Thursday, August 20, 2020

Stick around for the last one

Dear friends,

Thank you for the nicest comments on my last post. I appreciate you all so much. 

Summer is on it's way out; we've just finished our last piece of cold watermelon. 

Remember how watermelons used to taste, many many years ago? Well...
We've found a farmer just up the road who grows and sells big ripe sweet watermelons, that have the taste and texture, watermelons had when I was a child...
We'll sure miss sitting on the porch in the late afternoon, eating a piece of watermelon.

and would you look...
yard-long beans, producing like crazy, again! Haven't found one a yard long yet, but there is one in the bunch, 29" long.

I have the cutest picture, one you may have seen already if you visit Betsy at Betsy ordered two little clothespin dolls for her granddaughter, Piper...
and this is Piper's sweet little face when she opened the package from her grandma. Isn't she cute? Betsy says Piper has lots of babies that she loves and cares for. 

Betsy sent me the cutest picture and video of Piper opening her package, and I've lost them.  Can't imagine how, unless I accidentally deleted them. Sometimes I wonder how I've managed to keep a blog going. 

Thank you Betsy and Piper.

Remember back when the timber was cut from across the road and I said, "if any good thing can come from this, maybe my little pear trees will get enough light and sunshine to grow a few pears".

Well, lo and behold. We have pears!
some way up high too...
and a close-up! I am tickled to death!

and mushrooms! We have mushrooms growing everywhere! We've had lots of rain lately, maybe that's the reason. Anyhow, I've simply got to show you a few.

We have some leaning to the right...
and some leaning to the left...
This one reminds me of a cannister set from back in the 70's.  :)

there are groups of mushrooms...

and rows...

and some just plain scary mushrooms...

strange black mushrooms...

and one that looks icy on top...

and a dainty little sidewalk cafe table and stool, in lovely pastel colors...

and another icy looking one in an unusual color...

and this pair look like they are up to something illegal...

could this one be Chinese...

and one that looks like a snow ball...

tiny red ones hiding in the weeds...

Oh gosh, and this one! Don't know what it looks like; maybe a little space alien? What do you think...

an under-cooked pancake with nuts?

and just a nice sturdy looking little mushroom...

a lemon...

a crunchy topping......

And now! Hope you waited for the most unusual of all...

without the purple stem, this could be a pretty seashell.

Sure appreciate your stopping by. Hope to be back here real soon.



  1. Watermelon looks really good Melba! Yum.

  2. Holy Moly.....I can't believe the huge number of different looking mushrooms you have there. Incredible! Wish I knew the names of all of them. They are so unique. It had to take you some time to find them all and photograph them for us. Thank you so much! Love the pic of Piper with her new clothespin dolls too! And your watermelon looks delicious! I haven't found any sweet watermelon this year! Thanks for the great blog, Henny!

  3. Great photos of mushrooms. You found many colors and shapes.

  4. I wonder if there are any readers who can identify some of those mushrooms for you. And yes, mushroom cannisters in theye 70's! Probably an avocodo green or yellow / gold set. That's a sweet picture of the girl and her clothespin dolls! I have never seen beans like that - they're doing very well! -Jenn

  5. How clever you are with your descriptions of the mushrooms. :~) I guess my favorite one is the "nice sturdy looking mushroom," but the second icy looking one is pretty awesome. I got a chuckle out of "could this one be Chinese? " I would be happy too if I opened up a package with those darling little dolls!

  6. Oh My that watermelon looks SO delicious dear Henny Penny. Wish I could reach into my screen - Id grab a pear or two as well! Those clothes pin dolls are so sweet - no wonder Piper looks to happy with her parcel. xx

  7. You really have some neat mushrooms. Maybe you have little fairies around using the mushrooms for furniture or to play on! I know, I do have an overactive imagination. I remember just the watermelon taste you are talking about and it is hard to come by these days. I didn't get any good ones last year but this year I got one that was perfect.

    How exciting to have the pears! And those long green beans are something too. I've never seen any that long. I love the picture of Piper with the dolls you made. I know she will enjoy them. Henny, you and Poppy take care! xxx

  8. Wow! I have never seen such a variety of mushrooms!

  9. Awww! How nice to read your blog and see my sweet Piper. She sure loves those little dolls. She informs me of their activities often. :-)
    That watermelon, pears and beans look wonderful. You have a bounty in your yard and those mushrooms! Some are scary looking and your description of them all is spot on!

  10. Oh! How wonderful..A Mushroom post...
    Why did the Fungi leave the party?
    There wasn't mushroom..

    Why does Ms. Mushroom go out with Mr. Mushroom?
    Because he is a fungi (fun guy)..

    oooops! Sorry getting carried away already...
    HeHe! But! I love mushrooms, any kind of mushroom,
    even raw, but, my favourite being fried with butter
    and garlic..good old Sicilian way! :).

