Thursday, September 22, 2022

A Bit of Fall

We got just a sprinkle of rain, not even enough to settle the dust, before the much anticipated cold front began blowing through around 3:30 today. What a relief! The temperatures were in the mid 90s today and reached 98 degrees at Raleigh Durham Airport!

These next few days should feel a lot like fall so, I've gone crazy with fall colors, especially in the old cupboard...

Isn't it amazing what rag and bottle of Old English furniture polish will do!

a little closer look...I found the large dinner plates at Goodwill this week...

That's hickory nuts in the bowl...

Have you ever tried to crack open and eat a hickory nut? What a job! Poppy did crack one with the hammer and we both got a tiny taste.

Anyhow, fall of the year makes me want to work outside, clean up, and move things around. 

Wish you could have seen the junk we hauled out from under this old shed. It hasn't been this neat and clean in years. Poppy used to park his four-wheeler here...

Hay is stored in the old freezer covered with a tarp. Nailed a strip of wood across the back of the shed to stand garden tool and my bamboo poles.

Pulled out the old wooden tool box too and filled it with kindling wood. Good for starting fires this winter.

The kindking is kinda dusty from being stored in a cardboard box for too long.

Can't go without a word about sweetie pie rabbit...

I really believe he loves the wide open space in his big ole dog lot, and the ramp up to his box...

and! I'm building a little garden room just outside his pen. There was a mess of old cinder blocks stacked there so I've just re-arranged them a bit...
not exactly pretty yet but I've only just begun...

There is really nothing pretty about a cinder block so I need to come up with some pretty ideas. Any suggestions??

Well, The TV just cut off. Poppy must be headed this way so I will stop here. This is probably way too much anyhow. 

Oh, Smokey wants to say goodnight...

Thanks for looking!

Love, Henny


  1. Well your house is sure looking beautiful with your Fall decorations! I love the colors of Fall with the pumpkins and did a great job Henny! That Randall Bunny looks like he's getting longer already! What a cutie pie he is...and that's such a nice pic of your Smokey too! Looks like you're doing a great job fixing up the pen for bunny boy...keep him safe from daughter and family just lost two lovey pet ducks they had for four years, to a raccoon! So heartbreaking. Wishing you all well as Fall fills the air! Love you Henny! God Bless.

  2. You've done a great job of decorating the porch cupboard for Fall. In fact I'm going to 'steal' some of your ideas.
    Your bunny is so long. When he stretches out you can really see that.
    A new project is always fun, isn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing how your garden area evolves!!

  3. I'm glad you have some cooler air in your neck of the woods. It was 100F here on Tuesday and yesterdays high was 59! It feels SO GOOD after the long hot, humid summer.
    Love your decorating on your porch. I've never had a hickory nut and if it's that much work, I probably won't!
    Mr. Randall Rabbit is sure looking like a happy bunny. He's got such a nice looking home and I'm sure he's happy to know he's safe in his box.
    Awww, Smokey is happy too. Now if only Eli and Ellie had made an appearance. :-) Love those two fur babies. I really would love to wrap my arms around them and give them huge hugs.
    Have a wonderful Friday Henny.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Ah! Bless!'s the first day of Autumn (fall)...
    over here, little rain over night, but the sun is out
    and bright this morning...! :) Though it's turning
    And the Virginia Creeper will start loosing it's
    leaves soon...l find that quite sad..!:(.

    Bunny looks quite happy, stretched out and looking
    quite relaxed..lot's of room for him to run around in...
    He'll need a friend soon, Henny, to run around with..

    HaHa! Nite! Nite! Smokey...though he looks far
    from going to sleep...Bright eyed and furry tailed!
    Though you never know with a cat, they just settle
    down and sleep anywhere they want to...! :O).

    Best get on..lot's to do, still getting over my Birthday
    a couple days ago..l like to keep busy, especially in
    the mornings...'Onwards and Upwards'....! :O).
    🍁 🍂 🍃 🍁 🍂 🍃 🍁 🍂 🍃 🍁 🍂 🍃 🍁

    1. HeHe! Take yer pick.....

  5. I have never seen a hickory nut but we do have macadamia nuts that sound similar. It can be fun (or very frustrating) chasing them all round the yard with a hammer trying to crack them open :)

  6. Your autumn decorations are so pretty! Especially now that it finally feels like fall.
    I agree about cinder blocks. The only ideas I have are to either paint a mural on them, or grow pretty plants out the holes in the top layer.

