Friday, January 28, 2022



Wabbit twacks?

It wasn't a big snow we got last weekend, but a pretty snow. It made the little playhouse look very cold. I've simply got to find that old cast iron wood stove I've dreamed of forever! 

Actually what I need is a little building from Lowes. A little place of my own, with a roof over my head.  No walls and no roof gets awfully cold, you know. :)

But that's okay.  Guess what was delivered today?? New panels for the teeny tiny greenhouse...something I really really need. Couldn't get them all at once.

Would you believe, you can buy the entire greenhouse package cheaper than you can buy the new panels? Isn't that crazy? We ordered the ten top panels and the three back panels first. For now the sides and the front door sections are in good shape.

Want to see who enjoyed the snow most...Miss Ellie

and, of course, Mr. Eli

We did take their leashes off and let them run in the snow. They loved it...

Let me tell you, I ducked behind a tree when I saw Ellie rounding the corner at this break-neck speed. Visions of broken bones popped into my head.  

Got enough problems going on now anyhow. Saw a spine specialist yesterday. I have arthritis and a pinched nerve in my neck. One day last week, in the new OrthoNC emergency facility, the doctor put me on one week of Prednisone which immediately took away my pain and let me get a night's sleep, for the first time in two weeks.  Enough about what ails me. :)

I need my gloves! Poppy was telling Eli. Eli's fun game is pulling off your gloves and running with them. 

I've been trying to finish this post for two days. Here it is the end of another week and the weatherman is calling for more snow overnight, tonight. Dear me! How long until spring!

I'll end this with these pretty birds...

I did open a large tarp and spread it on the ground and covered it with birdseed. It was fun watching from the kitchen window as all kinds of birds seemed to drop from the sky, covering the tarp.

Sure appreciate your visiting. Hope to be back soon.



  1. Bad news about your neck Henny. Glad you have at least temporary relief and some sleep. We have had snow after
    snow here, only 5 or 6 inches at a time, but bitter cold. Minus 5 yesterday morn, so nothing is melting. Don't
    lose Eli or Ellie in the snow! They look like fluffy snowmen with black button eyes. Hope the green house
    gets together just fine for you and you get a melt and warmth.

  2. I always say that I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I can't help getting excited about it, but then it makes life hard for all of us, including the animals. The little playhouse looks lovely all dressed in white. Winter is a time of rest for us all, so I am trying not to get spring fever too early.

  3. Your snow photos are so pretty! The only signs that our rabbits leave in the backyard are of the brown variety... enjoy your weekend!

  4. I'm sorry you're having so much pain. I deal with pain, too. Not fun. Love the snow. Love seeing the dogs enjoying it, too. Take care!

  5. Neck pain can be awful. Glad you got some temporary relief.
    It must be fun watching your dogs romp in the snow.

  6. Your snow looks so pretty. The dogs sure seem to be enjoying it. It's too cold for you to play outside right now. Soon enough you will be plenty busy with outdoor chores. Enjoy this time to rest up and heal. Sorry you have had pain to deal with. Love your Cardinals. I'm certain the birds enjoyed your feeding them. What a bright pop of color they give to your landscape.

  7. Funny that Eli runs off with the gloves. I love to see the two of them in the snow. We might get some snow flurries here at the beach this weekend! Can you believe it? What a January. I’m glad you got some pain relief so you could get a good night’s sleep. Hope that continues.

  8. Praying you heal soon, Henry. I have arthritis also, so glad you got some relief.
    Be safe and God bless.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your arthritis Henny. And a pinched nerve too? That's miserable. How fun to get the parts to your greenhouse. I wish you had your little house too, it would be so much fun to watch you decorate it. Ellie and Eli look like they absolutely love the snow. Such cuties they are. I can imagine the fun they had bouncing around in it.
    Blessings and hugs,

  10. Only FIFTY DAYS till spring!!!!! I'm keeping track on my calendar (paper one hanging on my bulletin board--I know, I know Luddite of me but I have come along way since the stone block and chisel days!)

    The dogs look like they are having the time of their life running around in all that snow! With those thick white coats it looks as though they were made for it!

    Sorry to hear that you are still in pain----that wears a person down really fast. And it's made even worse by the lack of sleep.

    Think about spring and that should help at least a little.

  11. Sorry to read you are still having pain Henny. I'm well familiar with back pain, and disc problems, the best advice is to rest as much as you are able to. Love your snowy pictures, and sweet little rabbit tracks. A little garden shed would be perfect, mine is small but we'll used, even in the cold winter months.
    What sweet pictures of Eli and Ellie they absolutely love the outdoors.
    Stay warm.

  12. It is so much fun to watch dogs playing in the snow. :)
    Sorry to hear about your neck and back pain - sounds very painful.
    I for one enjoy the snow - had another walk in it today. :)

  13. Looks like rabbit tracks to me. Love your pups! Are they Samoyds? We had one when our kids were little and the vet advised us to re-home her when we moved to Florida as he said she would not do well there. So sad to leave her behind but we left her with a wonderful family.

    Can't wait until Spring. I am OVER winter. I think we got up to 5˚F today. UGH-xo Diana

  14. I'm sorry about your neck pain. Prednisone is a miracle worker I've heard. I'm glad you were able to get that relief.
    I'm excited about your new greenhouse. How I'm looking forward to Spring!!

