Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Comminity Rock Pile

 Who would've guessed Tropical Storm Ophelia was headed straight for North Carolina! "Not I, said the Little Red Hen".

Winds were terrible Friday night and all day Saturday. No damage here but man, the yard and porches were simply littered in dead tree limbs and green leaves.

Guess I'll wear out another wheelbarrow cleaning up the mess...

This was the first of many loads...Poppy carried the bigger pieces away by hand...The joy of living in the woods. :)

Anyhow, about that community rock pile...

Actually, my friend Carla's husband drives a dump truck. Occasionally he brings a load of not so perfect gravel to be spread on the dirt road. Turns out this load had too many big chunks of cement...

so the rock pile, once much bigger, keeps disappearing. Folks slipping in and carting off enough to repair holes in their driveways and such...

so I'm thinking to myself, why not slip over and cart off my own few loads of gravel...maybe build something pretty...

Not even one car passed by and caught me loading up my little pink wheelbarrow.   :) But I have an advantage...see the grey showing under that center board, right side, on the gate? That's the rock pile...just a stone's throw away. 

I built a little patio, joining the greenhouse and playhouse even extending  into a little entrance way...

I kinda like it, do you? Is there anything any more fun than building something pretty?

Remember the old green tub, part of an old fashioned wringer washing machine? Holds the potting soil...

well, it was sitting atop an old rotten pallet about to fall in...what to do? plus I needed it to be a little off to my stash of wood pieces, bricks, and cinderblocks. 

Perfect! There leaning against an old saw horse...a big, brand new, wooden pallet my neighbot Windy had given me about a year ago. Headed back up to the garden for a saw and the wheelbarrow.

Whew! quite a haul from down near pond! Anyhow, stacked there is the pallet sawed in half...and...

my new, sturdier, taller, easier to reach table! Actually, to me it doesn't look as pretty as the old dark pallet but in time this too will weather and age. And now I see part of the problem...I forgot to spread out the runners on the chocolate vine. That would sorta cover the new boards...

Boy I can sure go on and on, can't I. Bet you've all ssigned off. Anyhow, if not, thank you for visiting. Sure appreciate you all.

Love, Henny


  1. I like what you've done making the little patio area and also raising the tub of potting soil. It's always fun to think of a project and get it done. Your playhouse area is so tidy...reminds me that mine definaitely is not. First sunny day we get I'll be sure to do it. Have a great Fall, dear friend.
    Granny M

  2. Your creative rearranging looks great, I like it. It sure beats buying things you don't need.

  3. I think it looks great. And what a work out for you. I stop at the bottom of the hill we live on and gather flat rocks out of the ditch/creek when it is dry. I use them to level my bird baths that are on chunks of tree trunks. And to keep the weed barrier cloth down for the flower beds when the mowers make it fly about. You just have to be creative.

  4. I love your walkway!
    Glad you all are safe. Praise the Lord!
    God bless.

  5. You've created a beautiful path and organized area Henny, I love your creativeness.
    Happy to learn you were not impacted too much with the hurricane, other than all the barrow fulls of branches, trees can be so scary in high winds.

  6. Your garden is so inviting, Henny Penny! You've done a marvelous job with it. Glad to know, too, that you weathered the recent storm with only branch debris in the yard. What a relief! Blessings!

  7. Sure haven't signed off enjoyed every bit!
    It looks so nice! Good job.

  8. Your new little patio and path look terrific. Good Job. You can put all those sticks on your natural fence. Do you still do that?
    I have a bunch to add to mine too!!

  9. It all looks lovely! What a clever person you are to make a magical garden. I really like the frog, too.
    Take Care,

  10. Well you've got some big ideas there Henny....and it's all looking good! Love all the pictures and your explaining all that you're doing. I love how you think up all these great things to do! So fun to come to your blog to see what's new! Thank you friend....take good care, Love U.

    1. Hey Diane. Hope you're feeling better. I appreciate you taking time to read about my silly projects. Love you!!

  11. I've always loved your patio/playhouse area and both of these projects make it even better. It's so neat and tidy. You never bore any of us as you're always so busy and have fun things to show us. Thank you again for sending me the bag. I use it everyday and love it. :-)
    Blessings and hugs,

  12. Phew! Made it...! :). Have'nt been up long, hung a
    bit of washing out on the line, though winds and
    gales are forecast later...Storm Agnes, they've called
    it...had my fry up here l am....! :).

    Goodness Henny..The old homestead is looking
    goooood! Very good..very posh..HeHe! :).
    The little patio looks great to...surprising what you can
    do with an old rock pile...on the side of a road..! Bless! :).

    And you can go on and on as much as you like to...Yours
    and Julie's posts l 'always' look forward to...Take care....
    Tummy rub for Smokey....HeHe! Bless him..!x

    1. Well I'm so glad you made it! Hope your storm Agnes isn't too bad. Thank you for reading my silly posts. I'll be sure and give Smokey that tummy rub from you. :)

  13. I get some of the best ideas from you!!
    Love it...

  14. I love your little patio! And how great to have that community rock pile, what a great resource. Great use of the pallets too. You're a very industrious lady!

  15. Maybe this comment will stick, I tried to post on your last entry to no avail!

    Glorious idea, Henny! I love it, it's perfect! I love the old washer tub, it must have a been a beauty in its day. I am totally amazed at how the little playhouse has transformed and I know come winter you will be glad of the new walkway! Sorry that you experienced all that wind with Ophelia, I thought you might be too far inland, but she reached her mighty winds way out there! Love you, love the bags from previous post, I wish you were near me, I would buy a few! Love Terry

  16. Love your new gravel walkway. It looks very tidy and professional! Your yard looks great :) Ours is still full of branches from Ophelia!

  17. That rock pile is sure convenient! Your yard looks lovely!

  18. Wow! It all looks beautiful ~ you've been busy. Soon all your green will turn golden shades of gorgeous.

  19. You are quite creative! It all looks great, especially the walkway.

  20. Love how you take "a bunch of nothing" and make it so nice and unique and pretty. :0) ... So enjoy your posts. Happy Fall to Yall and hope your furbabies are well, too!

  21. Such a pretty tidy little corner now! I agree - it is always satisfying to create something nice out of found materials.

  22. Henny, Anonymous is me, Cynthia. It’s the only way I can comment for some reason.

  23. Storms leave such a mess, especially with pine trees! I just love your new gravel walk way - you are very creative!

  24. Hello Henny. It was good to visit with you. I'm surely sorry about all of the tree limbs and leaves from when the storm went through. Your patio looks amazing! I loved hearing about the community rock pile!

  25. Mama, I love what you made! You always inspire me. I need to work on my little garden area. Love you!!!!

  26. Hey Mama! I love everything you created. It’s beautiful. You always inspire me. I tried commenting on this post a few minutes ago and I don’t think it went through. In case you get two. Love you!!

  27. Henny, it’s me Sharon from At Rivercrest Cottage. I’m still in Wisconsin on the Crystal River. We’re selling the river house we bought 6 months ago. It was built in 1966 so required lots of replacement and repair to bring it up to date. New boiler furnace, AC etc. im ready to head out on a long vacation to the southern states while we wait for a new house to come on the market. Keep blogging please. I enjoy your updates.


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