  7. Beautiful Fall Decor! Love your new sweet and beautiful Bunny..and your sweet kitty cat. Enjoyed your post and looks like you are like the squirrels...preparing for the next Season, too. :0) Have a great weekend. Thanks for sharing..always enjoy.

  8. I think the porch looks quite inviting. Love your old cupboard and the way you have decorated. The new plates are perfect for Fall. The bunny looks happy and well cared for. Hope Autumn sticks around awhile for us all to enjoy; before the winter cold.

  9. You could paint the cinder blocks, maybe.

  10. Your little cinder block garden room is going to be lovely! Just a couple of chairs, a little table on that stump, a few more pots on the wall. Fairy lights? Mr. Rabbit will love having you there :) Isn't it lovely to be outside in the coolness? I burned in the burn barrel this morning (so many limbs on the ground) and it was delightful! Happy Autumn!

  11. Love the cupboard, it is so inviting! It is cool here today too Henny, about time! I agree with the fairy lights in the garden for night, enchanting! You could paint the cinder blocks or paint little flowers on them or something. Put some interesting garden items around them, maybe, like a colorful bucket of pansies for winter? I am not a great idea person! Happy Friday Terry

  12. Sweetie pie laying all stretched out is precious. Your place looks lovely with all the fall colors. We too in Ohio have cooled down to some lovely fall weather after the heat wave a few days ago, it is now 40 degrees cooler. Perfect. I think I'll bake some zucchini bread today...and have some soup on the stove simmering. Love the fall.

  13. Randall Rabbit is so darn cute! I absolutely love him and showed a picture of him to my daughter with the wild range rabbits at her place. She loves her Bun Bun too... and Bunn Bunn follows her all over the property. By the way, what does Smokey think of Randall Rabbit?

  14. Henny, I really enjoyed seeing your Fall decorations in the wood hutch. It looks just lovely. I hope this is on the screened porch, otherwise, watch out for squirrels coming for those hickory nuts. And yes, they taste the best. Years ago when my hands could take the abuse, I would shell them for baking. Alas no longer otherwise I'd not be able to hold a spoon to feed myself, lol. The lovely and large bunny looks to be very content and wondering what you are up to outside his abode. Give Smokey a pet for Precious and me. Our temps went down on 9/22 and will not be going back up. I have cleared off the patio flower pots at the high winds knocked many over and broke my giant zinnias off. I think the hummingbirds have left too. Lynn and Precious

  15. Your outside cupboard looks beautiful. You've done a fine job with it.
    You could just paint the cinder blocks, that would spruce them up a bit.
    Turned chilly here today. This morning it was only 39 when I walked.

  16. It's feeling like fall here too. Down to the low 50's last night and the same tonight-------brrrrr. I'm thinking about bringing in some firewood and maybe having the first fire of the season. If I had a good book to read I would be doing that for sure. The cool days here have seen me dividing and moving plants around willy-nilly. Crazed squirrel time! We lost the big maple tree at the side of the house several weeks ago so had the stump ground out and the periwinkle underneath it all dug out. Now to put in grass and some shrubs at the corners, daffodils along the street side and we found a good sized pin oak at a local nursery just today and will have that planted for us soon----too big of a rootball to be a do it yourself job. It looks pretty bare out there but it is nice to be able to look out this window and see the sky and the big trees across the street.

    Is that garden room next to the rabbit enclosure for you or Randall? I'm sure he would be appreciative of your efforts but you would probably get more use out of it. You could paint those cinderblocks. A checkerboard pattern would be pretty.

  17. I love your porch & all your fall touches dear Henny. I think the kindling box is just perfect & I think I should look at making something like that for myself. We are still lighting the fire here & probably will do for another month. Enjoy the weekend dear Henny Penny xx

  18. Randall Rabbit is so cute and looks very happy!
    Your Fall decor is looking very nice and good for you and Poppy for the cleaning.

  19. Beautiful transition to fall at your home! Silly daughter has a pet rabbit and it's all I hear
    She keeps it inside. But when our kids were growing up, we always kept the pet rabbits outdoors. With straw in the winter in their hutches. Since they poop so much, I liked them outdoors. And they loved to lay in the sun. Andrea

  20. Your Fall display is gorgeous. I just adore Randall-he is so cute! He looks so happy. We are quite cool here-only low forties at night. It may get up to 70 today, but cold again at night. Lots of geese flying around-they fly from lake to lake here in the Finger Lakes, most of them stay right in this area all winter. I love your cat too!

  21. I love when fall comes to Henny Penny Lane. The old cupboard looks wonderful in the colors of fall. The plates were a lucky find, for sure. I think it is safe to say that I definitely have fall fever.


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