunting spots he and Joe had shared, as recently as two weeks ago!  It was a special day!

Joe will be missed by all of us!!!

Henny Penny




  1. Dear Melba,
    I am in Rome, Italy, at the end of our long awaited vacation ( three weeks), but finally had good wifi to check your blog. I'm so sorry to learn about the passing of Joe. Anyone who hosted a "Riverfest" had to be a wonderful person, and a great fellow to know. Since I have been gone a few weeks now from our home, I am really feeling the absence of my family, and always think of them a lot when I am away. It sounds like you and your family have fresh memories of good times with Joe, the hunting and so forth, and it must seem like an impossible thing to have him gone so quickly. Love to you all, and God be with you.

    1. Dear Pam,

      Thank you for such a nice note. It will take some time for Dan get past losing Joe.

      Rome, Italy!!! Pam, what a wonderful vacation. Three weeks is a long time away, especially with a new baby in the family. Hope you enjoyed every minute.

      Take care!



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