    Oh! I love watermelons to..the more the merrier,
    and straight out the fridge, lovely and cold!
    Oh! And beans, love beans to, lightly boiled
    and drenched in butter..mmmmM! To die for! :).

    Love the photo of Piper..she certainly loves her
    dollies, you can see it in her face, but then, we
    ALL love dollies, l've still have my golly~wog from
    when l was five years old..oh! Sorry..Jolly~Golly..!
    As they have to be called now! :(.

    You've certainly filled your post up to~day Henny....
    Not'mushroom' for anything else..HeHe! :o). Joke! :).
    Don't know about the alien looking mushroom, but, the
    bugs have certainly got into it for a feed..and l see
    your fruit grow nicely together, l suppose that's why
    there called 'Pears'..Boom! Boom! :o).
    So remember..
    A mushroom might be a fungi, but he’s not as cool as
    a cucumber...

    What is a vampire’s favourite soup?
    Scream of mushroom..

    Best get on..second lemon tea called for..and it's
    blowing a gale outside..60~80mph winds..think l might
    get my kite down from the loft..! God Bless..! :o).
    πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„

    1. Willie, your jokes are always so funny. Don't know how you come up with so many. Did you get the kite up?

    2. Always see the funny side of life..
      That's one of my many motto's..and there's
      always a joke there somewhere..and a good
      memory of course..
      I was thinking, if you'd photographed some
      'toadstools'..l could have said..
      "My family was so poor, we lived in a toadstool,
      There wasn't mushroom, but it was home"..! :).

      HaHa! The kite..Oh! My! Goodness! Yes! I do have
      a kite up in the loft, l used to take my daughter
      up to 'Badberry Rings' an old Roman settlement,
      near me to fly when she was a child..and, that's
      35yrs ago..l think it's still up there, it's a
      'Red Arrows' shaped kite..and red..!
      Might just take a look tomorrow see if it's still
      there..! :o).
      πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ

  11. The photo of Piper is absolutely precious. I know it must have made your heart sing!

    We grew Orange-glo watermelons this year, so your delicious traditional pink was a surprise to my eyes. Glad you found good ones. I suspect it depends on when they're picked.

    We have some of those odd purple-stemmed mushrooms in our chicken yard. I've never seen them before! Have no idea what kind they are (but then I have no idea what any of them are, lol).

    1. Purple~stemmed mushrooms...
      Possibly a Blewit these are easily recognised
      by their purple colour and distinctive sweet
      perfumed smell...
      They are a very good edible mushroom..
      They must be cooked (like Kidney beans)...
      Hope you don't mind me saying..

  12. Wow, I have never seen so many different varieties of mushroom what fun! Water melon looks delicious, a great part of the summer season. Miss Piper was adorable with her dollies.

  13. Hi Henny- My-My you sure do have a huge variety of Mushrooms- it would have taken some time to find them all. Water Mellon on a hot day is a good thing- even better if it is served cold out of the fridge. Best Wishes. KEV.

  14. Oh little Piper's smiling face, adorable. She loves her dolls. I enjoyed your mushrooms. So many different ones. Great looking pears. I know you will use them. Does anything ever taste as good as in our childhood? I thought the melon looked very good. Blessings, stay safe, xoxo, Susie

  15. Fantastic photos of the colorful and crazy mushrooms, Henny. Oh, a sweet cold watermellon slice. Can't
    go wrong there. I see some of you cute clothes pin dolls have a happy and loving home. Just where they
    should live.

  16. There's nothing better than sitting on the porch, late afternoon, and eating a huge piece of watermelon, yours looks delicious !
    Sweet little Piper, and she loves her little dolls.
    Lots of mushrooms there Henny, so many different colors and shapes.

  17. Wow!! So many different mushrooms!! The last one looks like an elephant to me. :) I had a yellow mushroom come up in one of my flower pots last year.

  18. Now you've gone and done it. I'm now craving watermelon! And do you eat any of those mushrooms? I would be afraid to eat any mushroom I found growing in the wild... but I'm sure some people are very adept at doing this.

  19. What a great post!! Love watermelon!! Piper sure looks happy with her two new dolls. How nice to have all those pears now. Wow so many different kinds of mushrooms and saw many of the very same things in them that you did. Think by favorite is the sea shell.

  20. You found an amazing lot of wild mushrooms!! I suppose most of them would make a person sick if not kill them. The space alien one caught my eye and the lemon yellow one.
    DH is always complaining the watermelon doesn't taste like it used to. I've said it's just that our taste buds are getting old but maybe not . You seem to have found a source that grows great tasty ones.

  21. I want some of that watermelon! The beans look good too.
    Piper is adorable and so are the little dolls.
    Wow - what a crop of mushrooms. The purple one is so interesting!

