Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Little Red Shed...Patty and the kittens

Hey friends,

Are you as excited as we are about the cold front coming down from up north? Why, they say this weekend the temps will be in the 80s with low humidity. Do you reckon it's true?

Speaking of the 80s, well the 1980s, shortly after moving into the cabin, we ordered a little storage shed...from Sears. We sure did. Put it together and several years ago, painted it red. 

What a dandy little shed this has been, holding up through years of rain and wind and storms, even a hurricane or two. 

Over the years the doors and along the bottom of the building became ragged and worn, enough so that a little mouse could find it's way in. Last week new doors were built and hung...

Poppy sealed every crack and crevice...I thought we would never get the painting finished, but we did...

Gosh, to me, it looks too clean around the building. I guess Poppy would have a fit if I set out a row of hostas. :(

Might as well show you how the back looks...

Anyhow, moving on to something really sweet and cute...

Remember my cousin Pat? Sure you do...The old cupboard that sits on our little porch?? 

Pat and her husband Mike both love cats. They recently lost their beloved cat Joey to kidney failure. Knowing how lost they would be, they put in an order for two Ragdoll kittens and last week were able to bring them home...

Oh my gosh! What an exciting day that must have been.

These Ragdoll kitties are brothers, born May 6th... 

Meet Theodore (Teddy)...

and Beauregard (Beau)...

Oh, if only I could reach in and pick them up. Is there anything any more fun than playing with kittens...

So so adorable!  Pat and Mike might as well forget about getting anything done around the house...not with these two new babies to keep them busy.

Thank you Pat for sharing these pictures. 

Guess that's about it for tonight. Hopefully when I publish this post the pictures will load. Been having trouble. Thank you friends.

Love, Henny


  1. Your shed is looking very neat and secure against all mice. Those kittens are so cute. Recently we've had a half-grown kitten come through the backyard. It's so thin that I'm wondering if someone moved and left her to fend for herself. ( I think of her as 'her' but who knows). She's very skittish and will only eat the food I put out if I stay well away. I'm hoping to get her to the point of being patted but it will take time.

  2. Hi Henny! Your little red shed is looking great...I think hostas would look lovely around it! Oh those rag doll kitties are so darn cute. i'd love to hug each one. Your cousin and his wife will surely have a ball with them. It's so hard to get over the loss of a pet that we've loved....but these little stinkers should help a lot! Thanks for an always great blog Henny. Hope you get that cooler weather you're talking about! Take good care! Love ya!

    1. Thank you Diane. Sure looking forward to the "cooler" weekend. Hope they are right. I actually dreamed about those precious kittens last night. Love you too!

    2. Sorry I got that wrong....I guess it was your Cousin and her husband! Either way, they sure have some darling kitties there! I'm trying to send some cool weather your way! We've had 70's for weeks now! Before we know it....we'll have winter! Yikes!

  3. Your shed looks brand new! Well done! I have friends who have rag doll kittens... Maggie and Murphy and they are beautiful. I'm sure Pat and Mike will enjoy their new additions.

  4. If you want Hostas, plant them. You had to clean up to fix the shed, but I think Hostas would be perfect. Kitties are always a lot of fun. You all be safe and God bless.

  5. Your shed looks amazing. I was thinking about painting my barn red, but it came stained when we bought it and I don't know if I can paint over it. I think the shade of red you used is perfect.
    Those kittens are so pretty . . . I'm not a cat person, but those are adorable.

  6. Henny, how fun you have your very own red barn! Love seeing red barns over white, no matter the size, lol. It must have been well constructed to last so long. But where will the poor church mice go if not into a clean barn? And who would not love to pick up a couple of small bits of fluff like Teddy and Beau. We have had the cooler temps of low 80's the past week but still with the humidity. Today it is gone and 59 this morn and only in the 70's now. I do not want summer to end but better temps will make it so much more pleasant to finish out with. Lynn and Precious

  7. HeHe! The red shed looks lovely..great..though it would look
    nicer if it was 'pink'...HeHe! Only joking...No your not Willie..! :).
    It's a nice designed shed, bit different than the ordinary shed..!

