Saturday, June 29, 2024

Instead of posting this morning...

 I should be reading your posts and leaving you comments, and I will do that. I just first had to say "thank you" for looking at baby Violet and leaving me such nice comments on my last post. Each one is truly appreciated. I meant to come back and reply to each one...hope you will forgive me.

The days are full and any of you ever catch up or get ahead? Oh, but it was wonderful having Andee and Todd home for a couple of nights last week. On Wednesday (last week) Lynn and Jason, and my granddaughter Michaela and husband Jacob came for the day too meaning I got to see sweet little Kendall, my great grandson. It was such a fun day. 

With company coming I had to clean out the teeny tiny sewing room and boy! did I ever clean out! Almost looks empty...

Got rid of lots of dust and clutter and moved things around a bit...actually turned it back into a bedroom.

Then come Saturday, Shelby and I had a craft event to attend so that meant pulling out stuff I had just put away. It was the Bee Jubilee in Oxford. Oh my gosh, what a hot day! It was sunny and like 98 degrees, and what a tiring job! It was fun though and best of all, made a little spending money. :)

Speaking of hot! How about hot and dry! We have been weeks, weeks! without rain and temperatures in the high 90s! I've been keeping the garden alive with the water hose. 

Mr. Sunshine and the big sunflower...and the bean vines are covered in tiny green beans...Oh, if only it would rain!

It was very foggy this morning. Probably because there were rain showers around yesterday but none, not one drop came over us. 

Look how brown and dead the grass is! I mean, a few weeks ago it was green all around the garden. 

It has been one thing after the other! Last Sunday Poppy went to wash his hands and yelled, "Mel, there's no water"! Oh, good grief! Had the well gone dry from the drought? Turns out the pump had gone bad. Thankfully, we found a company that would come help us out even though it was Sunday. Cost us a whopping $1,600.00 but we have water again, and a new pump and new wiring! 

Back to the garden...guess where this little fella hides when he sees us coming up the road...

In the garden! He is tiny and goes right through the fence. I couldn't help but think about Peter Rabbit in Mr. McGregor's garden. I've got to come up with something...he is eating the leaves off the small okra plants. Okra! of all things! And there is kale growing nearby!

Guess I should stop here and say goodby. Could go on and on but I should save a little for next time. Thank you, thank you for stopping by. Oh, so many of you commented about the name "Violet". Isn't it sweet, and her middle name is Lorraine, and that's my middle name. Named after me. I am so pleased. 

Love, Henny


  1. How nice that you had family come and spend some time. :)
    Glad you had fun at the fair and made some money too
    Oh no, about the water pump breaking. Times like that make you really appreciate running water!!
    Hope you get some rain soon. It's raining here right now.

  2. Glad you had time with family, that's always a blessing!
    Sorry about the pump, but thankful it's fixed.
    Your garden looks really good. It had been dry here too, but finally in the last week the rain stopped missing us.
    I love that Violet and you share a middle name.

  3. I have a sister named Loraine...she spells hers with one 'r', my mother-in-law was Lorraine, and my daughter Sarah's middle name is Lorraine.

    I LOVE your posts...always so glad to see one. I wish I had time to go back through all your blog, but seems like I am so slow at doing anything now.

    There are so many rabbits around here...a lot of evenings there are two that play, and there is one huge one I see sometimes.

  4. Don't worry about getting back to us when you have family visiting, Henny; they take priority always! So sorry to hear you're going through a drought, especially since your garden is trying to grow and still looks lovely. Blessings, and I'll pray for y'all to get that needed rain!

  5. We had to replace the pressure switch in our pump a few weeks ago.

    You might be able to weave some branches to keep the bunny out, but it might eat through the branches. Maybe scraps of screen or chicken wire?

    Wonderful family visits.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  6. Hi Melba! What fun you've been having with all your company coming to visit! And I'm glad to hear you made a little moola at your latest "hot" sale! Sounds like you've been busy, as always, but your yard still looks good even with so little rain. My sister lives in NC too and she is complaining about the heat and no rain down there! Hope you get a nice rain and soon! Sorry about your water pump....yikes! It's always something. Are you still line dancing? Take good care friend, Love ya!

    1. Diane, you are always so nice! Thank you! I am still line dancing, every Tuesday. Most fun thing I have done in many years. :) Love you!!

  7. There's nothing like company coming to stay to get us cleaning those corners!!! I'm sure it was all worth it when your sweet family came to visit.
    Now if only you'd get a good rain. Your garden still looks good so all your watering is keeping it going.

  8. I must say...l love my home to be clean, neat and tidy,
    l don't go overboard with it...even though l'm a Virgo...
    It's not a palace, heaven forbid....But! Everything is where
    it should be, so l can just put my hand on anything at any
    time....Dust? I~Hate~Dust...! :(
    And..My home has become quite popular over the years,
    it's quite special, and unique..HeHe! Just like the owner...
    "Nuff Said"...! :).

    Our weather has changed over the last week, plenty of
    sun, and very hot..! Though to~day is is overcast, so
    hopefully l can get out later and trim more of the Virginia
    Creeper back, it has a mind of it's own, and it would cover,
    back and front of my home if l let it..! :(

    It's all been happening this week, l did watch your two
    geriatrics on TV during their debate...What can one say....
    I'm surprised Trump is still alive, and Biden...Well..HaHa!
    Less said the better...! :(.
    And..We've got our elections this coming Thursday, so,
    that will be a fun thing to watch, seems like a change of
    power..not bothered with it to much..but, will still watch it
    over night, l can stay awake...! :).