  22. The last one reminds me of the Starship Enterprise.

  23. wow..I love the seashell/mushroom. :0) Your posts are so uplifting. Next year will try to find the long green beans..they look fabulous...Have a blessed day and weekend..I love your dollies you make..such a cute and appreciative happy little recipient of the dolls.

  24. Goodness! You have some wild mushrooms!
    I miss old-fashioned watermelon—with seeds!

  25. Watermelon πŸ‰ with seeds are the best!
    And oh my that’s a lot of mushrooms πŸ„. What a fairy 🧚‍♂️ forest 🌳 🌲 you must live in 🌺

  26. Oh I love a good watermelon. You are so right it is hard to find the ones that we used to enjoy as kids. Loved all the variety of mushrooms you shared...quiet a bunch my friend. Not sure but I do think the snowball ones are like those we purchase in the store...certainly don't take my word though - the only ones I know that are safe for gathering are the morels in the spring. Love your photo of the sweet recipient of your clothespin dolls. Take care and enjoy those pears...God is good. Hugs!

  27. Hi,
    Send me a watermelon. ;-) I miss good old fashioned watermelon too.
    I loved the mushroom photos. That was fun, and you inspired me to go out and take photos of our mushrooms.

  28. P.S. Piper is a sweetheart, I love her smile.
    xx oo

  29. Such a happy post. I can taste that watermelon. Gosh I wish I had one like that right now. Your fruit trees are loving the light for sure. I wish I knew more about what mushrooms I could eat from the wild. I need to take a class maybe on that. Piper and her two new dolls, how adorable and sweet. hugs, betsy

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  31. Oh Henny Penny,, Yes,, I remember eating cold juicy watermelon and spiting the seeds out as far as I could..
    And yes, I do remember those 1970's Mushroom style canisters,...
    And oh how lucky to have a flourishing Pear tree... It has been at least a dozen years since I last made Pear sauce as well as Apple/Pear sauce..
    Enjoy those fabulous pears.

  32. Interesting mushrooms! Are they edible? Cute picture of the girl with the close pin dolls!

  33. Oh what a fun post! The sturdy mushroom caused "toadstool" to pop into my mind. Doesn't it look like one that Alice sat on in Wonderland? I'm really old, so of course I don't remember much about the story, only that it was so intriguing to my "let's pretend" mind. Don't you wonder what goes on out there among the fairies when you're not around??

    That watermelon looks soooooo delicious! And that sweet little girl so delighted with her dollies makes my heart sing. Not all little girls are enthralled with such things. Remember when a doll and some dress-up clothes would be entertainment anytime. How heartwarming it is for you to know your little dolls are being loved and cared for.

  34. What a collection!! All we get around our place are toadstools and once in a while one of these that can come up thru asphalt. Those really make a mess of our driveway, but fortunately, they are few and far between.

  35. Hi Henny :))) Yay for pears! And YES...I remember how watermelons USED to taste...haven't found a decend one in a long time! :) I love your mushroom photos and I have one of those canisters by the way!! :) My favourite is your undercooked pancake lol!

  36. oh my goodness, your mushrooms are all so unique and pretty and I expected to see a little toad or gnome sitting underneath some in your photos! How sweet the little dolls and Piper are. Wonderful to have fresh pears to pick! Here in Texas, it has been hard to find really good watermelon. The last time we purchased one in the store, it was dried in the middle.

  37. Those mushroom photos are awesome! I also love the pears and watermelon photos. I sure have wonderful memories of eating watermelon under the shade tree with my family during the summer.

  38. Oh, my goodness....all those different mushrooms. I don't think I have ever seen that many different ones all in one year. Well, I don't think I have seen half of those. They are amazing. So glad you potographed them. Glad you have pears on your tree this year. I have never seen the yard long beans in real the pic of Piper and the dolls. She looks so happy.

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  40. Oh, my, the variety of mushrooms you have! We have had so much rain and a plethora of mushrooms, too, but nothing so colorful as yours. My favorite is the red one with the nibbles out of stem and cap. Don’t you just wonder who took a bite? It must not have tasted good or he would have come back for the rest.

  41. You have some crazy, fascinating mushrooms! Thanks for sharing all those photos. That last one is impressive. The dolls are so cute. And congrats on the pears! I made pear jam one year from our pear tree.

  42. Wow you have lots of mushrooms and some pretty ones too! Piper is so cute with your dolls! :)

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  44. MY MY my what a many mushrooms you have! Yay pears! I too have them and they were abundant this year- though the peach tree- not so much. Not sure what it did not like as it hung heavy last year. Hello from Connecticut- just discovered your blog today! Think I'll stick around! CHEERS
    if interested my blog is:
    p.s my dog's name is Piper <3

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