    AND...The kittens...what can one say...there lovely, they look
    lovely...cuddly! cuddly! :).
    I bet there a lot's of fun..Pat and Mike will have years of fun with

    And the weather over here is 'hot' to say the least....Phew!
    And 2~3 days more of it as rain for two months,
    and hosepipe bans all over the country..! Not to good over
    here all prices shooting sky high...people
    just can't afford the bills..though the government are trying to
    help...well...??? get on...don't forget to tell Poppy to leave a little hole
    for the little mouse to get in and out the shed...HeHe! Blesss!x
    😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾

    1. Hey Willie! Well I thought about a pink shed but you know Poppy...the hunter. How would that look! We've been hearing about the extreme heat over there. Hope it cools off soon there too and you get some rain. Oh those kittens. I actually dreamed about them last night.

  8. Hi Henny- I like Kittens too- so cute- I had a cat when I was young - named 'Tiddles' - a lovely cat- she would purr on my lap in the loungroom chair besides the wood fire - warm and content was Tiddles. Cheers. KEV.

  9. Hello, Henny Penny! The little red shed looks utterly glorious! That was a lot of work, for sure, but what a lovely result! Yes to the hostas :) Those sharp shed lines need a little softening, haha.
    My daughter has a gorgeous ragdoll cat named Chancey. He's pure sugar :) Teddy and Beau are super cute!!

  10. Henny, Teddy and Beau are adorable!

  11. Good morning Henny, really hope that cold front gets here, we have had nothing but humidity and storms for a month up here! Your building looks better than new by the way! The kittens are fabulous, love the ragdolls. So happy that they could get them to ease the pain of losing their baby. Have a wonderful week! Terry

    1. Thank you Terry! I sure hope the cooler weather gets here. Terry, I need to email you but not sure I have your email address. I do have an address for a Terry but is it you?? Can you send me a quick email

  12. Hello,
    The little red shed is so cute, I agree, planting a row of hosta is just what it needs. :-) Hee Hee!
    Oh my goodness, those kittens, they are so sweet. I love the photos of them. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Oh my goodness those two kittens are adorable
    I love your red shed looks great.

  14. We are excited about the cold front ~ just another sign that summer is winding down. Your shed looks very nice. I like that you painted it all the same color, doors and trim too. The kittens are adorable!

  15. I like the little red shed. I could see some hostas planted around there.
    Such cute little kittens!!!

  16. What a beautiful job you guys did refurbishing your shed. They are so expensive to replace now.
    The kittens are adorable and from the photos,you can see they are being spoiled already.
    If you could, please send some
    Cold front down south to us please!

    1. Thank you Savannah. Sheds are so expensive everything else. I think we paid around 700.00 for that shed back in the 80s. It would be 2,000.00 today.

  17. Oh, those kittens are just beautiful. Of course, kittens generally are but these are especially so.

    Yes that cold front is already here and on its way to you----was down in the low 60's overnight and is 74 now with no humidity. Heavenly!

    Love the little red shed. It looks shipshape and Bristol fashion. Isn't it nice when something bought so long ago is still looking good and functioning? Seems to happen less and less these days. What is the metal gate like thing that Poppy is fastening onto the corner of the shed? I agree it does look very bare around the sides and back and it really needs some landscaping done around it! I'm always in favor of more flowers especially if I'm not the one who has to dig the holes and prepare the beds.

  18. I love the kitties. Happy Friday.

  19. Oh, those kittens are so cute they make me want to cry! Just not room in our life right now for a cat but I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to hold out. Your little red barn looks like new! Great job you two.

  20. Oh my how beautiful the kittens are!! Thanks for all the kind words on my blog. I love you Henny Penny!! This is Vicki I still can not figure out why it will not let me comment as me just anonymous.

  21. The shed looks great! I agree though that it needs to be surrounded by hostas or something! Those kittens are adorable! It is a lot of fun to watch them play together!

  22. Your shed looks great! Those kittens are so cute, they must be brushed every day!!

  23. wow..great job on that shed...back when products sold were better than nowdays. Great vampover by your hubby. I luvvvv the beautiful kittens. How exciting and fun. Thank you for sharing. I am in NC near Greensboro and am enjoying the cooler temps, too. Take care. :0)

  24. Oh, they do make a person want to reach in and pick one up to snuggle with. Or play with.

    Your little red shed looks good!

  25. Love your red shed. We too have one that has been redone over and over. Hubby is like yours and patches and paints it also. Read where Eli was sick. Our Schindler was sick too with tummy issues. He is better now too. Guess there is something going around this summer with dogs because I have heard of others having the same symptoms. Well hope you get those cooler days. We are better here but need rain badly. Hugs!


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