Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Just inside for a brief rest and something to eat, if my legs will bend!!!  I've been digging in the garden since 9:30 this morning!!!  It is now 1:30!!!  I did finally get the potatoes planted.  Also got 3 more rows about ready to plant...with something!! 

A while back I posted about how I added layers of fresh hay to the chicken house floor all winter.  Then in spring when I plant the garden, I use the old hay to put between the rows.  Just wanted to mention that when doing this, take care to not have chicken manure where it could contaminate the vegetables, like during a hard rain.  I'm careful to make sure I am walking on hay between the rows and not chicken manure.  Just got to worrying about this. :)
 I use a turning fork instead of a tiller to loosen the soil in the garden.  In a small garden this is easier to do.  Not much to look at right now...

These are pitiful looking cabbage and kale plants.  I added compost and old hay (from the goat's lot).  Hopefully, these plants will start to grow...

These are my "before" pictures.  Hopefully, I can post a good looking "after" garden picture in a few weeks!!!

Good morning!  I started this post yesterday and just now getting around to finishing.

I'm going in to town this morning.  Need plants for the garden.  I have one new picture to share with you, "Clyde", the sweet rooster with only one leg... My buddy...

Henny Penny


  1. Dear Henny Penny,

    That's a good looking patch of earth you've got subdued there.
    It is always fun to do 'before' and 'after' pictures.

    I am on my way to go get a small greenhouse from Big Lots this morning. It is pretty optimistic on my part, as we still have snow on the ground. A girl must have vision, no?

    Clyde the one legged rooster, is a cutie. How did he come to be that way, or do you know?

    So happy for you that you got your potatoes in the ground. I know you had wanted to accomplish that and now you have!


  2. Hey Mama! The garden looks great. I love that picture of Clyde. Poor Clyde. He's a good buddy though! I love you!! Wish we were neighbors. :) Your gur.


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