  15. Funny how dogs like to take mouthfuls of fresh snow.

  16. So many things to love about this post Henny.....the beautiful white dogs in the beautiful white snow....the Cardinals on the bush and the thought of so many birds landing on your tarp eating the seeds you put out for them! the wabbit twacks at the beginning of your post...really made me laugh! I'm sorry to hear about your sore neck...I'm glad you're sleeping better now and hope that continues. Ouch! Feel better soon!

  17. Hi HENNY,
    Your home looks good in the snow. Hope your neck problem subsides and you feel a whole lot better. We are in Summer here - over 90 Deg C today - very hot though cooler in the evening thankfully. Stay well there. Regards. KEV.

  18. At last! :). Goodness! what a morning..!
    In fact what a couple days! All go..! :(.
    Been busy round about, and just yesterday
    l had a new carpet delivered for the dinning
    room which l was expecting next Monday!
    So it's sitting rolled up in the hallway,
    went to find my stanley knife..found the
    blades...No knife...jumped into the car and
    shot over to Homebase and bought one...! :)
    So a bit later on my hands and knees, no,
    not praying..but..removing the old carpet!
    I'll lay the new one tomorrow..with a wing
    and a prayer..Phew! :O).

    The snow looks lovely Henny, and the dogs
    even lovelier..there having a great time..!
    And..if they laid down, closed their eyes,
    you would'nt see them..Bless!xx

    Best get on..have'nt had any lunch yet..must
    be summat dead in the fridge..think there's half
    a cold pheasant..that will do..with a mug of soup!
    ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒท ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒท ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒท ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒท ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒท

  19. The pups looked like they were having a blast in the snow! I love the last picture of the cardinals in the bush!

  20. Oh friend sorry to read about your neck. Hope they can do something to help you. As for Ellie and Eli they could almost get lost in the snow. They both are adorable. So glad you are getting your greenhouse screens...hoping spring comes soon. I am more than ready :)!! Take care and have a great weekend. Hugs!

  21. I bet Ellie and Eli really had a ball in the snow. I hate to hear that you have a pinched nerve. I hope there is something to be done for it till you can get permanent relief.

    I often wish I had my own little barn out in the backyard with a stove and a comfie chair.

  22. I too would like a 'she shed' where I could paint or do my pottery outside of the house. I doubt that will ever happen, but a girl can dream. Love seeing your dogs playing in the snow! And hope you get your neck and back issues taken care of soon.

  23. Great photos! Like you, I wonder how long until spring!

  24. Aw, the dogs look like they were having the time of their lives in the snow. That photo with the birds is beautiful. Yes, we too wish Spring was here already.

  25. Ah, Henny Penny, do take care of yourself. That prednisone is NO joke :( It takes away the pain, but at what a price! Thankfully, they don't keep you on it long, and I'm so glad you got some sleep. Pain is horrible :( So sorry.
    I agree that you need a little outdoor building with a ROOF and sides, and a door, and a couple of windows too, because you don't want it to be dark and gloomy in there either! :) Glad your greenhouse is coming along.
    Big dogs can be so dangerous when they get running! It's been the demise of many an elderly lady. Do take care.

  26. How fun Henny, SNOW for you. I know it will not last long, thank goodness for you.
    We did not get snow, just more COLD, awful cold, more negative temps.

    Praying for your pain, I do hope some answers on how to help you will come.

    I am looking forward to seeing your greenhouse. And maybe a She Shed for 2022!!
    Love, Carla

  27. Ooooh the cardinals, I absolutely love them and rarely see them here! I did spot a female on the deck railing the other day, and a male whizzed by but didn't let me see him, only the blur of red....nice to know they're around, even if they don't visit my feeders!

  28. Your snow looks pretty! I love the idea of your little playhouse, maybe later you could put a patial roof, like a carport has over it to give you some element shelter! I agree with you about the cost of greenhouse panels compared to the actual greenhouse kit. But the good thing about just buying the panels is that you have all of the hard work of building the greenhouse behind you and the panels can go right in.
    It is sweet how your dogs enjoy the snow! They bend right in! I hope your back pain and arthritus soon lessons.
    Love all of your photos..........but oh my, the last photo with the cardinals is lovely.
    Stay warm and safe!

  29. Awww I am so sorry to hear about Dumper roo. I love the snow pictures. Looks like Eli and Ellie had so much fun. Frank built a litte seed starter green house last year and the snow broke it down. We would love a green house. I also would love a she-shed. I am sorry to hear about you back and neck. I hope you find some relief soon. Love you bunches!

  30. I am so envious of your three cardinals in the bush. We don't have them out here in CA where I live

  31. Those cardinals are so pretty. We are having a snowstorm here at the moment, so it's white/gray, and brown. In the tree by the feeder sits a beautiful cardinal. Wow ! what a pop of beautiful color. I would love a she fun.

  32. you got way more than we did in North Georgia

  33. You have such a good heart, to feed the birds. I LOVE that cardinal bush! And you snow puppies are so adorable. Their fur was made for such weather! I wish you could be a big Tough Shed and put one of those mini-splits or window AC/heat units in it and have yourself a cute studio!

  34. Such pretty Cardinals, your snow is pretty too:)

  35. Ugh...we need to replace some green house panels. Not surprised on the cost :-(.


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