    Best get on...had breakfast, another lemon tea me thinks,
    then l must get myself into gear...
    "Now! Where's that Virginia Creeper"....?
    πŸ‡ 🐰 πŸ₯š πŸ‡ 🐰 πŸ₯š πŸ‡ 🐰 πŸ₯š πŸ‡ 🐰 πŸ₯š πŸ‡ 🐰 πŸ‡ 🐰 πŸ₯š πŸ‡

    1. Hey Willie, well, I stopped going overboard with my cleaning several years ago. Got too hard to crawl around dusting baseboards and such. Who cares about them anyway. :) Too many other fun things to do now days. Now like you, I do want everything in it's place. If your home is as unique and special as you are, well, no wonder it's popular! Does your virginia creeper have the large orange or red flowers? Always enjoy your comments.

    2. The flowers on my Creeper out back, are more purple than
      any other colour, and not many at that....The best time of
      all is Autumn, when all the leaves are on the turn, multiple
      colours appear, and looks really nice, though, then the leaves
      fall off, it's quite sad really..! :(.
      Never had flowers on the creeper out front, the area is quite
      shaded, the sun does'nt come round there till about three
      o'clock in the afternoon..! :(.

      And yes...My home is very special..HeHe! Especially my
      downstairs loo/toilet...
      Many's the time on a Sunday afternoon, people, strangers
      even, will knock on my front door, to view, take photos or
      video my famous downstairs toilet...! :).
      The things l have to put up with....! :O).

  9. Good morning,
    there is nothing more beautiful than having family visits!
    I hope it rains because your grass really does look very dry!
    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  10. Your photos are always such a treat. We've been hot and dry here too, although not quite as hot as you, although with the humidity, might as well be! Woke up this morning to see out little weather station said we got 0.22" of rain last night. Weather forecast gives us a 50/50 for more! Hoping!

  11. I hope your drought breaks soon - and here's hoping that little Peter Rabbit will soon grow too big to get through the fence! Enjoy your day :)

  12. Wow, you have had a lot going on! Great to have all of your children and the grands, come for a visit and so close together. Now wonder you are busy busy busy. Nice to hear you and your sister still find a craft fair to go to. But the heat. Even up here we had 7 days straight of high 90's. And then a bit of rain, not much at my house. The temp went down for a day or two. I wonder is baby rabbit stops by to wiggle noses with Randall and you other (sorry I forgot her name). Did you ever get her spayed? Good luck with your wonderful garden. Hope you get rain without some kind of major storm. Lynn and Precious

  13. Isn't family the best?! You have been busy! Yes, going to markets this time of year is SO hot and tiring. This coming Saturday will be my last market day until September. We finally got a bit of rain on Thursday, and hopefully some more tomorrow. So so dry for he poor farmers!

  14. Love that you got to visit with family and got a cleaned-out bedroom, to boot! lol
    We are needing the rains here, as!

  15. so sorry for the pump and of course all the expense that goes along with getting things back up working. Seems like it comes in spurts around here. Get one thing fixed and then something else happens, but we are blessed. I can tell how important family is to you. I am the same way. Family time is the BEST. Lorraine is a beautiful name and it goes perfect with Viloet. So glad to see your post and all of your photos. Always great to visit here.

  16. The heat is too much for the grass and the outside plants. Yes, we were so 'green' in the spring... and now so 'brown'. It's sad, but not unexpected. I too was also wondering if you got Willow spayed? Willow is your female bunny's name, right?
    Or are you keeping the two bunnies separate? And it's great that you have family visitors. I know how fun that is. As for cleaning for company, I have come down in what I do also... no one really cares if everything is perfect. They come to see you, not your house.

  17. So sweet, little Violet Lorraine! Glad you now have water! Your gardens look beautiful and green despite all! andrea

  18. The high heat and drought are serious problems in many places. We don't have the heat but we are certainly short on rain.

  19. How nice to have someone named after you. It's been terribly hot here. Big storm early last week, 70 mile an hour winds, torrential rain. Fortunately no real damage here, quite a lot of branches blown down around the yard but everything else is okay. The power was out all over the town and county so we lost pretty much everything that was in the freezer, but that is all replaceable. Luckily the weather cooperated and the temps were down in the low 80's so we didn't really feel the lack of air conditioning at all.

  20. I love the name Violet. I have a cousin with that name and there's a little girl in our church whose name is Violet.

    Glad you had good visits with your daughters and family.

  21. Oh Henny, your little homestead is so beautiful! I wish I was there with you! Congratulations again on your beautiful great granddaughter Violet! It is very dry, drought dry here in WNC. I hope for a big rain, but when you need it, it doesn't usually come. Glad you got the well pump fixed, that's something you can't live without. I am so glad you went out and sold some of your things. It's a lot of fun meeting new folks. Hope your summer continues on so happily! The wee rabbit is so cute, but it will eat everything it can! Love & Hugs Terry

  22. What an honor to have someone named after you! Good thing that the well was fixable without drilling a new one! Country living has its expenses!

  23. How exciting ..your namesake Lorraine. That sounds great with Violet. So glad you had fun visitors and what a busy Summer. The drought here and alot of places is sad and scary. :0( . Prayers up for some rain soon. I was out about 630ish here last evening to water, and I felt a few raindrops..but that was it. :0(. I feel so bad for the cattle we see and for the folks trying to feed them. All sad. Your sewing room/bedroom looks pretty in the pics. I know your guests were happy. "There's no place like home".

  24. How nice to have family visiting! Love all your pictures!


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